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2-6-21 Why I Resigned the Mental Health Board

Why I Resigned The Mental Health Board

I am discussing the root reason Why I Resigned the Mental Health Board because mental healthmany have asked as to a root cause.

I want to be clear, that as I comment on the Board itself, that there are a number of the individuals on the Mental Health Board that I have a high regard for. There is one person in particular that happens to be the first one to sit with me and review the operation of the board. This person is effortless in the pursuit of stopping the legalization of marijuana in the State of Ohio. The Mental Health Board is made up of Citizens with various experiences, personal attachments that qualify them to be on the board but, few understand the mechanics of how a Board should actually function and are limited in what can be accomplished due to the restrictions placed on common sense by the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code. Continue reading

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