6-27-20 Interview with Leonard Gilbert

Interview With Leonard  Lacing Wisdom

It is an honor to interview my fantastic friend Leonard Gilbert. Leonard is a leader that has the insights to issues of the day because he has studied not only the past but also the depths of the Scriptures. He brings the life lived application of God’s word to the discussion of family, governance, politics and church.

During this conversation with Leonard, we will focus on God and Government. We will cover the concepts that are not taught in schools today thereby causing the unrest we see amongst people as well as the rise of Marxist revolution across the nation.

Questions For The Present

Some of what Leonard and I intend to cover are:

  • What is foundational in America from the time of the Puritans?

  • Does the Bible address the relationship between God and governance?

  • Education.

  • Activism.

  • The church walking away from its responsibilities to humanity.

  • What must we do?

On that note I want to remind all those that are leaders in your community and especially those who are in their church to read ‘The Chaplains and Clergy of the American Revolution.’

Sam Adams Wisdom


[MS., Boston Public Library; the text, with slight variations, was printed in the Boston Gazette, March 29, 1773, in the Massachusetts Spy, March 25, 1773, and in Boston Record Commissioner’s Report, vol. xviii., pp. 120-125.]

For today’s readers – Regarding the Actions of the various bureaucrats and Governors in response to the Chicom Flu aka Covid-19, we can consider the words of Sam Adams respecting the over-reach of government. And in particular, to the forced wearing of masks:

But were there no such Laws of the Province or should our Enemies pervert these & other Laws made for the same Purpose, from their plain and obvious Intent and Meaning, still there is the great and perpetual Law of Self preservation to which every natural Person or corporate Body hath an inherent Right to recur. This being the Law of the Creator, no human Law can be of force against it: And indeed it is an Absurdity to suppose that any such Law could be made by Common Consent, which alone gives validity to human Laws. If then the “MATTER OR THING” viz the fixing Salaries to the Offices of the Judges of the Superior Court as aforesaid, was such as threatned the Lives, Liberties and Properties of the People, which we have the Authority of the greatest Assembly of the Province to affirm, The Inhabitants of this or any other Town had certainly an uncontrovertable right to meet together, either in the Manner the Law has prescribed, or in any other orderly Manner, joyntly to consult the necessary Means of their own Preservation and Safety. The Petitioners wisely chose the Rule of the province Law, by applying to the Selectmen for a Meeting; and they, as it was their Duty to do, followed the same Rule and called a Meeting accordingly. We are therefore not a little suprizd, that his Excellency, speaking of this and other principal Towns, should descend to such an artful Use of Words, that a “NUMBER of Inhabitants have assembled together, and having ASSUMED the Name of legal Town Meetings” &c. Thereby appearing to have a Design to lead an inattentive Reader to believe, that no Regard was had to the Laws of the Province in calling these Meetings, and consequently to consider them as illegal & disorderly. The Inhabitants being met, and for the Purpose aforesaid, the Points determind, his Excellency says, “were such as the Law gives the Inhabitants of Towns in their CORPORATE Capacity no Power to act upon.” It would be a sufficient Justification of the Town to say, that no Law FORBIDS the Inhabitants of Towns in their corporate Capacity to determine such Points as were then determined. And if there was no positive legal Restraint upon their Conduct, it was doing them an essential injury, to represent it to the World as ILLEGAL. Where the Law makes no special Provision for the common Safety, the People have a Right to consult their own Preservation; and the necessary Means to withstand a most dangerous attack of arbitrary Power. At such a time, it is but a pitiful Objection to their thus doing, that the Law has not expressly given them a Power to act upon such Points. This is the very language of Tyranny: And when such Objections are offerd, to prevent the Peoples meeting together in a Time of publick Danger, it affords of it self just Grounds of Jealousy that a Plan is laid for their Slavery.”

The core principle here is that arbitrary rules that have the form of law or are extrapolated from law, which inhibit the free assembly of the Citizenry, or force actions upon the Citizenry not specified in law, are tyrannical and position the Citizens to be slaves to the government.

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel.

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