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Episode 391: Federal Register, Immigration, Government Corporations and GAO-J6

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This week I take you down the rabbit hole of government wonderland1 with the Federal Register to meet at the Pool of Tears with the March 27th rule/regulation on immigration. Then there is theFederal Register Caucus Race of Government Corporations where the Citizenry does loose. Finally we have the Mad Hatter GAO attempting answers regarding the riddle of January 6th, while the Queen of the left and the RINOs are in chorus – demanding the beheading of all who view reality.

Some believe that Lewis Carrol was on drugs when he wrote Alice In Wonderland but the facts of his life prove otherwise. So to it would seem that the bureaucratic state is some fantasy of Alice in Wonderland or the scifi the Matrix. Yet, it is what I have spoken of for year, the foresight and of prophetic reality from the Anti-federalists.

More than their political insights regarding the implementation of the 1787 Constitution, their commentaries were steeped in the sinful nature of humanity. They fully knew that ‘designing men,’ would deconstruct the Liberties fought for during the War of Independence.

Sam Adams wrote this in 1771:

‘If the liberties of America are ever compleatly ruined, of which in my opinion there is now the utmost danger, it will in all probability be the consequence of a mistaken notion of prudence, which leads men to acquiesce in measures of the most destructive tendency for the sake of present ease…’

See the References to follow the rabbit trail and through the looking glass.

Over Regulated, Immigration Gibberish and more

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