4-7-18 OH Governor Primary, Trump deploys National Guard, My New Book

I am spending the first segment on the Ohio Governor Primary. I believe it is critical to understand that the swamp is everywhere to which we must take a critical eye to understanding the candidates. I have a link to my preferred and recommended Gubernatorial candidate in the References below.

I make a quick mention of the Societal Sphere of Sovereignty since the churches and mostly those with any hint of Reformed aren’t expressing sufficiently the full extensibility of the True Gospel. As you know, I consider the condition the nation is in the primary fault of bad theology and broad teaching of the Principles into society – More for a different venue and video.

In the majority of the program I am getting to the Constitutional responsibility of the President and Congress to protect us from invasion, which includes illegals crossing the borders. I also take you into the US Code that allows the President to call on the National Guard for this purpose.

Lastly, as I have mentioned, My new book is available and I will be promoting it during this month as we look to launching the Seminars once again in June.

With that, As always, remember: The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life!  Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

References for Today:

  1. Dooyeweerd’s Conception of Societal Sphere Sovereignty – presented 18 April 2008 at the Abraham Kuyper Center’s 5th Conference at Princeton Theological Seminary.
  2. Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor for Governor of Ohio
  3. US Constitution Article I, Section 8
  4. US Code: Title 32 – National Guard Especially Chapter 9
  5. Debates of the Federal Constitution – August 9, 1787- Madison Pg. 294, www.thefederalistpapers.org
  6. The Anti-federalists Papers:
  7. A Farmer, March 7, 1788
  8. An Observer, December 3, 1787
  9. An Old Wig, November 27, 1787
  10. Candidus, December 6 and 20, 1787
  11. Brutus, 7th and 8th essays of “Brutus” in The New-York Journal, January 3 and 10, 1788.
  12. Brutus, January 24, 1788

7. New Book: ‘From Covenant To The Present Constitution’ More about it and Free look at Author’s Notes & Introduction. Get your copy at Amazon or The Book Patch For a signed copy contact me at tom@samueladamsreturns

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