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Episode 376: Revisit with Sam Adams, Teddy R and Trump Standing for We The People.

Standing for Liberty

By 1916 Liberty was already compromised and less than what was Foundationally intended.

I trust that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving as I bring you the mirrors of history through a revisit with Sam Adams, Teddy R and Trump standing for We The People. This program first came out in October of 2016. I decided to rerun it over the Thanksgiving weekend since the actual podcast is again appropriate for our time. I just am bringing this program up again as part of an old style of learning, ‘rote’ learning. The article link will help you understand this critical foundational educational style.

Not only is ‘rote’ learning resurgent, but the message of Sam Adams in his report of 1772 Rights of the Colonists is important for relearning the fundamentals of the original struggle for true Liberty. Why include Teddy Roosevelt and Donald Trump in this post? Although, unlike Sam who was relatively poor, Teddy and Trump are of the elite class yet, they did and do, respectively have a heart toward the general Citizenry and love of country.

From Sam Adams To Trump – A Galactic Leap

Let me begin with fact that Donald Trump is not the political dynamo anywhere like the Founding Father Samuel Adams. Be clear that Samuel Adams exercised his political savvy, communication style and ability to stand against tyrants and despots based on his Puritan Reformation Biblical grounding and exemplified life. Therefore Adams, of the three characters in the posting is the only one that purposefully lived and acted to honor God in all that he did and attempt to instantiate Christian Nationalism at both State and National levels.

Considering the two-hundred years of God and government up to 1776, what is now the full transition from a Biblical Reformation Congregations of a ‘moral republic’ to now, our present depraved governance of the enlightenment ‘imperium supra Dei,’ government above God, which very much also rules in the majority of Christian Congregations – hence, godless governance rules the family, church and in every institution associated in these United States. The transitory time of the ‘Gilded Age’ more deeply developed the sense of the ‘political establishment’ that gave rise to the first New York ‘scraper’ Teddy Roosevelt. Continue reading

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5-2-20 Joan Swirsky Interview

Joan Swirsky :

Wow! We got the wires uncrossed and have a great interview with Joan Swirsky for you.  Joan Swirsky

Joan is a prolific writer for numerous papers and online media including the Canada Free Press and the New York Times. She is a playwright, an Artist as well as an author of a dozen books.

From Poison Pen to Trump the Champion:

In this interview with Joan Swirsky, we traverse her career. We begin with her ‘poison pen’ letter to the editor regarding a lecture her and her husband attended. Our next topic in the conversation is her very eclectic medical career and several topics that show her depth of research which culminated in several medially related books. We key on two interesting technology topics regarding laser and sonar systems. Then we get to the meat. Continue reading

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3-14-20 Question of Sedition and Trump listens to Dr Franklin

This program will focus on The Question of Sedition and Trump listening to Dr. Franklin following a quick opening discussion. Further down in this posting, I give my thoughts on the Coronavirus (Flu) issues. More important for this program, I reflect on two points:

Local Issues and Duel Citizenship

In Ohio the election is this coming Tuesday, March 17th. As I noted last week, it is critical that you understand the local issues and candidates. It is our responsibility to participate in our government!

This takes me to the quick second point that I hammer on all of the time: Christians have duel Citizenship. That means that we are absolutely responsible to participate in governing with God’s principles! The culture and dysfunctional governing bodies are the way that they are because Biblical Christianity is sitting on the rooftops – disengaged from the reality in front of them.

It is time to get a grip and jump into the mire with the Truth of Biblical Principles to lead in our Constitutional Republic. It is your responsibility!

Question of Sedition:

Continue reading

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2-9-19 George Washington’s Farewell Address and the 2019 SOTU Parallels

Foundational Moral Chutzpah Missing:  Trump_Washington

This program begins with a reflection on the morality and virtue as taught by the Clergy of the American Revolution. In the referenced PDF below, George Washington’s Farewell Address, the reference to personal and national morality and virtue is more than a suggestion. Washington fundamentally insist that they be a focus of society for our happiness and good governance.

Unlike the majority of pastors and church leaders in the present, the Founding Clergy (for the most part) had real Chutzpah! It is clear from The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution that pastors should lead the fight for morality, virtue and yes – political security of Liberty. The likes of a strong Scotsman, John Witherspoon, had the most flagrant boldness of many Pastors/Theologians/University Presidents/Political Leaders of the day. {Read Chapter 28 in the book}

Yes, what we saw on Tuesday night is that President Trump has that very same Chutzpah! Continue reading

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