11-4-17 Reformation 500 Yrs and Magdeburg Confession

Last Sunday was the global celebration of the Reformations 500 year anniversary. This is one of the most memorable events in all of history in that it re-established the truth of the salvation of man from sin only through the Grace of God and only in Faith in Jesus the Christ. But what was not often spoken of in congregations regarding the Reformation is what it means socially and politically. The Reformation also challenged the rightful authority of kingship of humans and re-established the existence of the only rightful hierarchy of political authority again being in King Jesus.

The story of this plays out in the siege of Magdeburg and the Magdeburg Confession – One little city holding out and winning against the ‘Holy Roman Empire’. It is also about the true understanding of Romans 13 and the Doctrine of The Lesser Magistrate. You see, the Founding Fathers of America understood every aspect of the Reformation. Samuel Adams studied theology before he studied law. He had a clear understand of these Principles that are true from Genesis to Revelations and every aspect of governance in the context of corruptible human kind.

This Saturday program is my simple Citizen layperson expression that the Reformation has had a greater, and should be, timeless effect for human salvation and good governance.

As always, remember: The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life!  Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

Join me on Saturday’s program to value the Founders perspective of the mirrors of history and the reality of the present.


And because you keep asking!


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For today’s program:

  1. Magdeburg Confession description
  2. Magdeburg Confession website & an English translation
  3. Doctrine of The Lesser Magistrate
  4. Yes, And even more important as you look at what happened in the Republican held House: At the Samuel Adams Returns web site: “Not All Conservatives Are ConstitutionalistsOr on Amazon: Paperback or the eBook

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