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2-13-21 Gov. DeWine – Open Letter – 9 Books To Perdition

Gov. DeWine An Open Letter – 9 Books To Perdition  DeWine Swearing In

I began to write Gov. DeWine an open letter but it was turning into a book. Instead of writing something that I knew he would never read, I decided that I would make the open letter a program that anyone could republish as they would like.

The Content

The content of this Open Letter message to Gov. DeWine was to begin with the Executive Orders (EO’s) that he signed on inauguration day. As a sitting member of the mental health board at that time, I found two executive orders to be adding big government and a capitulation to the psychobable lobby. In my opinion, the positions and intent of these orders would add to loss of parental control of K-12 students and would, as it has proven to be true, implement programs into schools that parents may not be aware of which promote mental evaluations of all students. Remember, mental health boards count all students as a demographic, especially for funding purposes. Continue reading

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