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Episode 435: No Truth, No Reason, Hence Conniving Grand Manipulation – Part 5

See the link for the video of ‘No Truth, No Reason, Hence Conniving Grand Manipulation – Part 5: Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ at Rumble or YouTube 

No Truth, No Reason, Hence Conniving Grand Manipulation – Part 5 is the last segment in this series regarding Church and State Theological Polity Muddle. Some of you are wiping your brows with thankful relief that this series is over. Yet, the facts, no, the reality is that Church and State have their theologies muddled (see definitions), which then formulates their polity (see definitions).

No truth No reason

As anyone watching the various forms of programing / media available as well as the masterful grand manipulation of the global masses via the ChicomFlu, it is obvious humanity, especially U. S. Citizens have lost their abilities to know Truth and Reason reality. Across the board people have been manipulated through the polity of government, the state, as well as regarding cultural concerns, manipulated through the polity of the church.

Our present was warned of by Francis Schaeffer in his 1976 book, The Church at the End of the 20th Century.

This week I am melding common themes of the Anti-federalist with the sections from Schaeffer that pointed to our present in such detail that it is no wonder that we are under condemnation. All the cards were laid on the table and the Christians, particularly in the U. S. never took a seat at the table let alone looked at what was laid out.

Opening ‘Comments

Let the Anti-federalist Alfred begin, (my emphasis added in bold underline)

…when I see these things, I cannot be brought to believe that America is in that deplorable ruined condition which some designing politicians represent; or that we are in a state of anarchy beyond redemption, unless we adopt, without any addition or amendment, the new constitution proposed by the late convention; a constitution which, in my humble opinion, contains the seeds and scions of slavery and despotism. When the volume of American constitutions1 [by John Adams] first made its appearance in Europe, we find some of the most eminent political writers of the present age, and the reviewers of literature, full of admiration and declaring they had never before seen so much good sense, freedom, and real wisdom in one publication. Our good friend Dr. [Richard] Price was charmed, and almost prophesied the near approach of the happy days of the millennium. We have lived under these constitutions; and, after the experience of a few years, some among us are ready to trample them under their feet, though they have been esteemed, even by our enemies, as “pearls of great price.”

Let us not, ye lovers of freedom, be rash and hasty. Perhaps the real evils we labor under do not arise from these systems. There may be other causes to which our misfortunes may be properly attributed. Read the American constitutions, and you will find our essential rights and privileges well guarded and secured. May not our manners be the source of our national evils? May not our attachment to foreign trade increase them? Have we not acted imprudently in exporting almost all our gold and silver for foreign luxuries? It is now acknowledged that we have not a sufficient quantity of the precious metals to answer the various purposes of government and commerce; and without a breach of charity, it may be said, that this deficiency arises from the want of public virtue, in preferring private interest to every other consideration.

What I am tying together from this quote to Schaeffer’s book are the points on ‘designing politicians,’ ‘state of anarchy,’ ‘the seeds and scions of slavery and despotism,’ the two bolded/underlined questions as well as the ‘want of public virtue.’

There is a good number of developing points that Schaeffer brings to bear in Chapters 6 (the threat of silence) and Chapter 7 (modern man the manipulator) that are critical to our present and representative of what the Anti-federalists warned concerning ‘designing men or politicians,’ as well as respecting ‘truth.’

I will say it straight out: Our destructive state and national governments and bureaucracies, being as Webster notes, ‘Every branch of our civil polity supports and is supported, regulates and is regulated by the rest.’ are now so entwined as the Gordian Knot, it will take a sword of Reformation and Revival to cut through so that the truth of liberty can make a constitutional republic function again.

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