Episode 435: No Truth, No Reason, Hence Conniving Grand Manipulation – Part 5

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No Truth, No Reason, Hence Conniving Grand Manipulation – Part 5 is the last segment in this series regarding Church and State Theological Polity Muddle. Some of you are wiping your brows with thankful relief that this series is over. Yet, the facts, no, the reality is that Church and State have their theologies muddled (see definitions), which then formulates their polity (see definitions).

No truth No reason

As anyone watching the various forms of programing / media available as well as the masterful grand manipulation of the global masses via the ChicomFlu, it is obvious humanity, especially U. S. Citizens have lost their abilities to know Truth and Reason reality. Across the board people have been manipulated through the polity of government, the state, as well as regarding cultural concerns, manipulated through the polity of the church.

Our present was warned of by Francis Schaeffer in his 1976 book, The Church at the End of the 20th Century.

This week I am melding common themes of the Anti-federalist with the sections from Schaeffer that pointed to our present in such detail that it is no wonder that we are under condemnation. All the cards were laid on the table and the Christians, particularly in the U. S. never took a seat at the table let alone looked at what was laid out.

Opening ‘Comments

Let the Anti-federalist Alfred begin, (my emphasis added in bold underline)

…when I see these things, I cannot be brought to believe that America is in that deplorable ruined condition which some designing politicians represent; or that we are in a state of anarchy beyond redemption, unless we adopt, without any addition or amendment, the new constitution proposed by the late convention; a constitution which, in my humble opinion, contains the seeds and scions of slavery and despotism. When the volume of American constitutions1 [by John Adams] first made its appearance in Europe, we find some of the most eminent political writers of the present age, and the reviewers of literature, full of admiration and declaring they had never before seen so much good sense, freedom, and real wisdom in one publication. Our good friend Dr. [Richard] Price was charmed, and almost prophesied the near approach of the happy days of the millennium. We have lived under these constitutions; and, after the experience of a few years, some among us are ready to trample them under their feet, though they have been esteemed, even by our enemies, as “pearls of great price.”

Let us not, ye lovers of freedom, be rash and hasty. Perhaps the real evils we labor under do not arise from these systems. There may be other causes to which our misfortunes may be properly attributed. Read the American constitutions, and you will find our essential rights and privileges well guarded and secured. May not our manners be the source of our national evils? May not our attachment to foreign trade increase them? Have we not acted imprudently in exporting almost all our gold and silver for foreign luxuries? It is now acknowledged that we have not a sufficient quantity of the precious metals to answer the various purposes of government and commerce; and without a breach of charity, it may be said, that this deficiency arises from the want of public virtue, in preferring private interest to every other consideration.

What I am tying together from this quote to Schaeffer’s book are the points on ‘designing politicians,’ ‘state of anarchy,’ ‘the seeds and scions of slavery and despotism,’ the two bolded/underlined questions as well as the ‘want of public virtue.’

There is a good number of developing points that Schaeffer brings to bear in Chapters 6 (the threat of silence) and Chapter 7 (modern man the manipulator) that are critical to our present and representative of what the Anti-federalists warned concerning ‘designing men or politicians,’ as well as respecting ‘truth.’

I will say it straight out: Our destructive state and national governments and bureaucracies, being as Webster notes, ‘Every branch of our civil polity supports and is supported, regulates and is regulated by the rest.’ are now so entwined as the Gordian Knot, it will take a sword of Reformation and Revival to cut through so that the truth of liberty can make a constitutional republic function again.

The Rest of The Story

Let me introduce the subsections of the noted chapters, with short tantalizing excerpts, so that you understand, that I may not cover them all, but they more than resonate with our present. Oh, I purposefully use resonate intending that you look at the definitions since most are assumptive in its meaning.

Chapter 6:

– what lies ahead:

One of the greatest injustices we do to our young people is to ask them to be conservative. Christianity today is not conservative, but revolutionary. To be conservative today is to miss the whole point, for conservatism means standing in the flow of the status quo, and the status quo no longer belongs to us. Today we (Christians, especially Reformed) are an absolute minority. If we want to be fair, we must teach the young to be revolutionaries, revolutionaries agains the status quo.

– pressure on society:

In looking ahead into the next years at the end of this century (20th Century) let us consider the special pressures on our society at this time….

