1-23-21 Interview – David and Daniel from Romania

David and Daniel from Romania  communism_vs_liberty

This interview with David and Daniel is revealing with warnings, they are challenging and they are full of hope in a refreshing way.

David and Daniel discuss their experiences living in communist Romania. Their desire is to reveal to Citizens in America what ‘fear’ does to a country and express what the foundation of true Liberty is. I don’t think that anyone who listens to this program regularly will be surprised at what they have to say.

They will be discussing what persecution is. What it means to stand on core beliefs and be willing to fight for them. They take us into the heat of the battle for Liberty. They walk through the exploits of their Father smuggling Bibles and their Mother developing Bible studies and Sunday schools across the country. David and Daniel honor their parents who aren’t pastors, elders or deacons but Christians who live the ‘extensibility of the Gospel.;

Hear America, the experiences of David and Daniel who are like the many that came away from communism and socialism. They came to these United States for the full and true expression of living Liberty yet, they see it slipping away into that chasm which they once lived.

Sam Adams Wisdom

I was drawn back to The Wisdom that Sam wrote and I spoke about two other times on this program. (see: ‘10-22-16 Candidus Revisited. The Heavy Yoke of Slavery, You Deserve It’ And more recently ‘6-13-20 1771 Candidus and Liberty Lost Today’) You can find the full Article ‘Candidus’ in the references of those programs.

In reflection of what David and Daniel have to share about keeping Liberty in these United States, I just want to have you reflect on this first paragraph of what Sam writes in the opening of his 1771 article. Because, over the last 40 years, myself and others more prominent told you these day would arrive if Foundational Truth and Principles were not fought for. More importantly, the Anti-federalists got it right in predicting this very time!

Candidus 1771

“Ambition saw that stooping Rome could bear A MASTER, nor had Virtue to be free.”

I Believe that no people ever yet groaned under the heavy yoke of slavery, but when they deserv’d it. This may be called a severe censure upon by far the greatest part of the nations in the world who are involv’d in the misery of servitude: But however they may be thought by some to deserve commiseration, the censure is just. Zuinglius, one of the first reformers, in his friendly admonition to the republic of the Switzers, discourses much of his countrymens throwing off the yoke: He says, that they who lie under oppression deserve what they suffer, and a great more; and he bids them perish with their oppressors. The truth is, All might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought. Is it possible that millions could be enslaved by a few, which is a notorious fact, if all possessed the independent spirit of Brutus, who to his immortal honor, expelled the proud Tyrant of Rome, and his “royal and rebellious race?” If therefore a people will not be free; if they have not virtue enough to maintain their liberty against a presumptuous invader, they deserve no pity, and are to be treated with contempt and ignominy. Had not Caesar seen that Rome was ready to stoop, he would not have dared to make himself the master of that once brave people. He was indeed, as a great writer observes, a smooth and subtle tyrant, who led them gently into slavery; “and on his brow, ‘ore daring vice deluding virtue smil’d”. By pretending to be the peoples greatest friend, he gain’d the ascendency over them: By beguiling arts, hypocrisy and flattery, which are even more fatal than the sword, he obtain’d that supreme power which his ambitious soul had long thirsted for: The people were finally prevail’d upon to consent to their own ruin: By the force of perswasion, or rather by cajoling arts and tricks always made use of by men who have ambitious views, they enacted their Lex Regia: whereby Quod placuit principi legis habuit vigorem; that is, the Will and pleasure of the Prince had the force of law. His minions had taken infinite pains to paint to their imaginations the god-like virtues of Caesar: They first persuaded them to believe that he was a deity, and then to sacrifice to him those Rights and Liberties which their ancestors had so long maintained, with unexampled bravery, and with blood & treasure. By this act they fixed a precedent fatal to all posterity: The Roman people afterwards, influenced no doubt by this pernicious example, renew’d it to his successors, not at the end of every ten years, but for life. They transfer’d all their right and power to Charles the Great: In eum transtulit omne suum jus et poteslatem. Thus, they voluntarily and ignominiously surrendered their own liberty, and exchanged a free constitution for a TYRANNY!

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4. Movie mentioned on this program is a series produced by Transition Studios. The movie title is: American Gospel’.

5. The Pastor mentioned on this program is: Austin Hetsler and the church is Christ Rock Church.

6. Christian Streaming mentioned on this program is: AGTV.

7. Perla Pierogies LLC – 5380 State Rd, Parma OH 44134

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