Episode 375: Trump’s Needed Action to Designing Men

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Trump’s needed action to Designing Men causing the liberal chaos in the nation is not so simple as winning the 2024 election. You must first know the Founders use of the wordTrump's needed action ‘Designing’ –

‘In an ill sense, artful; insidious; intriguing; contriving schemes of mischief; hence, deceitful. designing men are always liable to suspicion’ – Websters 1828 Dictionary

This establishment chaos is the result of two centuries of enlightenment thinking and theology that has placed the reasoning minds of humanism above the sovereignty of God. Many authors, deep thinkers, economist, pastors and Reformed minded citizens before me have laid out the mechanisms for what is only in the imaginations of our present patriotic citizenry. These mechanisms lay in the core truths of the nations founding. Yes, the root is Christian Nationalism and Biblical economics.

The reality is that Trump will not have one iota of effect on the trajectory of the statists establishment objectives without a Foundational Reformation of the churches, philosophy of governance and political economic thinking.

One needs to begin with the writing by ‘A Federalist’ who wrote one of the first Anti-federalists responses to the newly proposed Constitution. He titled his article “A Dangerous Plan of Benefit only to the “Aristocratick Combination.” You must come to grips with the reality that the Constitution of 1787 and as presently Amended is being used, but in the ways that the Anti-federalists predicted. Here is a couple excerpts from that letter where I have made emphatic notations in underlined italics:

‘I am pleased to see a spirit of inquiry burst the band of constraint upon the subject of the NEW PLAN for consolidating the governments of the United States, as recommended by the late Convention… The hideous daemon of Aristocracy has hitherto had so much influence as to bar the channels of investigation, preclude the people from inquiry and extinguish every spark of liberal information of its qualities. At length the luminary of intelligence begins to beam its effulgent rays upon this important production; the deceptive mists cast before the eyes of the people by the delusive machinations of its INTERESTED advocates begins to dissipate, as darkness flies before the burning taper; and I dare venture to predict, that in spite of those mercenary dectaimers, the plan will have a candid and complete examination. Those furious zealots who are for cramming it down the throats of the people, without allowing them either time or opportunity to scan or weigh it in the balance of their understandings, bear the same marks in their features as those who have been long wishing to erect an aristocracy in THIS COMMONWEALTH [of Massachusetts]. Their menacing cry is for a RIGID government, it matters little to them of what kind, provided it answers THAT description. As the plan now offered comes something near their wishes, and is the most consonant to their views of any they can hope for, they come boldly forward and DEMAND its adoption. They brand with infamy every man who is not as determined and zealous in its favor as themselves. They cry aloud the whole must be swallowed or none at all, thinking thereby to preclude any amendment; they are afraid of having it abated of its present RIGID aspect. They have strived to overawe or seduce printers to stifle and obstruct a free discussion, and have endeavored to hasten it to a decision before the people can duly reflect upon its properties. In order to deceive them, they incessantly declare that none can discover any defect in the system but bankrupts who wish no government, and officers of the present government who fear to lose a part of their power. These zealous partisans may injure their own cause, and endanger the public tranquility by impeding a proper inquiry; the people may suspect the WHOLE to be a dangerous plan, from such COVERED and DESIGNING schemes to enforce it upon them. Compulsive or treacherous measures to establish any government whatever, will always excite jealousy among a free people: better remain single and alone, than blindly adopt whatever a few individuals shall demand, be they ever so wise.’

Let me stop here for a moment and have you contemplate that the message is the same then as we are hearing today. Can you hear the echo of time in our present? The essence of Liberty for a free people is not in a central government that is everything to all.

Let’s continue with this letter:

‘I had rather be a free citizen of the small republic of Massachusetts, than an oppressed subject of the great American empire. Let all act understandingly or not at all. If we can confederate upon terms that wilt secure to us our liberties, it is an object highly desirable, because of its additional security to the whole. If the proposed plan proves such an one, I hope it will be adopted, but if it will endanger our liberties as it stands, let it be amended; in order to which it must and ought to be open to inspection and free inquiry. The inundation of abuse that has been thrown out upon the heads of those who have had any doubts of its universal good qualities, have been so redundant, that it may not be improper to scan the characters of its most strenuous advocates. It will first be allowed that many undesigning citizens may wish its adoption from the best motives, but these are modest and silent, when compared to the greater number, who endeavor to suppress all attempts for investigation. These violent partisans are for having the people gulp down the gilded pill blindfolded, whole, and without any qualification whatever. These consist generally, of the NOBLE order of C[incinnatu]s, holders of public securities, men of great wealth and expectations of public office, B[an]k[er]s and L[aw]y[er]s: these with their train of dependents form the Aristocratick combination. The Lawyers in particular, keep up an incessant declamation for its adoption; like greedy gudgeons they long to satiate their voracious stomachs with the golden bait. The numerous tribunals to be erected by the new plan of consolidated empire, will find employment for ten times their present numbers; these are the LOAVES AND FISHES for which they hunger. They will probably find it suited to THEIR HABITS, if not to the HABITS OF THE PEOPLE. There may be reasons for having but few of them in the State Convention, lest THEIR [OWN] INTEREST should be too strongly considered. The time draws near for the choice of Delegates. I hope my fellow-citizens will look well to the characters of their preference, and remember the Old Patriots of 75; they have never led them astray, nor need they fear to try them on this momentous occasion.’

Trump’s Needed Action

The first point of Trump’s needed action is to ‘remember the Old Patriots of 75.’ That is 1775 for those that can’t remember back that far.

  • Who will Trump pick for his administration this time?

He was snookered before into picking the ‘designing schemers,’ ‘the holders of public securities, men of great wealth and expectations of public office, Bankers and Lawyers: these with their train of dependents form the Aristocratick combination.’

