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Caballing Cowards, Menacing Moral-less Miscreants

Caballing Cowards, Menacing Moral-less Miscreants  Caballing Cowards

As many of you know, I look at our present through the mirrors of history. Foundationally speaking, we are now a nation of three-hundred million people in fifty States and fourteen territories. Interestingly we were initially a nation of three million in the thirteen Founding States. So the population in the United States is one-hundred time that of 1776 and ‘caballing cowards’ and ‘menacing moral-less miscreants’ are being fully exposed now as they were in the founding era.

The historical words quoted here should be taken in context then and now. The quotes and the principles stated in them are applicable at every level of governance across these United States. I will make my emphasis in the historical quotes with bold italics. I make no apologies for the length of this article.

So before I get to the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) State Central Committee, the Ohio Governor and Lt. Governor, the Secretary of State and the Ohio Legislative and Judicial branches; well OK, all the bureaucrats and all lesser political elements in Ohio alone; let me make a quick mention of a large number of the pulpits in Ohio and across the nation. I want to be clear that my admonishment is to not all pulpits but most, if not the majority, which fall into the realm of not having knowledge of or understanding of foundational Biblical truth or history (see – Barna: “Pastor’s Losing Credibility”). With this lack of credibility, the people in the majority of churches, as well as the politicians or bureaucrats that attend, are destroyed. Hosea 4:6 ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.’ Continue reading

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2-13-21 Gov. DeWine – Open Letter – 9 Books To Perdition

Gov. DeWine An Open Letter – 9 Books To Perdition  DeWine Swearing In

I began to write Gov. DeWine an open letter but it was turning into a book. Instead of writing something that I knew he would never read, I decided that I would make the open letter a program that anyone could republish as they would like.

The Content

The content of this Open Letter message to Gov. DeWine was to begin with the Executive Orders (EO’s) that he signed on inauguration day. As a sitting member of the mental health board at that time, I found two executive orders to be adding big government and a capitulation to the psychobable lobby. In my opinion, the positions and intent of these orders would add to loss of parental control of K-12 students and would, as it has proven to be true, implement programs into schools that parents may not be aware of which promote mental evaluations of all students. Remember, mental health boards count all students as a demographic, especially for funding purposes. Continue reading

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