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It is without any doubt and obvious to any person with good reasoning that theology matters in all things, especially governance. Two weeks ago I posited

Theology Matters

What is the Oath taken to? Do they live by the Creed of their god(s)?

the concept of a Christian Nationalist Congress. With the fact that Congress is made up of so many Christians, they should be governing as principled moral persons in a Christian Republic. Well, based on analyzing their theologies, I should say the theologies and teachings of their pastors, Congress is governing according to their corrupt and heretical Sadducee like perverse theologies.

Contrasting the o’Biden Declaration of this past Easter with the Founding Presidents and early states governors, one can find, with simple search engine quarries, that previous Presidents from the foundation of the Republic, made declarations of prayer, fasting, thanksgiving and humiliation a respected and dutiful occasion. Yes, o’Biden’s theology prompted his March 31st 2024 declaration.

More Than Opening Comments

Now, As noted two weeks ago, expounded in this weeks programs first segment, I will give a more clear picture as to why Congress is all over the map in policy and law, not just in economics but in every other aspect of what it has assumed control over.

Let me begin with the foundational truth that the Federal government by acts of Congress have become what Hamilton and other deep rooted Federalists dreamed of, a Consolidated national government. To repeat, The Anti-federalists warned of this.

Why is this topic important? Simple, the media, liberal pastors, academics and political leaders have now become the spiritual leaders declaring what is scripturally correct. Just to get a quick perspective, see the opening to Bannons War Room Episode 3506: The Lefts Expunging Of Whiteness Out Of The Evangelical Movement. This is just the tip of the many icebergs colliding in the sea of confusion and demagoguery established by these decedents of self-aggrandized demigods. Hmmm, I guess the genetics of the Naphalim are those on main stream media and more.

BTW, I am going to give you an update about the this programing in the second segment.

The Majority in Congress Are Christian Religion Nationalists?

These considerations show, that the scriptures support, confirm, and corroborate, but do not supercede the operations of reason and the moral sense. The information with regard to our duties and obligations, drawn from these different sources, ought not to run in unconnected and diminished channels: it should flow in one united stream, which, by its combined force and just direction, will impel us uniformly and effectually towards our greatest good. – Page 387 of the Collected Works of James Wilson

Who was James Wilson? In the Collected Forward, Maynard Garrison writes:

The path of Wilson’s life, career, and political thought are detailed in Kermit Hall’s introduction. As Hall makes clear, Wilson was at the front rank of the founders. He was also in touch with the future. “By adopting this system,” Wilson explained in 1787, “we shall probably lay a foundation for erecting temples of liberty, in every part of the earth.” He went on to insist that “[t]he advantages resulting from this system will not be confined to the United States; it will draw from Europe many worthy characters, who pant for the enjoyment of freedom.”2 Thus the universal admiration for the American system recognized by Lady Thatcher in 1997 was foretold by James Wilson more than two centuries earlier. It is for this reason that we return with respect to his works.

Unlike James Wilson, in our present, the Christian Religion is minimized in the affairs of United States Citizens and public offices. Opposite to what Garrison wrote, the United States has taken on the religions and gods of Europe and is castrating and caging liberty so that freedom is not enjoyed as intended.

The Rest of The Story

The rest of the story is simple in that theology matters in how the elected govern and how the bureaucracies carry out the laws and policies given to them.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Deferring to James Wilson

pages 386, 387:

Virtue and vice are ends; and are hateful or desirable on their own account. It is requisite, therefore, that, there should be some sentiment, which they touch—some internal taste or sense, which distinguishes moral good and evil, and which embraces one, and rejects the other. Thus are the offices of reason and of the moral sense at last ascertained. The former conveys the knowledge of truth and falsehood: the latter, the sentiment of beauty and deformity, of vice and virtue. The standard of one, founded on the nature of things, is eternal and inflexible. The standard of the other is ultimately derived from that supreme will, which bestowed on us our peculiar nature, and arranged the several classes and orders of existence. In this manner, we return to the great principle, from which we set out. It is necessary that reason should be fortified by the moral sense: without the moral sense, a man may be prudent, but he cannot be virtuous.

The moral sense, like all our other powers, comes to maturity by insensible degrees. It is peculiar to human nature. It is both intellectual and active. It is evidently intended, by nature, to be the immediate guide and director of our conduct, after we arrive at the years of understanding.

III. Reason and conscience can do much; but still they stand in need of support and assistance. They are useful and excellent monitors; but, at some times, their admonitions are not sufficiently clear; at other times, they are not sufficiently powerful; at all times, their influence is not sufficiently extensive. Great and sublime truths, indeed, would appear to a few; but the world, at large, would be dark and ignorant. The mass of mankind would resemble a chaos, in which a few sparks, that would diffuse a glimmering light, would serve only to show, in a more striking manner, the thick darkness with which they are surrounded. Their weakness is strengthened, their darkness is illuminated, their influence is enlarged by that heaven- descended science, which has brought life and immortality to light. In compassion to the imperfection of our internal powers, our all-gracious Creator, Preserver, and Ruler has been pleased to discover and enforce his laws, by a revelation given to us immediately and directly from himself. This revelation is contained in the holy scriptures. The moral precepts delivered in the sacred oracles form a part of the law of nature, are of the same origin, and of the same obligation, operating universally and perpetually.

On some important subjects, those in particular, which relate to the Deity, to Providence, and to a future state, our natural knowledge is greatly improved, refined, and exalted by that which is revealed. On these subjects, one who has had the advantage of a common education in a christian country, knows more, and with more certainty, than was known by the wisest of the ancient philosophers.

One superiour advantage the precepts delivered in the sacred oracles clearly possess. They are, of all, the most explicit and the most certain. A publick minister, judging from what he knows of the interests, views, and designs of the state, which he represents, may take his resolutions and measures, in many cases, with confidence and safety; and may presume, with great probability, how the state itself would act. But if, besides this general knowledge, and these presumptions highly probable, he was furnished also with particular instructions for the regulation of his conduct; would he not naturally observe and govern himself by both rules? In cases, where his instructions are clear and positive, there would be an end of all farther deliberation. In other cases, where his instructions are silent, he would supply them by his general knowledge, and by the information, which he could collect from other quarters, concerning the counsels and systems of the commonwealth. Thus it is with regard to reason, conscience, and the holy scriptures. Where the latter give instructions, those instructions are supereminently authentick. But whoever expects to find, in them, particular directions for every moral doubt which arises, expects more than he will find. They generally presuppose a knowledge of the principles of morality; and are employed not so much in teaching new rules on this subject, as in enforcing the practice of those already known, by a greater certainty, and by new sanctions. They present the warmest recommendations and the strongest inducements in favour of virtue: they exhibit the most powerful dissuasives from vice. But the origin, the nature, and the extent of the several rights and duties they do not explain; nor do they specify in what instances one right or duty is entitled to preference over another. They are addressed to rational and moral agents, capable of previously knowing the rights of men, and the tendencies of actions; of approving what is good, and of disapproving what is evil.

These considerations show, that the scriptures support, confirm, and corroborate, but do not supercede the operations of reason and the moral sense. The information with regard to our duties and obligations, drawn from these different sources, ought not to run in unconnected and diminished channels: it should flow in one united stream, which, by its combined force and just direction, will impel us uniformly and effectually towards our greatest good.

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