2-6-21 Why I Resigned the Mental Health Board

Why I Resigned The Mental Health Board

I am discussing the root reason Why I Resigned the Mental Health Board because mental healthmany have asked as to a root cause.

I want to be clear, that as I comment on the Board itself, that there are a number of the individuals on the Mental Health Board that I have a high regard for. There is one person in particular that happens to be the first one to sit with me and review the operation of the board. This person is effortless in the pursuit of stopping the legalization of marijuana in the State of Ohio. The Mental Health Board is made up of Citizens with various experiences, personal attachments that qualify them to be on the board but, few understand the mechanics of how a Board should actually function and are limited in what can be accomplished due to the restrictions placed on common sense by the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code.

With those points made clear, I will lay a foundation for what are the ills in this property tax ‘Taxing Authority’ during the second and third segments. Having the foundation built I will discuss the root issues and concerns as to Why I Resigned the Mental Health Board.

Church & State

When I consider the root causes in the majority of our nation woe, it all comes down to what has happened in the Church abandoning the State. I am doing a quick book review here. I was gifted a copy of this book by my good friend Dr. Mike Spaulding. The full title is:

‘Church & State, How The Left Used The Church To Conquer America.’

As you know, I’ve discussed this often on this program and have spoken about the historical reality, the truth that Biblical Reformed Christianity is the root of American Liberty and that Church has failed due to bad theology. The Church has been and still is duped into exiting the stage, unlike Snagglepuss the tiger ‘exit stage left’, which would be appropriate for many major denominations, the Church in America ran out both exits left and right – sometimes even leaping off the front into the audience sitting in the darkness.

Recent Sermon

Here is a news flash – the most recent Sermon of the Founding Era is now available: Sermon On the MA Constitution by Samuel Cooper (1780)

From the sermon and in respect to the topic of the Mental Health Board, I found this a very direct message as to what should be in our society that heals the mind, soul and person for the sake of a good society:

‘‘It considers indeed morality and the public worship of God as important to the happiness of society: And surely it would be an affront to the people of this state, as the convention speak in their previous address, “to labor to convince them that the honor and happiness of a people depend upon morality; and that the public worship of God has a tendency to inculcate the principles thereof, as well as to preserve a people from forsaking civilization, and falling into a state of savage barbarity”.’

What to Do?

  • I am committed to have meetings with my State Representative to fight the mental health lobby so as to have the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code changed so that Churches, Pastors can more fully reach into arena of brining hope to those areas dominate by what exist at this time.

  • I am committed to work with any Church to understand their responsibility in the community to bring the hope, healing and inner liberty that is in the Extensible Gospel. When I did my undergraduate work for my Behavioral Science degree, I found the best text book on mental health. Now out of print, the title is: ‘Psychology In Psalms.’ Good thing that the source material for this book is readily available.

  • You can be a part of the first two points. Yet I sense that I will be a lone activist on this. Contact me if you are interested.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Quick quotes from Sam Adams writing Volume IV searching on the word ‘mind’:

‘This carries with it an Air of Plausibility; but from the Moment we are brought into the Snare, we may tremble for the Consequence. As there [are] every where awful Tories enough, to distract the Minds of the People, would it not be wise for the Congress by a Publication of their own to set this important Intelligence in a clear Light before them, and fix in their Minds the first Impressions in favor of Truth?’

‘You mention “the mutual benefits and consideration of evils that may naturally contribute to determine our resolutions.” As to the former, you know too well that we could derive no benefit from a union with you, nor will I, by deducing the reasons to evince this, put an insult upon your understandings. As to the latter, it were to be wished you had preserved a line of conduct equal to the delicacy of your feelings. You could not but know that men who sincerely love freedom disdain the consideration of all evils necessary to attain it. Had not your own hearts borne testimony to this truth, you might have learned it from the annals of your own history; for in those annals instances of this kind at least are not unprecedented. But should those instances be insufficient, we pray you to read the unconquered mind of America.’

‘I heartily despise those small Dealers in Politicks who are propagating idle Stories to injure me. Little Insects will be for ever playing about the glimmering Light of a farthing Candle. It is out of their Power to disturb the peace of my Mind. You took too much Pains, my dear Friend, to stop their Clamor, when you read a Paragraph in my Letter which was designd for your Perusal & not theirs. I am however obligd to you for your kind Intention.’

‘Treated with the contempt which such conduct deserved, they have applied to individuals. They have solicited them to break the bonds of allegiance and imbue their souls with the blackest crimes. But fearing that none could be found through these United States equal to the wickedness of their purpose, to influence weak minds they have threatened more wide devastation.’

Quotes with search word ‘feelings’:

‘I am much displeasd, when I find the tender Feelings of Humanity & Benevolence towards these helpless Orphans accompanied with the Passion of Anger, and Resentment (probably misplacd) towards that Body, which their “brave Father,” if living, would not fail to honor & revere.’

‘I hope our Countrymen will always keep a watchful Eye over the publick Conduct of those whom they exalt to Power, making at the same time every just Allowance for the Imperfections of human Nature; and I pray God we may never see Men filling the sacred Seats of Government, who are either wanting in adequate Abilities, or influencd by any Views Motives or Feelings seperate from the publick Welfare.’

‘It is our Duty, to make every proper Exertion in our respective States to revive the old patriotick Feelings among the People at large, and to get the publick Departments, especially the most important of them, filled with Men of Understanding & inflexible Virtue’

Emotions and mental stability are dependent on ones recognition of God’s design for each of us and our place in the community to which we are placed to exercise His purposes.

How You Can Support The Cause.

Just want to make it clear, Samuel Adams Returns is an entity under NCDCS, Inc. This is NOT a non-profit organization. We ask that if you want to contribute to support this programing you have two ways of doing it.

First, if you live in Ohio or know family or friends in Ohio, you and they can buy products at Pepper-Licious. Our pepper products including Boutique Pepper Jams are a culinary delight.

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We appreciate you consideration in supporting what Samuel Adams Returns is about.

Thank you in advance.

And because you keep asking!


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