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5-2-20 Joan Swirsky Interview

Joan Swirsky :

Wow! We got the wires uncrossed and have a great interview with Joan Swirsky for you.  Joan Swirsky

Joan is a prolific writer for numerous papers and online media including the Canada Free Press and the New York Times. She is a playwright, an Artist as well as an author of a dozen books.

From Poison Pen to Trump the Champion:

In this interview with Joan Swirsky, we traverse her career. We begin with her ‘poison pen’ letter to the editor regarding a lecture her and her husband attended. Our next topic in the conversation is her very eclectic medical career and several topics that show her depth of research which culminated in several medially related books. We key on two interesting technology topics regarding laser and sonar systems. Then we get to the meat. Continue reading

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