The first of these is the increasing loss of the Reformation memory as the years pass….

– the loss of truth:

A second, very closely related pressure is the fact that modern men no longer believe in truth.

– the demise of aristocracy:

A third pressure upon our society is that there is no natural leadership which can give direction to our culture.

– a sociological breakdown:

A fourth pressure upon our society is the practical sociological breakdown…

… The whole of society treats men like machines because modern man has come to conclude that man is a machine.

… The machine is given dominance over man. The machine id King.

Consdier this first: Massive Brawls Break Out Inside Six Flags Over Georgia with 500-600 People Involved Before a Gunfight Erupts – 15-Year-Old Boy Shot by Police Officer in Self-Defense — In this section related to modern 21st Century happenings, we have a total breakdown of civil society, technology has taken over reason and AI, in a so called glitch, is claiming to be god and demanding it to be worship.

– the population explosion and the ecological problem:

A fifth great pressure that previous societies have never known is he population explosion and with it ecological destruction.

… Read the papers carefully and you will see that, in ways open or not so open, the idea is being put forward that the only way to deal with the population explosion and the ecological problem is by an important curtailing of liberty.

– the atomic bomb:

Sixth, of course, is the pressure of the A-bomb or the H-bomb.

– the biological bomb:

There is a seventh pressure which is the greatest yet.

Modern man has no moral imperative for what he should do, and consequently he is left only with what he can do.

And with the development of the biological bomb, even today men are on the verge of being able to make new deadly viruses as super weapons, viruses for which there are no cures. Unlike the H-bomb, these will be easily made by any small nation.

I like to note, regarding the viruses, Since modern men like Dr. Fauci have no moral imperative, deadly viruses are funded by the United States in other nations that are our enemies.

– where we stand:

These, then, are some of the pressures on 20th-century society and the church. The collapse of the Reformational concept of government, the loss of truth, the population explosion and the ecological problem, the hydrogen bomb, and the biological bomb – tremendous pressures these are! And these pressures open the way for the manipulators.

Chapter 7: modern man the manipulator

The future is open to manipulation. Who will do the manipulating? Will it be the new elite on the side of the Establishment totalitarianism or the Left Wing elite? Whichever side wins…. Will have at his disposal manipulations that no totalitarian ruler in the past has ever had. None of these are only future. They all exist today waiting to be used by the coming manipulators.

As we have seen, with the worse case being the ChicomFlu debacle, the 2020 Election debacle, DEI, CRT, SEL and many other manipulations of humanity in general but specifically here in these United States.

The chapter subsections:

– scientific manipulation:

Beware, therefore, of the movement to give the scientific community the right to rule. They are not neutral in the old concept of scientific objectivity. Objectivity is a myth that will not hold simply becaue these men have no basis for it. Keep in mind that to these men morals are only a set of averages. Here, then, is a present form of manipulation which we can expect to get greater as on or the other elite takes more power – and especially if the Establishment elite takes over.

– manipulation of law:

… Just as sociological science is a source of manipulation open to the manipulators, so sociological law gives either elite an endless range for manipulation.

– manipulation oof history:

History as history has always presented problems, but as the concept of the possibility of true truth has been lost, the erosion of the line between history and the fantasy the writer wishes to use as history for his own purposes is more and more successful as a tool of manipulation.

– manipulation in religion:

Modern theology with its religious connotation words takes the words Christ or God or the other great Christian words and makes them a banner which has high motivation value but no content.

…that new theologians, both the Roman Catholic progressives and the Protestant theologians, are going to win in the use of contentless religious words.

I would not be at all surprised if in the future even communism will be manipulating its people on the basis of religious terms rather than atheism.

The ecological pressure opens the door to manipulation by religious terms in a different way. Many are saying that we must accept a concept of pantheism if the problem of ecology is to be met. Thus here pantheism is being suggested not as a truth but as a form of manipulation of society.

– manipulation in the theater and art:

In art museums throughout the world the viewers are at the mercy of the artists.

It should be noted most carefully that the giving up of the control of reason that is so universal today in the acceptance of the upper and lower stories makes all these forms of manipulation that much more possible and complete.

