6-29-19 Theology Education and Digital Liberty

This program drives through the pain of Theology Education and Digital Liberty


The pain is that the diversity in Theology or should I say questionable Theology of many predominant pastors is the cause of church, social, cultural and political confusion. I’ll start with this, for those that promote the need for the church in the US to go through persecution, you are the cause of any and all persecutions in our modern American times.

I have to make a simple correction for tomorrow, the notes I used for the program call out an incident regarding Franklin Graham but the fact is that what made my hair stand on end for this weeks program is a story in the Hill regarding Jerry Falwell Jr.

The simple point is that the education in the seminaries and public systems is so limited and deceitful that I can see why there is so much ugliness in social justice nonsense, the support for lawlessness regarding illegals crossing the boarders and the decline in education, culture and yes the fundamentals of Biblical Reformation Truth.

Without getting into the weeds on this, I am imploring ALL to read or listen to “The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution”. Then actually study what those Pastors of our Foundation wrote especially the likes of John Witherspoon!


Picking up from last week and more, I keep the hammer on Social Emotional Learning.

Yes, I’m pushing the article I wrote and again, here is the link to – Your Children in SEL Do you realize that no one is doing research on the real cost to the taxpayer on this? Very Sad!

Here is something else that relates to Theology Education an Digital Liberty: The corporate insanity of ‘higher education’. I have talked about this since 1976 and I challenged university presidents on why even so called Christian higher education is no different then secular in so many ways. Why is that Catholic and Christian schools are throwing social justice hissy fits and why we have the disastrous Jerry Falwell Jr. finger-pointing?

Well in my thought process it is the corporate corruption of higher education that is never, ever challenged. I believe Rush Limbaugh articulates what I have been talking about for forty-plus years. Listen to him at this point in in June 27th program.

Digital Liberty

In the third segment I’m going to cut in with this video from ACT for Cleveland. There are a lot of ‘Me Too’ platforms popping up. Many have good intentions and are with good folks behind them. Yet, the are just what I already noted, ‘Me Too’ platforms. The Free – EagleFireNation.com and the subscription based EagleFireCloud.com is 100% different.

So for your digital independence, here it is again: EagleFireNation.com as part of HeroScout.com

There is no excuse to stay in the clutches of the techno-oligarchs.

Action Item:

1. Quite the ‘Theological Intellectual’ infighting and get back to fundamental Biblical Reformation Truths that are for every aspect of life.

2. Learn about our Historical foundation and what the Pastors taught during that time.

3. Learn more about SEL (Social Emotional Learning) in your school district. It is a disaster!

4. Get some guts to challenge the Corrupt Corporate Oligarchy of higher education… especially in Christian schools and seminaries. Lear to tell socialist/communist/anti-God professors – “You’re Fired”!

5. Lastly, do something about your Digital Rights! Take them back with Joining me and others at EagleFireNation which begins your journey to full Digital Liberty. You own your environment and manage your 1st Amendment Constitutionally.

And because you keep asking!

The video is available after 10AM on Saturdays at the SamuelAdamsReturns channel YouTube Channel Here.

For today’s program:

1. Links to references embedded in the above information.


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