1-18-2020 Where Have All The Teachers Gone?

Disappearing Teachers?  Where Have All the Teachers Gone?

Where have all the teachers gone?” is a question that the likes of Sam Adams would be asking if we were willing to seriously consider Foundational Education. With the activism of #RedForEd and the major teachers colleges creating anything but Foundationally sound teachers, the question is even more relevant. Not only that, those moral and historically correct teachers are being persecuted, suspended and fired for example – not using the correct gender neutral pronoun.

We will be putting our toe in the water on this topic of teacher and what is allowed and not allowed particularly in the halls of K-12. Delving into this programs conversation regarding “where are the teachers” is pertinent to conversation of “Political Theology.”

Impeachment – Do Your Own Thing

I have to make some commentary about the impeachment debacle. This whole catastrophe is directly related to ‘postmodernism’ as I will point out. What really caught my attention is again what I have spoken about in several programs last year: the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Half of the deamoncrat impeachment managers are members of the socialist/communist caucus.

Face it, the Political Theology of postmodernism allows the House deamoncrats the liberty to do their own thing. Check out Reference #12 below regarding ‘politicalization’ of impeachment. Do your own homework on the Impeachment Clauses (reference #15 below) from the “Founders Constitution.”

Yes, I’m beating a dead horse on this next point – We are seeing the Kozak Plan in full action! As part of the pressure from below tactic of the Kozak Plan, I have a good number of references about #RedForEd below.

Sam Adams Wisdom (1785): regarding republican governance.



Give me Leave to introduce to you Mr Graham1 the Bearer of this Letter & his Lady, Mrs Macauley Graham, who have honord this Town & highly gratified the virtuous Citizens by a residence of some Months past. We sometimes meet with genuine republican Sentiments in Persons born under Monarchy. It is truly mortifying when one meets with the reverse Character. I firmly believe that the benevolent Creator designd the republican Form of Government for Man. Will you venture so far as to say that all other Institutions that we know of are unnatural & tend more or less to distress human Societies? Will the Lion ever associate with the Lamb or the Leopard with the Kid till our favorite principles shall be universally establishd? I am with Truth & sincerity,

your affectiont friend,


[MS., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.] PHILADE March 23 1779

Letter addendum:

March 24—79

The Bearer of this Letter being prevented setting off by a Storm, I have had Time to transcribe the inclosd Extracts. They were written to me, as you will observe, in Confidence. I think I am warranted in communicating them to you, because I know the Writer has as much Confidence in your Prudence & Discretion as in mine, if not more. And I do not see how I can better use them for the purpose he intended in sending them to me, than by sending them to you. The Parts which are descriptive of the Weakness, or if you think more proper, the reserved Caution of Age, you will judge prudent to keep secret for the present. There are some of our Friends, who, having so long habituated themselves to admire the Wisdom of the Philosopher cannot easily be perswaded to believe, that in the different Character of a Politician, he may be liable to human Frailties at the Age of more than three score and ten. Those Parts which may serve to set Dr Lee in his true Character of an honest & diligent Servant of the publick, you will make Use of for that Purpose. For it is of equal Importance that the Fidelity of one or the Treachery of another, in the service of the publick, should be made known. A Man of inflexible Republican Virtue cannot but incur both the Dread & the Hatred of those who are—ambitious—desirous of making Fortunes—artful and enterprizing— especially if much of the publick Money has passd, unaccounted for, through their Hands. Mr Dean would have the World believe that Dr Lee is a dishonest Man & a Traitor. The Writer of these Extracts, who has had full Opportunity of enquiring, says, he is “a Man of Integrity and Honor,”—”a worthy Character”—”invariably attachd to the Cause of America.” I am inclind to think, that no honest & sensible Man who is acquainted with both will hesitate to determine, which of their Opinions to rely upon, or which of them in the present Case ought to be supposd the impartial Judge.


And because you keep asking!


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For today’s program:

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12. The Teacher Strikes Aren’t About Pay, They’re About Mobilizing Democrats

13. Arizona Parents And Taxpayers Aren’t Pleased With Striking Teachers Ditching School For 6 Days

14. Joseph Story – on Impeachment, from his Commentaries on the Constitution 2:§§ 758–69, 771–78, 780–803, 810–11

15. Impeachment Clauses

16. Teacher Fired For Not Using Student’s “Preferred Pronouns”

17. Congressional Progressive Caucus


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