10-26-19 Evangelical Failure, Roman Catholic Exceptionalism

Evangelical Failure

In the present Culture and Foundational Political wars, the headlines are awash with Evangelical Failure. I consider this Texas case as a prime example: “Report: Judge Rules Jeffrey Younger Can Share Guardianship over Son James”. My argument is that the Jury of twelve had no moral conviction except for one person. The Jury was willing to let a boy be chemically castrated and turned into a girl because a psycho-bable mother (who is a Phd) is attempting to prove a diagnosis of “gender-dysphoria”.

If it were not for the Evangelical Failure in the pulpits, education and family this case would not have even come to a trial. Thankfully, the presiding judge had the moral instance to allow the Father to have joint custody and medical decision making authority. Thus overriding the Jury decision.

Founders Intent

I will bring home again the truth from the five-volume set of the Founders Constitution with the written fact that this Republic requires Christians and Christianity to be the predominant Religion in these United States. The Epilogue in Volume I is about “Securing the Republic”. It has the significant references that clearly outline that a moral and virtuous people can only be determined by Christianity. Self-governance only comes from the Liberty established in Biblical Reformation truth. Then societal governance can be properly inculcated and actuated.

Roman Catholic Exceptionalism

Many of you are wondering if I’m renewing my former childhood roots. No I’m not but I am acknowledging that AG Barr, in his speech at Notre Dame Law School, showed his Roman Catholic Exceptionalism compared to the plethora of Evangelical Failure in pulpits across America. AG Barr’s speech echos many of the key elements of the various Foundational writings that are in the ‘Epilogue Chapter’ of the Founders Constitution.

The Evangelicals have left the fight that is required for a moral people to be engaged in self-governance as well as the public square.

If you have not read AG Barr’s speech or watched the video then you will never understand my comments or this program.

Predicted and Solutions

The Anti-federalists predicted what we are experiencing in our present time. They suspected that the pulpits would be filled with humans that did not keep to the Reformation perspective of Biblical truth. From one reference for this program, Sam Adams commented to John Scollay writing, “How fruitless is it, to recommend “the adapting the Laws in the most perfect Manner possible, to the Suppression of Idleness Dissipation & Extravagancy,” if such Recommendations are counteracted by the Example of Men of Religion, Influence & publick Station?”

We have pastors and church leaders in out there counteracting the truths of rational law for the ‘feel good laws’ that are destructive to the Republic.

Solutions: 1. Read the references. 2. Engage your church leadership with facts and truth. 3. Teach your family members these truths.

Governance is a responsibility of every Christian. It begins with self and then is extensible just as the Gospel is extensible.

And because you keep asking!


For today’s program:

1. Jury Decides Against Dad Seeking to Block 7-Year-Old Son from Gender Transition Drugs

2. Report: Judge Rules Jeffrey Younger Can Share Guardianship over Son James

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8. AG Barr’s Speech at Notre Dame: Text

9. AG Barr’s Speech at Notre Dame: Video – Since I watched the video it was removed from YouTube. Look at this article instead and if you have FB you can see the video there. I am no longer on FB so I’m not sure if this works. Also the Article with the embedded link is interesting. The American Conservative.


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