10-12-19 Morality and Virtue Ensures Liberty

Morality and Virtue Ensures Liberty  Self-actualizing

Sam Adams predicts our present governance and political situation. His letter to James Warren stresses that Morality and Virtue ensures Liberty.

Adams defines that this must be a definitive aspect of education. By not inculcating our youth in morality and the mechanisms of virtue we loose the prospects of maintaining Liberty.

In this program I read the letter since just talking about it is not enough. Every parent, teacher, school administrator, school board member, church board member and pastor should ‘inculcate’ these words for themselves. Oh, for those that don’t know the definition of ‘inculcate’ here it is straight out of the dictionary on my Mac: “instill (an attitude, idea, or habit) by persistent instruction: the failures of the churches to inculcate a sense of moral responsibility.”

By the way, I did not write that example. It was in the definition in the Apple software.

Elections are coming up so pay attention to who is going to be on your school board. Hey church leaders……. Have you been morally preparing leaders to run for office and get involved in bureaucratic governance….. Naw….. most likely you have been preparing your youth and congregations to ‘run away’ from engaging in the real battles of Kingdom stewardship.

Glamorization of Mental Illness

I really resonate with the Blog Quote from Doug Wilson from the book ‘Nation of Rebels: Why Counterculture Became Consumer Culture ‘ by Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter. The quote: “If countercultural thinking has led to a certain naiveté when it comes to crime, it has encouraged an almost unconscionable glamorization of mental illness” – Nation of Rebels, p. 143

I will mention this quote and my realtime experience with how I am seeing mental illness being glamorized as well as the tie-ins with Sam Adams letter to James Warren.


I did not finish with Ralph Ketcham last week. I wanted to finish talking about what he wrote in the introduction regarding the Anti-federalists.

My rational is that many of the the grass-roots populists groups do in fact have the Anti-federalist DNA but they don’t understand what that really means to exercise, implement, the foundational intent of what is coursing through their ideas.

Simply, that is why I do what I do so that we all can understand our ‘genetics’ of Foundational Truth and then act according to the principals and methods that brought forth our Republic.

Get Ketcham’s book to increase your insights to what is going on today: The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates by Ralph Louis Ketcham

First Non-binary Person

We are at war. If you are a follower of Jesus then that war is and should be Kingdom centric. With that, the war is defined culturally and politically in the Old Testament. The enemy is the same since ‘the Fall’. Therefore, our present culture war is that extension over the set time of history.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this topic but I thought it critical to have you at least read the Federalist.com article that takes up this issue of ‘Non-binary’ as it relates to a present case before the Supreme Court.

Understand the vapor of it, yet prepare yourself to answer the arguments on this issue. Yeah, even in your congregations.

Get Active Locally

Repeating Again for Three weeks!!! The November election is right around the corner. There are local issues, levies and local political positions at stake. Get your feet on the Street – Get out there!

Sam Adams said that All Politics is Local. There are a lot of elections going on this November. The most important of them all are School Boards and Levies. Regarding levies check out the video’s at taxwg.com

Join me on Saturday’s program to value the Founders perspective of the mirrors of history and the reality of the present.

And because you keep asking!


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For today’s program:

1. Sam Adams to James Warren, 4 Nov. 1775, in the Founders Constitution, Epilogue: Securing the Republic, Chapter 18 | Document 6

2. Nation Of Rebels Quote, Page 143

3. Doug Wilson – Blog and Mablog

4. What The First Nonbinary American Wants The Supreme Court To Know About Transgenderism

5. History vs. Social(ist) Studies. By Dean Gotcher

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