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Episode 340: Christianity in Corporatism?

Christianity in Corporatism?  Morality in Life

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Is there Christianity in Corporatism? I am using the broad definition of Corporatism here: ‘the control of a state or organization by large interest groups.’ Can Christianity be the active morality in state or organizational, including corporate business, ethics? Who is determining business ethics at the corporate level and at the small/medium business level? What about the responsibility of every person who is in leadership or management? Are you not, by the classical definition, a magistrate? That being true, Are you not responsible before God for the moral determination of all persons and ethical decisions that are in your managerial realm?

Therefore, is it not true that the elected, the bureaucrats, corporate executives and managers, business owners, middle managers and so on, have a responsibility to uphold true and faithful righteousness and morality (period).

One present Example of No Moral leadership in Corporatism:

‘I Will Literally Fight You, Bitch:’ Yale Law Students Disrupt Panel Featuring Alliance Defending Freedom

‘Yale Law School Associate Dean Ellen Cosgrove was present the entire time, but did not confront any of the students, despite their actions violating the school’s free speech policies, the Free Beacon notes.’

This week I don’t hold back the full charge of Reformed Biblical truth regarding ‘taking the Kingdom by storm’. I take us through a quick survey of Foundational ethics and morality in governance, be it a governing entity, educational system or business related to economy as well as liberty. My Foundational references are, of course Samuel Adams, but I also look at a couple of the other founders and pastors that influenced the American Puritan work ethic. Continue reading

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9-1-18 Technology Credibility and Business Morality

This is it!  September 1, I am off of Facebook! Some have asked what make me so sanctimonious in criticism of the platform and what do I know about technology? I explain my development in the digital world from building a computer to being an executive developing new companies.

Most importantly we need to have an honest conversation about morality in the Board Room. We have become a nation of ‘mammon seekers’ over Liberty protectors. When technology becomes the et al. to every issue in life and we have new oligarchs consolidating power: then we have some really serious things to consider.

I really would like you to consider this key resource from the Founding era. It is the “Continental Association, 20 October 1774” which details “Non-importation, Non-consumption, and Non-exportation Agreement”. My argument will always be that the only and proper way to impact the techno-oligarchs is by Non-consumption! Think about the sacrifices that the people of the Colonies accepted but even more so think about the explosion of new businesses and industry that came to be by these actions.

With that, remember Proverbs 9:1 – There is nothing new under the sun!

The mirrors of history come to reflective reality here on Samuel Adams Returns.

Oh… on a side note, check out the article on Local Levies that I’ve written at this Blog.

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel

1. Witherspoon: Lectures on Moral Philosophy (Society)

2. “Continental Association, 20 October 1774”

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3-3-18 Foundational Truth and Technology

We are seeing that the technology giants are now acting according to their ideologies and religious beliefs. We hear these tech giants and the likes of Nancy Pelosi’s ilk attempt to define patriotism when in fact the Founders would not recognize their claims. I open again this week from that book “They Preached Liberty” talking about real Patriotism

Additionally for us to really understand our Foundational Truths we must once again come to the knowledge and understanding of the very essence of sovereignty. What is happening in education, government and society in general is that we have lost that perspective. I will discuss the order of what is sovereignty in a very concrete manner referencing Abraham Kuyper from his lectures at Princeton in 1898. It was then that Princeton University conferred the Doctorate of Laws upon him.

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