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Episode 443: Snarky Sam Adams

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Snarky Sam Adams was a master of language. Sam could be sharply critical by cutting deep into the psyche of his enemies with truth. During the 1700’s, sharp language was used in satire as well as directly attacking a person, all respectfully of course. This is important as I want to talk about hope to those who were taken aback with my program last week.snarky Sam Adams

The hope is in that I wanted you to think with a solid footing as well as through a difficult alternative perspective as to why we are seeing evil predominate at all levels of government, which includes the family and church. I want to challenge your evangelical presuppositions in politics, family, church as well as work/business which is warped by unitarianism and evangelicalism that has succumbed to pansy-ism, I mean polytheistic pandering to pluralism/humanism.

I have proven this pluralistic polytheism in discussing the false concept of Congress being Christian in the several programs where I covered the topic last month, here and here.

When, last week, I introduced you to the facts that many of those called Founders were unitarians, I must remind you that Sam Adams was a strong trinitarian, Reformed Calvinist. So much so that he lived his Calvinism in a true covenantal manner regarding family, work and his activities in the political sphere. To which then he received the moniker ‘The Last Puritan.’ And the historical facts are that those who landed on American shores, especially in the northern colonies were Reformed Calvinist Christians.

This is quantified by Gary Scott Smith in his book ‘God and Politics: Four Views on the Reformation of Civil Government‘ by writing,

Reformed theology was carried to the shores of America by English Puritans in the 1620s. From the founding of Plymouth to the American Revolution, about 80 percent of the colonists were adherents of Reformed theology who belonged to various denominations: Presbyterian, Congregationalist, Baptist, Dutch Reformed, German Reformed, and other smaller Calvinistic Communions.

The major mischief that the vast majority modern, 19th and 20th century, denomination have caused is compromising with humanism. Better called the American Enlightenment. The entanglements of an Enlightenment world view opens personal and political polity to humanistic pluralism which was the repeated downfall of Israel. This is a most defining perspective by Gary North in Political Polytheism:

One reason why the Israelites failed to pursue a systematic program of world evangelism is because God’s program required covenantal faithfulness, manifested in public justice and personal dealings – relationships governed by God’s law and enforced covenantally: family, Church, and State. This program of world evangelism required the Israelites to obey God’s civil laws both at home and abroad. Their failure to obey at home led to their failure to bring the message of spiritual deliverance to the world. Instead, they were repeatedly delivered by God into the world, as foreign invaders captured the reigns of power inside the nation, or else captured the people and sent them into slavery abroad.

It is my contention that the failure of worldwide Christian evangelism today is to a large degree the result of a similar failure of God’s people to proclaim and pursue covenantal civil standards for their own societies. There are at least seven hundred different plans for converting the world to Christ now in operation.1 Not one of them seems to be working well enough to offer much hope that the whole world will be converted in time to save the souls of some five billion non-Christian people who are already alive.

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Episode 399: Political Psychology: Lost Words and Meanings

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I was going to bring you the Political psychology of Samuel Adams in his November 25, 1790 letter to John Adams, but as I looked deeply into the communications betweenLost Words and Meanings Sam and his cousin in context, I had to do a last minute change up what this program should be about.

My marked up content of the letter, which you can find here, had so many words in our present time that are either lost in use or meaning, that it became clear to me that our modern society could not understand what was written. Therefore I have added a glossary of words into the References for this program. We have lost a common language to the Marxists egalitarian Godless evil people of our present. I spoke of the time of Noah last week and with reading a number of this weeks, so called, news articles – I can assure you that we are a completely morally bankrupt nation and world, most notably as a result of those who profess Christ having failed, for at least a century, in fighting for what is now Lost Words and Meanings.

Therefore, the political psychology of Sam Adams is not comprehensible by most moderns. With that in mind, I wanted to spare you my discussion of Sam’s political psychology so that, as some say, I will not talk over anyones heads. Not knowing the common words of the Founding era nor having the understanding of their definitions, does cause the content to seem to have wings which carry what is being said into the clouds of nescience.

I open the program with this quote from Sam’s April 1772 article that is pertinent to our present time.

The Lost Words and Meanings of Liberty

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Episode 376: Revisit with Sam Adams, Teddy R and Trump Standing for We The People.

Standing for Liberty

By 1916 Liberty was already compromised and less than what was Foundationally intended.

I trust that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving as I bring you the mirrors of history through a revisit with Sam Adams, Teddy R and Trump standing for We The People. This program first came out in October of 2016. I decided to rerun it over the Thanksgiving weekend since the actual podcast is again appropriate for our time. I just am bringing this program up again as part of an old style of learning, ‘rote’ learning. The article link will help you understand this critical foundational educational style.

