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10-3-20 Trump – The 100 Year Cycle

The 100 Year Cycle  The 100 Year Cycle

There seems to be an interesting 100 Year Cycle in the years 1620, 1720, 1820, 1920 and 2020 that crescendos in the history these United States.

This 100 Year Cycle is now the focal point of the 2020 election is much the same way it was in the previous two hundred years. Taking a walk through history is suppose to be a time to learn not to repeat the sins of the past but as we know, humanity is fallen. Uncovering this cycle is an interesting indicator of what happens when the political mayhem follows the ebb and flow of predominance in humanistic leadership over strongly Christian influenced leadership.

The references for this program are ripe with the fruit of conflict. The emphasis is on the key elements in the presidential election years of 1820 to the present, 2020 with the historical setting of America from 1620 through our Colonial challenges. Continue reading

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5-16-20 The Un-named is Here

The Un-named  Soft Despostism

The Un-named is here in that the essay that I completed at this link begins with the inability to formulate a word. I find that many in our present do not want to formulate that word in describing our present condition. Yet when you take in all that is occurring across these United States it is imperative to see how the governors and the bureaucrats – after having thus taken each individual citizen, one by one into their powerful hands, and having molded him as they pleases – these elected but self-designated sovereign powers extends their arms over the entire society.

The Un-named has inflicted US with all these small, complicated, minute, and uniform rules. Many folks are mandated to wear masks that have no real effect except making a number of folks sick. We cannot associate closer than ‘6 feet’ apart. The rules are pushed across the state and into every home. With all of this, you – the most original minds and the most vigorous souls cannot break through to go beyond the crowd that wants to put a guilt trip on you for not wearing a mask.

Our response has been un-natural to a free society. More so, it is an indicator of a society that now puts security due to the fear of dying above Liberty and even economy. The religion of government has superseded the basics of a living God by making going to church ‘non-essential.’ I dispute that and am delighted to see churches/pastors taking legal action to that regard. Continue reading

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Welcome to the United States of Venezuela – The Complete Essay

The Complete Essay Unpacking de Tocqueville

This post is the complete essay – see the link below.

I promised the finale to the blog post ‘Welcome To The United States of Venezuela’ published on April 23, 2020.

With this essay you must consider all that de Tocqueville is expressing, that which has become reality in these United States. I call this ‘unpacking de Tocqueville.’

Click here to read the Complete Essay Welcome to the United States of Venezuela.

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Welcome To The United States of Venezuela

Entering the era of Logan’s Run

Welcome To The United States of Venezuela will be in two postings. This one for blogging with the intent of keeping it win that 800 word count (ha- No such luck) and the second in a full article to be published extensively. In the full article I’ll show the parallel of Logan’s Run to the present Chicom Flu.

For the Blog

It’s a gorgeous bright morning. You leave the hotel and meet the car waiting for you at the bottom of the steps. You are heading out to a meeting a few miles away. Your driver is a trusted individual and you have worked with him before. The route you take through the city is bustling with morning traffic and shops are opening along the streets. A strange sight is the men standing by the doors of many shops. What catches your eye is that these men have a revolver tucked into the belt of their pants. Yes, you are trained to observe these things. Continue reading

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2-29-20 Murder, Patriotism and Bernie

Murder, Patriotism and Bernie

Wow, Murder, Patriotism and Bernie sounds like a swamp movie or book. It is in fact the present, history reflected in the present and a unique reference about socialism.

Murder  Mommy tried....

Returning to Ohio to live after leaving for the military when the ’70s just rolled in has had its awakenings to change. Yet, Ohio is systemic of the nation in that moral continuity has degenerated and the bastion of active moralism, the churches, have left the battle-field. Therefore, Murder, a most heinous head of the Hydra is codified in law without restriction.

Murder – an acceptable component of moral continuity? When a mother watches her new born twins die on her chest because the law says – they are too young to receive care after being born. I have a bit to say on this topic. Continue reading

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1-18-2020 Where Have All The Teachers Gone?

Disappearing Teachers?  Where Have All the Teachers Gone?

Where have all the teachers gone?” is a question that the likes of Sam Adams would be asking if we were willing to seriously consider Foundational Education. With the activism of #RedForEd and the major teachers colleges creating anything but Foundationally sound teachers, the question is even more relevant. Not only that, those moral and historically correct teachers are being persecuted, suspended and fired for example – not using the correct gender neutral pronoun.

