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Independence Day 2019

Independence Day 2019  Signing the Declaration

Tomorrows celebrates the Declaration of Independence. The media is going mad considering the Independence Day 2019 celebration in the National Capital. Why, because the ‘Modern Tories’ would rather enslave the sovereign Citizens to the globalist agenda. Yet, the theory of governance in Revolutionary America was well articulated by Samuel Adams in a speech on August 1st. Liberty is not understood in our modern times as it was when Patriots took the steps to stand against economic, judicial, religious and media ‘Tyranny’.

Independence Day was in the hearts and minds of the Citizenry. Not because of some ideological word or ‘narrative’. NO, Independence was based on the reality of the King being a Covenant Breaker and the Citizens in America understanding the full context of covenant and compact. We have lost that understanding.

Who better to remind us of the truth regarding Independence Day then Samuel Adams. The following is an excerpt from that speech and the the full link to the pdf with my Introduction in the note afterward:

COUNTRYMEN AND BRETHREN: I would gladly have declined an honor, to which I find myself unequal. I have not the calmness and impartiality which the infinite importance of this occasion demands. I will not deny the charge of my enemies, that resentment for the accumulated injuries of our country, and an ardor for her glory, rising to enthusiasm, may deprive me of that accuracy of judgment and expression which men of cooler passions may Possess. Let me beseech you, then, to hear me with caution, to examine without prejudice, and to correct the mistakes into which I may be hurried by my zeal.

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4-13-19 TEA Party 10th Anniversary – Viability and Opportunity

TEA Party 10th Anniversary

S. Adams Vancouver Wa

Sam Adams in Vancouver, Wa. Expounding on the Declaration of Independence

To Kick it off here is a short video of reflection:

The full program video further down.


This weekend and on Monday many are celebrating the TEA Party 10th Anniversary. I am one of the people that was there at the beginning. Well, actually, I was there in 1985 when Citizen groups were disparaged and called radical militia. Hmmm, what about the Sons of Liberty, which I have been since the mid-60’s.

What is important to note for this TEA Party 10th Anniversary is that the philosophy and Foundational ideology of Taxed Enough Already are rooted in Patriotic truth that Sam Adams wrote about in 1748. So the Viability of ‘Citizens taxing’ responses is an issues that has great historical significance. Yet, we saw a lull of the rising star of TEA Party almost immediately after a couple years of national prominence. What are the 2019 Opportunities for the remnant organizations?

TEA Party Viability:

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1-12-19 Declaration of Independence – Charges Against the Demoncrats

Declaration Of Independence:

The Declaration Of Independence was written to specifically charge the King with those acts that were against the Liberties of the Citizenry. The King was in violation of sacred oaths, relationships, the English Constitution, forced labor, subversion, domestic unrest and more.

In the same way the democrat party has become the combined violators of the same charges that were brought against the King in The Declaration Of Independence. Ok, there are a couple that are not related yet, the majority fit the complete list of charges.

Therefore it is Time to Declare Our Liberty once again from the destruction that has been brought on by the demoncrats – as Sam Adams wrote to Noah Webster: “I hope it will not be in the Power of any designing Men, by imposing upon credulous tho’ well meaning Persons long to keep this Country, who may be happy if they will, long in a State of Discord & Animosity.”

Protestants Set the Stage:

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7-7-18 Sam Adams and the Anti-federalists Vindicated

The Vindication of the Founders of the Nation is required even more so now in the congregation of the churches where Liberty in its totality once rang true.

As I was preparing for this program I received and email that has taken me down a completely different course than I intended. The article by Dr. Joel McDurmon title “Sam Adams to America: “I told you so.”” vindicates all that I have been doing these many years as Sam Adams as well as my diatribe that the Anti-federalists ‘Got It Right’! Great article so click on the link in this paragraph or in the References to read it.

With this past Wednesday being ‘Independence Day’ – I want to remind you of the word of Sam Adams as he was asked to give his perspective related to the Declaration of Independence. He spoke about this Action on August 1, 1776 – the day before the final signatures were affixed to the completed document. Continue reading

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3-25-17 SACPS.org and Brutus IV

It’s About Our Posterity

As much as the national events are important – it is even more critical that we look at what is happening locally.  I speak to the most important elected position there is: The Precinct Committee Person.  As I get to the discussion of what SACPS is, our students, our Posterity need to understand that local governance is the key to maintaining our Liberties and that the Precinct person is the first elected official to represent the community.

