1-25-2020 Grin and Bare It or Get Your Feet On the Streets!

Grin and Bare It

This week has taken some interesting twist therefore, I am running this program from 2016 that never was posted at SamuelAdamsReturns.net. The message is the same for 2020, either you have to Grin and Bare It or Get Your Feet On the Streets! The 2020 election cycle is critical. Primaries are just over a month away. Then, the Heat is on toward November!

The following is the promo from 2016 and is still relevant today.

Thinking of the 2016 elections and the present election cycle: Staying at the forefront of this weeks events are the differences between keeping the corruption in politics or making an attempt at returning to some direction of leadership and integrity. The deceit regarding a States Right to manage immigration coming out of the demoncrats is completely globalistic and communistic. I talked about immigration and the Rights of the States to reject this forced debacle for almost three weeks in previous programs.

Today I want to spend time talking about what we have to do in relationship to local elections. I intend to remind us that our enemies worked the plans of Sobolev, Gramsci, Golitsyn, Alinsky and yes – William Foster. All these men promoted changing a country from within at the local level. I heard a speech on Friday by the demoncrat presidential candidate that sent chills up my spine. She said in effect – ‘The future of our children and grandchildren hang in the balance and ‘Who do you want influencing your children for the next four plus years.’ – Well, I want our Founder’s Intent for education, which is local control not what has happened over the last 50 years of government control. Will you work for local candidates as well to fight 50 years of defeats?

I also found a couple of gems when unpacking some boxes in our library. Yes, we are still unpacking from our move. These gems will bring the reality spoken years ago in the annals of significant organizations that affect policy even today. These gems should give us the impetus to call out those that confuse long spoken facts with dialectic rhetoric.

Because I think it is important to get the notes out from last week for those that want an understanding of Constitutional Citizenship and aliens in reference to Trumps 10 point immigration plan, I’m including the pdf again in the promo email.  

The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life!  Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical.

Join me on today’s program to value the Founders perspective of the mirrors of history and the reality of the present.

And because you keep asking!


For today’s program: Foreign Policy July/August 2001 and March/April 2003

The following from: Some Forms of Transition from Capitalism to Socialism

A. Sobolev With an Introduction by Ajoy Ghosh Delhi, 1956

“…Taking into account the mighty advance of the forces of peace, democracy and socialism on a world scale and on the basis of a concrete assessment of the change in the correlation of class forces since November 1917 when the first breach in the world imperialist system was effected, the Congress put forward a number of profoundly important new theses that arm the world working class movement with weapons of exceptional power.

“It is the great and historic merit of Marx and Engels,” said Lenin on November 7, 1918, “that they proved by scientific analysis the inevitability of the collapse of capitalism and its transition to Communism, under which there will be no more exploitation of man by man.

“It is the great and historic merit of Marx and Engels that they indicated to the proletarians of all countries their role, their task, their mission, namely, to be the first to rise in the revolutionary struggle against capital and to rally around themselves in this struggle all the toilers and exploited.”*

* V.I. Lenin, Marx-Engels-Marxism, (Moscow, 1951 edn.) p. 75

Since I will be mentioning these, last weeks references are in the attached pdf. FB friend will have to message me to get me to email the pdf to them since I’m not putting it up as a note.

Ones I can’t let go from in front of you:

The Progressive Blue Print in use by Soros and because this is what Hillary and her globalist/communist – both party establishment ilk have been doing: And Not a Shot is Fired by Jan Kozak

Leaving this as a baseline on Progressives & Progressivism is Communism:

The American Road to Socialism by William Z. Foster

[section from History of the Communist Party of the United States, International Publishers, New York, 1952]

Adding one for all to get: Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate

If you are a Christian then this is a must for these present times: Tactics of Christian Resistance by Dr. Gary North

From the Pulpits in the Foundation: Ellis Sandoz, Political Sermons of the American Founding Era: 1730-1805, 2 volumes

Because our theology is wacko:

Unholy Alliance: The History of the National Council of Churches” free pdf. by C. Gregg Singer


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