In other words, he was surrounded mostly by the establishment. The difficulty in resolving this is that those that he could pick will never get past the ‘Office of Personnel Management.’ Why? Well, like myself and other that I know, we were rejected from serving in the last Trump administration because we ‘had no government service background.’ Hence, the filters are true Constitutionalists serving at the federal level is limited by design.

  • What policies will be in draft these next two years and who is writing them?

The complexities woven into the federal agencies does not give way to the general citizenry to consider let alone be one of the policy makers. The ability to get into the favor of those surrounding Trump is virtually an unknown as well as a relative impossibility. Again, who are the faithful servants of the Living God that have the influence in policy making.

And for now:

  • Only if the repudicans can take the whole of Congress, House and Senate, then Trump must push forth legislation to greatly reform Civil Service Reform Act of 1978.

The federal unions like the AFGE (American Federation of Government Employees) and any like union. AFGE is 700,000 federal and D. C. government workers strong. The NFFE is 110,000 federal workers strong. These unions are full of leftists and utilize the agencies systematically to function as the ‘administrative state’ with limited to no accountability to the citizenry. And, they want to expand with another 300,000 federal employees via ‘new data from the Office of Personnel Management, nearly 300,000 federal employees are eligible to form unions but haven’t.’ See the history of the federal employee labor movement here.

With this, an Executive Orders should be immediately put in place that ‘All Federal Employees and Contractors Shall take a course on the US Constitution. Said course Must be from The Institute On the Constitution, Wall Builders or Hillsdale College.’

Sam Adams Wisdom

Sam defaults this week to other Anti-federalists in comments written about ‘designing men.’

1. The Hobgoblins of Anarchy and Dissentions Among the States (Centinel essay no. XI)

‘The source of the apprehensions of this so much dreaded anarchy would upon investigation be found to arise from the artful suggestions of designing men, and not from a rational probability grounded on the actual state of affairs. The least reflection is sufficient to detect the fallacy to show that there is no one circumstance to justify the prediction of such an event. On the contrary a short time will evince, to the utter dismay and confusion of the conspirators, that a perseverance in cramming down their scheme of power upon the freemen of this State [Pennsylvania] will inevitably produce an anarchy destructive of their darling domination, and may kindle a flame prejudicial to their safety. They should be cautious not to trespass too far on the forbearance of freemen when wresting their dearest concerns, but prudently retreat from the gathering storm.’

2. Anti-Federalist No. 16, Europeans Admire and Federalists Decry the Present System “ALFRED” defended the Articles of Confederation, taken from The New-York Journal, December 25, 1787 as reprinted from the [Philadelphia] Independent Gazetteer.

‘When I look to our situation—climate, extent, soil, and its productions, rivers, ports; when I find I can at this time purchase grain, bread, meat, and other necessaries of life at as reasonable a rate as in any country; when I see we are sending great quantities of tobacco, wheat and flour to England and other parts of the globe beyond the Atlantic; when I get on the other side of the western mountains, and see an extensive country, which for its multitude of rivers and fertility of soil is equal, if not superior, to any other whatever when I see these things, I cannot be brought to believe that America is in that deplorable ruined condition which some designing politicians represent; or that we are in a state of anarchy beyond redemption, unless we adopt, without any addition or amendment, the new constitution proposed by the late convention; a constitution which, in my humble opinion, contains the seeds and scions of slavery and despotism.’

3. Federalist Power Will Ultimately Subvert State Authority (Brutus essay No. I) 18 October 1787

‘When these are attended with great honor and emolument, as they always will be in large states, so as greatly to interest men to pursue them, and to be proper objects for ambitious and designing men, such men will be ever restless in their pursuit after them. They will use the power, when they have acquired it, to the purposes of gratifying their own interest and ambition, and it is scarcely possible, in a very large republic, to call them to account for their misconduct, or to prevent their abuse of power.’

4. Why the Articles Failed (Centinel essay No. IV) 30 November 187

‘It is to be lamented that the interested and designing have availed themselves so successfully of the present crisis, and under the specious pretense of having discovered a panacea for all the ills of the people, they are about establishing a system of government that will prove more destructive to them than the wooden horse filled with soldiers did in ancient times to the city of Troy. This horse was introduced by their hostile enemy the Grecians by a prostitution of the sacred rites of their religion; in like manner, my fellow citizens, are aspiring despots among yourselves prostituting the name of a Washington to cloak their designs upon your liberties.’

5. Representation and Internal Taxation (Federal Farmer essay No. III), 10 October 1787 by Richard Henry Lee, The Federal Farmer

‘When I recollect how lately congress, conventions, legislatures, and people contended in the cause of liberty, and carefully weighed the importance of taxation, I can scarcely believe we are serious in proposing to vest the powers of laying and collecting internal taxes in a government so imperfectly organized for such purposes. Should the United States be taxed by a house of representatives of two hundred members, which would be about fifteen members for Connecticut, twenty-five for Massachusetts, etc. still the middle and lower classes of people could have no great share, in fact, in taxation. I am aware it is said, that the representation proposed by the new constitution is sufficiently numerous; it may be for many purposes; but to suppose that this branch is sufficiently numerous to guard the rights of the people in the administration of the government, in which the purse and sword is placed, seems to argue that we have forgot what the true meaning of representation is. I am sensible also, that it is said that congress will not attempt to lay and collect internal taxes; that it is necessary for them to have the power, though it cannot probably be exercised.—I admit that it is not probable that any prudent congress will attempt to lay and collect internal taxes, especially direct taxes: but this only proves, that the power would be improperly lodged in congress, and that it might be abused by imprudent and designing men.


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