6-22-19 Christian Intellectual with Cody Libolt

Christian Intellectual? Christian Intellectuals

Is there really such a thing as a Christian Intellectual? Cody Libolt will walk us through his journey in finding the answer. Cody is actively engaged in developing thinking Christian leadership that fully understands the full implementation of the Gospel in every aspect of life. Oh, that includes the social and political aspects.

The activities and writings of the Christian Intellectual website is not to create an ‘intelligentsia’, which Thomas Sowell discusses in his book ‘Intellectuals and Society’. Rather, Cody and colleagues, desire for Christian Intellectual(s) to challenge the Believers, in general, to mindfully engage as Paul so as to not let society and governance become overrun by the Godless.

Are there Christian Intellectual(s)? There are and there should be more propagated in the local church. One of the best pulpit and community examples of what Cody is working toward is the preaching and teaching at Christ Church in Moscow Idaho.

*** with that, An apology to Doug Wilson: as I was editing the podcast and video for posting, I noticed that I use ‘relational familiarity’ regarding Doug that I view but by no means can be assumed reciprocal. My humble apology.

Enemies Within The Church

Cody gives us insight to this movie that will be coming out shortly. I suggest that you check out the information regarding this project: Enemies Within The Church

A Bit More on SEL:

As I noted in last weeks Newsletter/Promo, Ohio as well as about thirty other States have implemented Social Emotional Learning.

I wrote an article this past week that is now published. Here is the link to – Your Children in SEL I will be doing a followup article on ‘The Cost of SEL’.

Lastly on this, Watch the whole sermon if you would like but Listen to whom I can clearly call my Friend, Pastor Dr. Mike Spaulding talking about SEL from the pulpit.

This is for Individuals, Influencers, Educators and Publishers

It is simple: having a platform for not only social media but for every aspect of digital communications and development, HeroScout.com is the only truly ‘federated’ platform for you. I will be doing another program on this in the future since it is so important to understand what a ‘Federated’ platform is verses the ‘Centralized’ platforms of all other social media or so called ‘cloud services’.

So for your digital independence, here it is again: EagleFireNation.com as part of HeroScout.com

EagleFireNation is 100% Free like digital Liberty should be. HeroScout now has plans for Influencers, Educators and Publishers.

There is no excuse to stay in the clutches of the techno-oligarchs.

Action Item:

1. Get more information on how and why being a Christian Intellectual matters. Go to the website and signup for the newsletter.

2. Find out more about the Enemies Within The Church get informed and get involved.

3. Learn more about SEL (Social Emotional Learning) in your school district. Listen to Dr. Spaulding in the link above.

4. Lastly, do something about your Digital Rights! Take them back with Joining me and others at EagleFireNation which begins your journey to full Digital Liberty. You own your environment and manage your 1st Amendment Constitutionally.

And because you keep asking!

References: Radio Program Archives

For today’s program:

1. Cody Libolt and the Christian Intellectual

2. SEL must be Fought! This is warfare:

Dr. Mike Spaulding speaking on SEL from the Pulpit.


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