We will be putting our toe in the water on this topic of teacher and what is allowed and not allowed particularly in the halls of K-12. Delving into this programs conversation regarding “where are the teachers” is pertinent to conversation of “Political Theology.”

Impeachment – Do Your Own Thing

Continue reading

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3-2-19 Socialism In the Churches – Part 2

Introduction: Marx

Socialism In The Churches has been a force to deal with since the mid 1800’s. Statistically Christianity is in a decline and therefore morally the nation is following. George Washington and other Founders clearly identified that we must be a moral and virtuous people to have good governance. The downturn is apparent due to the reality of the philosophical shift that occured in the early to mid 1800’s – the churches engaged in the ‘social gospel’ – Not – the ‘extensible’ Reformation Gospel.

The influence of socialism in the churches has opened the door to tolerance which is not a Reformation Principle. The disruption of orthodoxy over the last 100 years resulted in many ideas fostering the main denominations and a number of the 40 mega-churches to not teach the ‘extensibility’ of the Gospel. With 217 modern denominations or non-denominations, what is the core theology that permeates the beliefs of individuals? Going from two predominant denominations at the beginning of the Colonies to these 217 is a significant shift as to why then even the ideas of civil governance have been thought of. Continue reading

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10-27-18 Breaking News – Boston Riot!

Breaking News – Boston Riot

Utopianism as the root of the narrative.

I found Breaking News Not reported anywhere else!

I will have a full Investigated Blog Post regarding this by event by this coming Wednesday.

The reality is that the Mainstream Media is Not reporting truth and IS driving a divide established with emotionalism. They are the hotbed of modern “Utopianism”.

Listen or watch as I reveal the unreported Breaking News and the root of the issue in the narrative of this present time.

Stamp Act Riot

We MUST understand our Foundational Truths to keep the Republic and Constitutionalism working according to Original Intent.

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel

1. Program Notes: Boston Riots and Utopianism

2. Utopianism in the 17th and 18th Centuries

3. Utopianism enters at the Reformation:

3.a. 16th century dreams: Thomas More

3.b. Francis Bacon: The New Atlantis – perspective houses

3.c. Reformation Timeline 1500 – 1599

NOW – Taking requests for the Seminar

Time to contact me to bring the seminar “From Covenant To The Present Constitution” to your community group, church, VFW or Patriot Group! We are developing our fall and spring calendar. Send me an email at: tom@samueladamsreturns.com

Check out the Promo Here:

Buy an advanced copy of the workbook on Amazon “From Covenant To The Present Constitution”

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Who’s Your Master of the Universe? Addiction to Socialism in Social Media

Who’s Your Master of the Universe?

Addiction to Socialism in Social Media

By Tom Niewulis  

The American Mount Olympus and Rome is now designated to be in all actuality a valley and a region in the Pacific North West, yes Silicon Valley and the seven hills of Seattle. The deep digital idolized applications of these modern Olympians are preloaded on everyone’s laptops, desktops, tablets and yes, our phones. In a sense, the movie ‘The Matrix’ is revealing the ‘Pods’ sustaining and creating the realities for all connected. Are we truly living the Toffler trilogy that quaked techno-cultural change captured in the leading quote from “Future Shock” being: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

Is it not ludicrous to ascribe some attributes of mythological deities or laughably the cartoon/movie characters, to business and financial moguls not giving them more credit then they deserve. Is it not the demand of the masses for ‘Free this or that’ that gives rise to the power of these intrepid entrepreneurs? Could it be that the Toffler statement – “Information overload will lead to ‘future shock syndrome’ as an individual will suffer severe physical and mental disturbances.” – be more than a syndrome but now an addiction?

Every time I hear or read in the media that the ‘Masters of the Universe’ are doing this or that, my imagination can envision these moguls of technology and finance playing the games of the Olympian gods on “Jason and the Argonauts” as they search for the Golden Fleece. So our modern story can take the lessons of mythology as a metaphor for the actions of global business oligarchs or it can twist to the social political shift of the masses wanting something for nothing.

Wait, isn’t there another statement to the effect that “There is no free lunch”? The extensibility of that questions rips to the heart of every individual that assumes that the Internet and the content is free! The reality is that every application on the Internet, every system made available to the public is in fact the property of a company. So is an individual’s expectations froth with misguided ideology in that using the likes of a search engine, browser of social media software should be free? Has the “entity in the Matrix pod” developed such a dependency and expectation of their being plugged in to the environment such that all is given freely – while not knowing the tentacles that hold every aspect of their persona for the use and pleasure of the ‘masters’? Isn’t this digital socialism?

