2-1-2020 Political Theology Part 2 – Eliminate History

Political Theology Part 2  Moral Relativism

Political Theology Part 2 is the next installment in that the two-hundred and twenty year downward spiral of Foundational truth, philosophy and Reformation Christianity. Over the course of the last two weeks I’ve continued to research the decline of our National Heritage, being Reformation Orthodox Christianity.

It continuously appears that America has never really been able to make a full disconnect from the travesties that occur in England or on the European Continent. This is in complete context to that which Lord North said should be the subversive means of destroying the Liberty mindedness of We The People. His effectively stated that – if the frivolity of the Continent (Europe) was introduced and kept at the forefront of the Colonies; they would lose their desire for liberty. This is still true in our present time!

Not only frivolity but the vain philosophies that came as part of education in the 1700’s. That being the so called scholars, theologians or political ideologies. Let’s not get all mushy and put clarity aside when considering the Foundational Religious positioning during the kick start of this Nation. I’m talking this on the program.

Yet, when any and everything becomes the religion of a nation then the results are the confusions of our present age. As I’ve stated and others as well, there will be laws in a civil society but who’s laws will they be and on what foundation are they established.

Oh, but what about History?

Eliminate History

Algernon Sydney, who lost his head for his Christian and Political principles, wrote in his letter read at his execution,

Moreover, we live in an age that makes truth pass for treason: I dare not say any thing contrary unto it, and the ears of those that are about me will probably be found too tender to hear it…”

Sydney as he contemplated coming out of exile and returning to England with the sureness of his persecution before him noted,

But when that country of mine, is now like to be made a stage of injury: the liberty which we hoped to establish oppressed; luxury and lewdness set up in its height, instead of the piety, virtue, sobriety, and modesty, which we hoped, God, by our hands, would have introduced; the best of our nation made a prey to the worst; the parliament, court, and army, corrupted; the people enslaved; all things vendible; no man safe, but by such evil and infamous means, as flattery and bribery; what joy can I have in my own country in this condition?”

Why quote Algernon Sydney? Well, most of you have never even heard of him yet Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were very much acquainted with his writings to which John Adams wrote in 1823,

I have lately undertaken to read Algernon Sidney on government. … As often as I have read it, and fumbled it over, it now excites fresh admiration [i.e., wonder] that this work has excited so little interest in the literary world. As splendid an edition of it as the art of printing can produce—as well for the intrinsic merit of the work, as for the proof it brings of the bitter sufferings of the advocates of liberty from that time to this, and to show the slow progress of moral, philosophical, and political illumination in the world—ought to be now published in America.”

History becomes a fashionable thing when academics do not maintain as substantive view of Biblical reality. Instead, as we have discussed in a previous program, the like of ‘economy’ overruled the Biblical view of Liberty such that the president of Harvard was replaced in 1707. No different than today in that Foundation History is scrubbed from the classroom. It is summarized as ‘religiously suppressive old white slave owners that illegitimately cause the US to happen.’

Just as a modern note of wiping out history, consider all of the destruction of churches, historical places, statues, libraries, books and ideas that is taking place. Yes, much of it on a global basis, see the references, but even here in the US: Southern Cross Flag, Statues of historical figures, Ten Commandments from government buildings…. History from schools. Hmmm……

Modern Political Theology – Opening Pandora’s Box

In the January 11, 2020 program I opened with a litany of new religious theologies that have replaced Christianity as our Foundation of the nation. The escapades of the deamoncrat presentation of impeachment is the prime example of the religion of relativism operating under its doctrine of ‘make it up as you go.’

Of the Post-modern religions, ‘Relativism’ seems to be the most utilized. Defining it is simple as noted in the last paragraph yet philosophers and theologians alike will rally around this plethoric perspective authored by Gilbert Harman, Princeton University, June 2012:

Moral relativism, as I have come to understand it in the light of Cornell Moral Realism, is the claim that there is not a single objectively true morality but only many different moralities, just as there is not a single true language but only many different languages. Different people may have different moralities as reflected in the way they act and the ways they react to the actions of others and there is no objective way to show that one of these moralities is the only correct one. An account of what a morality is and what it is to have a particular morality might resemble David Lewis’ account of what a language is and what it is to have a language. Moral theory might emulate current linguistic theory in various ways. However, moral relativism is not a semantic claim about how to understand moral judgments. For example, it is not the view that a moral judgments is implicitly relational with a hidden parameter representing the morality in relation to which the judgment is made. To repeat: moral relativism is the claim that that there is not a single objectively true morality but only many different moralities.”