Not only is ‘rote’ learning resurgent, but the message of Sam Adams in his report of 1772 Rights of the Colonists is important for relearning the fundamentals of the original struggle for true Liberty. Why include Teddy Roosevelt and Donald Trump in this post? Although, unlike Sam who was relatively poor, Teddy and Trump are of the elite class yet, they did and do, respectively have a heart toward the general Citizenry and love of country.

From Sam Adams To Trump – A Galactic Leap

Let me begin with fact that Donald Trump is not the political dynamo anywhere like the Founding Father Samuel Adams. Be clear that Samuel Adams exercised his political savvy, communication style and ability to stand against tyrants and despots based on his Puritan Reformation Biblical grounding and exemplified life. Therefore Adams, of the three characters in the posting is the only one that purposefully lived and acted to honor God in all that he did and attempt to instantiate Christian Nationalism at both State and National levels.

Considering the two-hundred years of God and government up to 1776, what is now the full transition from a Biblical Reformation Congregations of a ‘moral republic’ to now, our present depraved governance of the enlightenment ‘imperium supra Dei,’ government above God, which very much also rules in the majority of Christian Congregations – hence, godless governance rules the family, church and in every institution associated in these United States. The transitory time of the ‘Gilded Age’ more deeply developed the sense of the ‘political establishment’ that gave rise to the first New York ‘scraper’ Teddy Roosevelt. Continue reading

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Episode 352 – A Puritan: Lost Religion Is A Lost Nation

Lost Religion Is A Lost Nation

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Lost Religion Is A Lost NationSamuel Adams wrote a series of articles titled A Puritan the theme that Lost Religion Is A Lost Nation. One of his concerns was that the Crown and Parliament were forcing a papal system of the Church of England into the Colonies. Worse, there were others who were philosophically attacking the foundations of religion in general such that our present day equivalent is the religion of merged ‘national humanism’ with ‘moralistic therapeutic deism.’ All with the leaders in academia as the high priests of intoxicating the citizenry with idolatry of every kind imaginable.

Sam warned then as I have been warning for two decades that ‘artful’ men and women ‘are restless to bring us into Bondage, and can be successful only when the people are in a sound sleep.’ Our national pulpits have been in a sound sleep for decades. At least for Sam and the Founders, 1768 was still in the midst of the First Great Awakening. Not until twenty years later did the nation again fall towards apostasy1.

I am addressing three specific writing of Sam this week. The first signed ‘A Puritan’ and two that were engaging George Whitefield in respect of the Stamp Act.

Modern Consideration of ‘A Puritan’

Just to restate from last week with a Sam Adams twist, When we understand that there is no morality taught in schools or even from the pulpits how do we expect the citizens to understand and value ‘your precious civil Liberty, and everything you can call dear to you, to be upon your guard against the religion of mergednational humanism’ with ‘moralistic therapeutic deism.’ Continue reading

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Episode 342: The Extravagance, Irreligion, and Universal Depravity of The Age

The Extravagance, Irreligion, and Universal Depravity of The Age  Extravagance Irreligion and Universal Depravity

Video of Extravagance, Irreligion and Universal Depravity available at Rumble or Brighteon

Am I talking about the 20th and now the 21st centuries in discussing ‘the extravagance, irreligion, and universal depravity of the age?’ If you have any inkling of a Foundational Biblical worldview, I believe that you would agree that irreligion and universal depravity of the age are militant, scandalous and, if you are a moral person, would say outrageously taboo. On this program I talk about why those who should be the guardians of Liberty, Faith and cultural/civic decency/morality have allowed these encroachments to prevail.

For those who may not listen to the program, the guardians of Liberty fell into the ‘snares, which their artful, insidious Enemies, a few years ago laid for them.’

As always, I do not have the time to take you through all of the details that are the mirrors of history related to our present time. I am going through the letter that Sam wrote to John Scollay in some detail. I also am making a quick comparative of Sam’s ability to live the full perspective of his Puritanism by taking you on a quick dive into Proverbs and Galatians Chapter 5.

Congressional Record, Really?

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Episode 302: The Subversion of Oaths, Government and Liberty by Present Day Elected and Bureaucrats

The Subversion of Oaths, Government and Liberty by Present Day Elected and Bureaucrats  Oath-breakers

The Subversion of Oaths, Government and Liberty by Present Day Elected and Bureaucrats is a result of the change in the national religion. As you will read in the letters of Samuel Adams posted here, every aspect of a loss of liberty, property and life is contrasted between our present time and Sam’s writings.

