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3-2-19 Socialism In the Churches – Part 2

Introduction: Marx

Socialism In The Churches has been a force to deal with since the mid 1800’s. Statistically Christianity is in a decline and therefore morally the nation is following. George Washington and other Founders clearly identified that we must be a moral and virtuous people to have good governance. The downturn is apparent due to the reality of the philosophical shift that occured in the early to mid 1800’s – the churches engaged in the ‘social gospel’ – Not – the ‘extensible’ Reformation Gospel.

The influence of socialism in the churches has opened the door to tolerance which is not a Reformation Principle. The disruption of orthodoxy over the last 100 years resulted in many ideas fostering the main denominations and a number of the 40 mega-churches to not teach the ‘extensibility’ of the Gospel. With 217 modern denominations or non-denominations, what is the core theology that permeates the beliefs of individuals? Going from two predominant denominations at the beginning of the Colonies to these 217 is a significant shift as to why then even the ideas of civil governance have been thought of. Continue reading

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