This is what we must consider in the shifting norms of Political Theology in local, county, state and the national levels of law making as well as in the courts. Laws are not laws since they are only ‘relative’ to those who consider the law a law. Confused yet?

Well, the Founders considered Absolutes in the Foundation of America and US Constitutionalism.

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Sam Adams Wisdom – 1780 (the Relationship of Citizens and Governing Representatives):


[MS., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library; the text, with variations, is in J. T. Austin, Life of Elbridge Gerry, vol. i., pp. 359-363.]

PHILADE Novr 27 1780

… “I perceive it has been in your Option to take a Seat in either House of the General Assembly, or return to Congress. I cannot say in which of these Departments you will have it in your Power to render the most substantial Service to the Publick. We feel the Want of you here; and yet I think you have wisely chosen a Seat for the present in the House of Representatives. Many Virtuous Men there may want that Information which you are able to give them. Possibly you may have much of the old Ground to go over again. More in my Opinion, is necessary to be done, than conquering our British Enemies in order to establish the Liberties of our Country on a solid Basis. Human Nature, I am affraid, is too much debas’d to relish those Republican Principles, in which the new Government of the Common Wealth of Massachusetts appears to be founded. And may it not be added, that the former Government, I mean the last Charter, being calculated rather to make servile Men than free Citizens, the Minds of many of our Countrymen have been inurd to a cringing Obsequiousness (def: obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree), too deeply wrought into Habit to be easily eradicated? Mankind is prone enough to political Idolatry. Such a temper is widely different from that reverence which every virtuous Citizen will show to the upright Magistrate. If my Fears on this Head are ill grounded, I hope I shall be excusd. They proceed from a cordial Affection for that Country to the Service of which I have devoted the greatest Part of my Life—May Heaven inspire the present Rulers with Wisdom & sound Understanding. In all Probability they will stamp the Character of the People. It is natural for sensible Observers to form an Estimate of the People from the Opinion they have of those whom they set up for their Legislators & Magistrates. And besides, if we look into the History of Governors, we shall find that their Principles & Manners have always had a mighty Influence on the People. Should Levity & Foppery ever be the ruling Taste of the Great, the Body of the People would be in Danger of catching the Distemper, and the ridiculous Maxims of the one would become fashionable among the other. I pray God we may never be addicted to Vanity & the Folly of Parade! Pomp & Show serve very well to promote the Purposes of European & Asiatick grandeur, in Countries where the Mystery of Iniquity is carried to the highest Pitch, & Millions are tame enough to believe that they are born for no other Purpose than to be subservient to the capricious Will of a single Great Man or a few! It requires Council & sound Judgment to render our Country secure in a flourishing Condition.—If Men of Wisdom & Knowledge, of Moderation & Temperance, of Patience Fortitude & Perseverance, of Sobriety & true Republican Simplicity of Manners, of Zeal for the Honor of the Supreme Being & the Welfare of the Common Wealth—If Men possessd of these & other excellent Qualities are chosen to fill the Seats of Government we may expect that our Affairs will rest on a solid & permanent Foundation.”

And because you keep asking!


For today’s program:

1. Religious ‘nones’: Even atheists can feel called to divinity schools

2. Moral Realism is Moral Relativism, Gilbert Harman, Princeton University June 25, 2012

3. Wildfire Jihadis and the Genocide of Cultural and Ancient Sites

4. Relativism: Philosophical Aspects, M. Baghramian, University College Dublin, Ireland

5. Democrats Kill Amendment Protecting Americans from Credit Discrimination Based on Politics, Religion

6. Exclusive: Kelly Loeffler to Ask about Adam Schiff’s ‘Impartiality,’ Handling of Impeachment

7. Rand Paul Reveals Impeachment Question Censored by Chief Justice John Roberts

8. Will history survive?

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