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2-1-2020 Political Theology Part 2 – Eliminate History

Political Theology Part 2  Moral Relativism

Political Theology Part 2 is the next installment in that the two-hundred and twenty year downward spiral of Foundational truth, philosophy and Reformation Christianity. Over the course of the last two weeks I’ve continued to research the decline of our National Heritage, being Reformation Orthodox Christianity.

It continuously appears that America has never really been able to make a full disconnect from the travesties that occur in England or on the European Continent. This is in complete context to that which Lord North said should be the subversive means of destroying the Liberty mindedness of We The People. His effectively stated that – if the frivolity of the Continent (Europe) was introduced and kept at the forefront of the Colonies; they would lose their desire for liberty. This is still true in our present time!

Not only frivolity but the vain philosophies that came as part of education in the 1700’s. That being the so called scholars, theologians or political ideologies. Let’s not get all mushy and put clarity aside when considering the Foundational Religious positioning during the kick start of this Nation. I’m talking this on the program. Continue reading

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