Here is the hard fact, that is not thought through because of all of the emotionalism manipulated by those other high seated Olympians in the political temples: Social media and all that lives on the Internet absolutely are ‘For Profit’ Businesses (period)! Hence there is NO FREE LUNCH. Yet the digital ideology of socialism is widely accepted even by so called ‘conservatives’.

How did it happen that even so called Conservatives find themselves in the battle with the Marxists and all in-between to retain the addiction of socialism in social media when otherwise they cry with great tears that free markets must prevail? Are we seeing a conundrum of “Selective Socialism”? It is fine and dandy to get all the technology free-bees over the Internet one can run away with but other than that socialism is not acceptable in our Constitutional Republic – Hmmm!

I have to take U.S. all back to Toffler once again. I know there are many who have no idea who Toffler is. Let it be noted that he was Futurist and a Marxist that somehow redeemed himself into a neo-free market Gingrich Conservative… And Gingrich claimed to be “conservative futurist”. No matter how you look at them, the operative clause in Webster’s Dictionary for ‘futurism’ is: “impose controls”. In the case of Gingrich, he had been a friend with both the Toffler’s since 1970, which allowed for the incorporation of this influence into the “Contract With America”. Yes, before the Olympians in Silicon Valley there were the Futurists in ‘The Swamp’ of DC who in so subtlety determined that Toffler’s ‘Third Wave’ was “the seminal work of our time”. A simple step toward a conclusion here is that leading Republicans and Newt were immersed in the means of blending socialism into the Republic through technology, education and cultural change.

They were and are the intellectual elites that Thomas Sowell writes about.

Accepting socialism in social media, demanding that ‘Free Lunch’ from private profit-driven companies, Conservative lobbyist groups and political groups crying foul when they are sent to the bottom of the time-line feed or thrown off any particular site – What asininities to clamor for equality by businesses that are takers, purchasers of ones identity in exchange for the perception of a right to free speech on systems and software that are as was stated, Private Property of the creators – the Olympians of Silly-cone Valley.

Let me try to bring the analogy of the allegory concerning the comics of “the Masters of the Universe” and “Olympian gods” in the context of the vast majority addicted to socialism via social media.

Long before the triad of the Toffler’s and Gingrich there have been those that look to dominate society by excreting their self-assumed superiority as reminiscent of Caesar, Nebuchadnezzar or the technologist Sennacherib of those really ancient days. But then again, we don’t teach ancient history let alone back to the futurists of the ‘70’s. All of these influencers of intelligentsia had an effect in what the general society would believe even in the political strains of Conservatism.

I can easily conclude that the greater numbers of these Olympian idealists of societal influence and business magnates see themselves as ‘masters of the universe’ forgetting that in fact they are created beings subject to “The Master of All the Universe”. The ultimate question becomes what master and what society do individuals subscribe to? That does not mean what social media application does one login to but what is ones ultimate worldview that establishes expectation that one deserves, no, has a right to something for nothing yet willing to give every aspect of their persona away to private businesses capitalizing on the essence of their being?

In the end of all my technological and business background, with all that I’ve studied and worked for in the social and political environments – The conclusion is “There Ain’t a Free Lunch in this world”. But I do know that there is a Freedom that supersedes technology, the moguls and the Olympians of Silly-cone Valley. I found and live by that freedom found in the great communications environment – The Bible.

Who is Your Master and how do you justify your addiction to socialism instituted in social media?

In the end, If you really believe that you want your privacy and you desire to maintain your Liberty with a right of Free expression on a communications platform, whether it be a news paper add, telephone call, post card, bill board or other media methods – Well, you have to Pay for it! With that in mind, there are alternatives that are out there, which are becoming that mass communications platform that you want. So, you will have to choose: subscribing to a communications platform that meets your worldview or sticking with socialism by not paying with money, instead paying with your identity and persona to corporate platforms that have the mask of Medusa hiding their glaring nefarious ideologies and intent?

A last thought from Toffler:

“   The Second Wave Society is industrial and based on mass production, mass distribution, mass consumption, mass education, mass media, mass recreation, mass entertainment, and weapons of mass destruction. You combine those things with standardization, centralization, concentration, and synchronization, and you wind up with a style of organization we call bureaucracy.”


For more information regarding an alternative communications platform contact me at: tomn@liberatormediallc.com

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Tom Niewulis is a former telecommunications and data-Internet executive. He is a serial entrepreneur, political activist, blogger and author of two Constitutional reference books.


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