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3-14-20 Question of Sedition and Trump listens to Dr Franklin

This program will focus on The Question of Sedition and Trump listening to Dr. Franklin following a quick opening discussion. Further down in this posting, I give my thoughts on the Coronavirus (Flu) issues. More important for this program, I reflect on two points:

Local Issues and Duel Citizenship

In Ohio the election is this coming Tuesday, March 17th. As I noted last week, it is critical that you understand the local issues and candidates. It is our responsibility to participate in our government!

This takes me to the quick second point that I hammer on all of the time: Christians have duel Citizenship. That means that we are absolutely responsible to participate in governing with God’s principles! The culture and dysfunctional governing bodies are the way that they are because Biblical Christianity is sitting on the rooftops – disengaged from the reality in front of them.

It is time to get a grip and jump into the mire with the Truth of Biblical Principles to lead in our Constitutional Republic. It is your responsibility!

Question of Sedition:

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