Those serving in government and bureaucracies, who have given an ‘oath’ when entering into their offices, have no understanding of the foundational principles which Sam writes to be true and God designed. When it comes to principles, here is a quote that was to Thomas Jefferson in 1891:

‘No man can be fit to sustain an office who cannot consent to the principles by which he must be governed.’

I would like it to be noted that a carful reading of Sam Adams letter to the State Legislature and even Thomas Jefferson are full of Foundational governance principles as well as those root principles noted in Chapter XXII and XXIII of the Westminster Confession. Remember that Sam actually lived every aspect of his Puritan heritage and beliefs.

For this week your assignment is to read these letters and understand the fundamental principles of governance as well as the necessity to demand and even fight to know and retain our God given Rights. More so, school district board members should learn from Sam the fundamental core principles as quoted here: Continue reading

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3-20-21 Individual Rights Not Government COVID Mandates

Individual Rights  Individual Rights

Individual Rights are flippantly tossed around from water-cooler conversations to the roar of pundits and barking across social media. Worse, the political class uses ‘rights’ as a mechanism for manipulation of the population in general.

This week I dig into not only what Sam Adams had to say about Individual Rights but also the essence of meaning from Creation itself.

I have had it with both Republican and Democrat Parties yapping about ‘Individual Rights’ when they are not defining them from a Foundational perspective nor are they protecting them for what they actually are.

Take Ohio for example, the former head of the State Republican Party is now a candidate for the Ohio US Senate Continue reading

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7-4-20 Samuel Adams Returns

Samuel Adams Returns  Adams, Otis and Liberty

Samuel Adams Returns, The Anti-federalists Got It Right is the name of this program. It was brought to my attention that Sam Adams was never on the program.

Therefore, this week, Samuel Adams is the Guest Host of the program named after him. Sam will spend a couple of segments of this program to take us through his speech about the Declaration of Independence.

Letter of Instruction 1764

Constituents would select a key member of the community to develop and write a ‘Letter of Instruction’ to those elected to the General Assembly. In 1764, Samuel Adams was the designated citizen to develop and write ‘INSTRUCTIONS OF HE TOWN OF BOSTON TO ITS REPRESENTATIVES IN THE GENERAL COURT. MAY, 1764.’

For this weeks program, Sam is not only summarizing the purpose of these instructions but read to us the key elements that are relevant to our present time and situation.

Samuel Adams August 1, 1774 Speech

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250 Years of Mercantile Madness

Mercantile Madness

This Samuel Adams article is slightly modified to bring it up to date. The 21st Century words are in italics. I could only add minimally to the great wisdom of Samuel Adams as he addresses the businesses of his day and for that matter, the globalists corporate greed of our present age.


[Boston Gazette, January 8, 1770.]

To the Printers.

In the 20th and now 21st Centuries, there is no solid agreement from merchants to with hold importations from China or other nations that would decimate our US businesses and economy. Where As at the time of this original, The agreement of the Merchants of this distressed and insulted continent, to with hold importations from Great Britain, it seems to be allowed on all sides, has the strongest tendency towards the repeal of the acts of parliament for raising a revenue in America without our consent. There to is that the major businesses and political elite are opposers of the intent to withdraw from treaties favoring other nations for their own profit. It is no wonder then, that it was oppos’d with so much vehemence at first, by the Cabal; who knew full well, that their Places and their Pensions, and all the delectable profits which they expected to reap, and are now actually reaping, at the expence of the people in town and country, would entirely cease, if these acts, by the means of which their places, pensions and profits arise should be repealed—When they could no longer with any face call it the last efforts of a dying faction, (for the measure was so rational and pacific, that it soon spread far and wide, and was chearfully adopted by all disinterested friends of the country thro’-out the continent) they put on the appearance of the Sons of Liberty; and now their cry is, Where is that Liberty so much boasted of and contended for? Continue reading

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4-25-20 Expanded: Virtue of the Elected and Sam Adams on Voting

Blooper :

My apologies for having to rerun “Virtue of the Elected and Sam Adams on Voting.” In fact, I had a fabulous guest phone interview that I promised you last week. Joan Swirsky is a delight to converse with. Well, I created a Blooper by not having one of the cables on the mixer in the wrong place. Hence, we had a great interview and although the meter on the recording device showed I was getting her side of the conversation, well it was not enough for even the best software to boost the volume.

Joan is kind enough to agree on a re-interview for next week. In fact, there is so much to talk to Joan about that I intend to invite her on again sometime this summer as well.

Updating the Blog portion :  Ballot Theft

The original broadcast of Virtue of the Elected and Sam Adams on Votingwas in September of 2018. My how time flies. Yet, as I listened to the content, the core issue is more important to address. Continue reading

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