As promised from last week I talk about the more complete introduction of the ‘Samuel Adams Center for Political Science.’  The web site http://sacps.org is in its gestation stages.  In the references I’ll give you a bit more but in a quick statement: It is about the youth! Developing leaders through mentorship in Foundational Truths as extrapolated from the writings and life of the ‘Father of the American Revolution.’  Is it interesting that our enemies absolutely understood the historical value of Samuel Adams? Not in a way that he and his Patriot Peers will develop leadership, entrepreneurship and policy concept studies for middle school through grad-school in First Principles of Foundational Political Science. Remember that Saul Alinskey adds Sam Adams into the list of “the great world leaders of change of the past centuries”. With that, hear why SACPS has come to fruition and how you can either participate or contribute. Continue reading

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3-4-17 Trump Rallies, Homo-Marxian and SACPS

First off, I am hoping that all of those that can will be attending the Trump Rallies today. I talk about those and the issues with one rally in Washington State.

I believe that the Presidents speech to the joint session of Congress was one of the best if not the best I’ve head or read given in that venue. The directional shift back to some semblance of a Constitutional Republic is refreshing. Although I predicted that as the demoncrats would show their evil so to would the ‘establishment swamp monster’ repudicans.

I bring you the refresher course on the entities causing havoc, the subversion of obama shadow government and the Deep State of Homo-Marxian as defined by W. Cleon Skousen.

Lastly I will introduce you to SACPS. The Samuel Adams Center for Political Science in being established to work with ages 12 through graduate school as well as parents support. Continue reading

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1-28-17 Kozak Part 3 and Sam Adams and President Trump in Parallel

Kozak Part 3 and Sam Adams and President Trump in Parallel

It is critical to continue the conversation regarding Kozak regarding the methodology that has been impacting our nation since the ‘60s. I will discuss the ‘Pressure from Below’ and Pressure from Above’ as a coordinated effort that is easily seen by various groups that have their origins in socialists, jihadists and even Marxists ideologies. I know, folks like the media and demoncrats minimize this existence and threat. We’ll talk about that too.

I was so excited when I cam across Sam Adams letter to the Massachusetts Legislature in 1796. I was amazed! It read like a parallel document or the first draft of President Trumps speech to the Repudican’s in Retreat at Philadelphia. The Core Constitutional Principles are mutually outlined. I had to share this great find with you as that ‘Parallel in History.’ Continue reading

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3-14-15 Program: S. A. The Lesser Magistrate Prt. 2

It is in my opinion that those in the political game all the way from the Water Board to the Presidency have no understanding of “The Doctrine of the Minor/Lesser Magistrate.”  As discussed in the last program, I believe that Sam Adam had the full understanding of this Doctrine and lived it to the fullest!

I had to keep the points going as to how and why this is true with Sam and maybe, just maybe someone who is running for office will want to understand that it is NOT a political game but a responsibility given by God to govern according to His Principles in every aspect of civil society.

Segment 1: 

Segment 2: 

Segment 3: 

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2-14-15 Program: Greater Love

The Love of Liberty is what Samuel Adams is about.  This program discussed how he developed this love.  Here we learn more about Sam Adams as the Puritan Patriot and what that meant then and what it should mean now.

Segment 1: 

Segment 2: 

Segment 3: 

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November 22, 2014 – Thanksgiving Views of Samuel Adams

This week we hear from Mr. Samuel Adams himself regarding not only his views of who should be thanked but what for and why.  Segment No. 1 is from an Article that Adams wrote in a response to the dictated pronouncement of the governor which was denounced by the people.  The last two segments are from Mr. Adams attention in the Continental Congress, his proclamations as Governor of Massachusetts as well as a personal letter.

Adams absolutely believed his Biblical Reformation Roots must be applied not only to personal life and public life but to Politics.

All audios below are in radio programs segment order:
Adams Article signed Candidus – Segment 1

Continental Congress Proclamation – Segment 2
Proclamation as Governor – Segment 3

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