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10-3-20 Trump – The 100 Year Cycle

The 100 Year Cycle  The 100 Year Cycle

There seems to be an interesting 100 Year Cycle in the years 1620, 1720, 1820, 1920 and 2020 that crescendos in the history these United States.

This 100 Year Cycle is now the focal point of the 2020 election is much the same way it was in the previous two hundred years. Taking a walk through history is suppose to be a time to learn not to repeat the sins of the past but as we know, humanity is fallen. Uncovering this cycle is an interesting indicator of what happens when the political mayhem follows the ebb and flow of predominance in humanistic leadership over strongly Christian influenced leadership.

The references for this program are ripe with the fruit of conflict. The emphasis is on the key elements in the presidential election years of 1820 to the present, 2020 with the historical setting of America from 1620 through our Colonial challenges. Continue reading

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