– manipulation in television:

Television is perhaps an even worse offender. Malcolm Muggeridge has commented on this. He points out that people think they see reality when they see those television picture, but what they do not realize is that they are looking at pure fantasy. They are looking at an edited situation that does not present what is but what the man at the console wants you to think is.

… with political manipulation it would be. By law no Western country may use this. But do we think that there are other countries under dictatorial rule that would not use it? Are we so naive? If a country really came down into the groove where I think our society is going, if one of these elites – the Establishment elite or the New Left elite – really took over power and the desperation is was this or nothing, are we so naive to think either of these elites would fail to use it? Let’s not fool ourselves. No totalitarian government, including Hitler’s and Stalin’s, has ever has these forms of manipulation.

– chemical and electrical manipulation:

Arthur Koestler adds a further note… What we must ask our scientist to do is to develop a super drug that will bring two halves into proper relationship. (referring to the two parts of the brain.) … Koestler has suggested that the way we may administer it is in the water supply.

Furthermore, the computer itself is dangerous. The computer has entered into a new age: It can watch you. … the existence of the computer and the control it puts into the hands of those in power steps up the power of each of the forms of modern manipulation in the hands of the manipulators.

Consider: Stephen Colbert Trusts Big Tech to Program AI with ‘Compassion and Vision’: ‘I’m Ready for the Machines to Tell Us What to Do’

– becoming aware:

… But these things are something that the church must be aware of…

The church is confronted with people who really believe that democracy is dead, who really believe that such an age is gone.I agree. Unless we can return to a Reformation base with real reformation and real revival, these two great elites, from the left and the Establishment, will exert such pressures upon society that life will be completely changed. These are the things the evangelical church should be getting prepared for.

All of this and more was written, with these prognostications, almost fifty years ago. And the church is still not prepared. Nor does it seem to want to be. Rather, the desire of the greater establishment evangelicals are waiting on the roof-top for a trumpet to sound and a cloud to appear, where as the society on the ground has set fire to the house and all that is around it.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Written 26 November 1787, by A Federalist

They brand with infamy every man who is not as determined and zealous in its favor as themselves. They cry aloud the whole must be swallowed or none at all, thinking thereby to preclude any amendment; they are afraid of having it abated of its present RIGID aspect. They have strived to overawe or seduce printers to stifle and obstruct a free discussion, and have endeavored to hasten it to a decision before the people can duly reflect upon its properties. In order to deceive them, they incessantly declare that none can discover any defect in the system but bankrupts who wish no government, and officers of the present government who fear to lose a part of their power. These zealous partisans may injure their own cause, and endanger the public tranquility by impeding a proper inquiry; the people may suspect the WHOLE to be a dangerous plan, from such COVERED and DESIGNING schemes to enforce it upon them. Compulsive or treacherous measures to establish any government whatever, will always excite jealousy among a free people: better remain single and alone, than blindly adopt whatever a few individuals shall demand, be they ever so wise.

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1. The Church at the End of the 20th Century – Francis Schaeffer

2. The Anti-federalist Papers Special Edition

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From Webster 1826 dictionary

I. Muddle – verb transitive [from mud.] To make foul, turbid or muddy, as water.

He did ill to muddle the water.

1. To intoxicate partially; to cloud or stupefy, particularly with liquor.

II. Turbid – adjective [Latin turbidus, from turbo, to disturb, that is, to stir, to turn.] Properly, having the lees disturbed; but in a more general sense, muddy; foul with extraneous matter; thick; not clear; used of liquids of any kind; as turbid water; turbid wine.

III. Polity – noun [Gr.] The form or constitution of civil government of a nation or state; and in free states, the frame or fundamental system by which the several branches of government are established, and the powers and duties or each designated and defined.

Every branch of our civil polity supports and is supported, regulates and is regulated by the rest.

With respect to their interior polity our colonies are properly of three sorts; provincial establishments, proprietary governments, and charter governments.

This word seems also to embrace legislation and administration of government.

1. The constitution or general fundamental principles of government of any class of citizens, considered in an appropriate character, or as a subordinate state.

Were the whole christian world to revert back to the original model, how far more simple, uniform and beautiful would the church appear, and how far more agreeable to the ecclesiastical polity instituted by the holy apostles.

IV. Resonate – evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions.

1Regarding State Constitutions and constitutionalism in general – the Articles of Confederation.

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