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Episode 443: Snarky Sam Adams

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Snarky Sam Adams was a master of language. Sam could be sharply critical by cutting deep into the psyche of his enemies with truth. During the 1700’s, sharp language was used in satire as well as directly attacking a person, all respectfully of course. This is important as I want to talk about hope to those who were taken aback with my program last week.snarky Sam Adams

The hope is in that I wanted you to think with a solid footing as well as through a difficult alternative perspective as to why we are seeing evil predominate at all levels of government, which includes the family and church. I want to challenge your evangelical presuppositions in politics, family, church as well as work/business which is warped by unitarianism and evangelicalism that has succumbed to pansy-ism, I mean polytheistic pandering to pluralism/humanism.

I have proven this pluralistic polytheism in discussing the false concept of Congress being Christian in the several programs where I covered the topic last month, here and here.

When, last week, I introduced you to the facts that many of those called Founders were unitarians, I must remind you that Sam Adams was a strong trinitarian, Reformed Calvinist. So much so that he lived his Calvinism in a true covenantal manner regarding family, work and his activities in the political sphere. To which then he received the moniker ‘The Last Puritan.’ And the historical facts are that those who landed on American shores, especially in the northern colonies were Reformed Calvinist Christians.

This is quantified by Gary Scott Smith in his book ‘God and Politics: Four Views on the Reformation of Civil Government‘ by writing,

Reformed theology was carried to the shores of America by English Puritans in the 1620s. From the founding of Plymouth to the American Revolution, about 80 percent of the colonists were adherents of Reformed theology who belonged to various denominations: Presbyterian, Congregationalist, Baptist, Dutch Reformed, German Reformed, and other smaller Calvinistic Communions.

The major mischief that the vast majority modern, 19th and 20th century, denomination have caused is compromising with humanism. Better called the American Enlightenment. The entanglements of an Enlightenment world view opens personal and political polity to humanistic pluralism which was the repeated downfall of Israel. This is a most defining perspective by Gary North in Political Polytheism:

One reason why the Israelites failed to pursue a systematic program of world evangelism is because God’s program required covenantal faithfulness, manifested in public justice and personal dealings – relationships governed by God’s law and enforced covenantally: family, Church, and State. This program of world evangelism required the Israelites to obey God’s civil laws both at home and abroad. Their failure to obey at home led to their failure to bring the message of spiritual deliverance to the world. Instead, they were repeatedly delivered by God into the world, as foreign invaders captured the reigns of power inside the nation, or else captured the people and sent them into slavery abroad.

It is my contention that the failure of worldwide Christian evangelism today is to a large degree the result of a similar failure of God’s people to proclaim and pursue covenantal civil standards for their own societies. There are at least seven hundred different plans for converting the world to Christ now in operation.1 Not one of them seems to be working well enough to offer much hope that the whole world will be converted in time to save the souls of some five billion non-Christian people who are already alive.

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