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8-29-20 Covenant “Promises Made = Promises Kept”

Covenant Covenant - Promises made and kept

What is Covenant? The very concept of Covenant is not a part of our language, not even in Christian circles. This theological concept was in fact a core component of what was understood in our Founders era. Yes, The interactive relationship between individuals, society and individuals as well as the first Covenant of the inner determination of God in three persons to establish salvation were Founders premises for governance.

The American Founders looked at the Reformation context for the definition of Covenant. Here is a simple definition:

The term “covenant” is of Latin origin (con venire), meaning a coming together. It presupposes two or more parties who come together to make a contract, agreeing on promises, stipulations, privileges, and responsibilities. 1

In this program, I am covering the use of Covenant in Foundational writings including the Constitution of Massachusetts, writings about Sam Adams, letters or documents written to or by Sam Adams and a perspective from John Witherspoon in his work “Lectures On Moral Society.” Continue reading

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