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6-27-20 Interview with Leonard Gilbert

Interview With Leonard  Lacing Wisdom

It is an honor to interview my fantastic friend Leonard Gilbert. Leonard is a leader that has the insights to issues of the day because he has studied not only the past but also the depths of the Scriptures. He brings the life lived application of God’s word to the discussion of family, governance, politics and church.

During this conversation with Leonard, we will focus on God and Government. We will cover the concepts that are not taught in schools today thereby causing the unrest we see amongst people as well as the rise of Marxist revolution across the nation.

Questions For The Present

Some of what Leonard and I intend to cover are:

  • What is foundational in America from the time of the Puritans?

  • Does the Bible address the relationship between God and governance?

  • Education.

  • Activism.

  • The church walking away from its responsibilities to humanity.

  • What must we do?

On that note I want to remind all those that are leaders in your community and especially those who are in their church to read ‘The Chaplains and Clergy of the American Revolution.’ Continue reading

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1-11-20 Political Theology Part 1

Political Theology  Political Theology

What is Political Theology? Many chant the deception of ‘Separation of Church and State’ while at the same time institutionalizing social justice, cultural marxism, socialism, climate change, immorality, non-biological compatible marriage, abortion/infanticide, euthanasia and many other belief systems. Not only have these belief systems – religions – been institutionalized but they have been codified or justified (made precedents) by the courts. Is this anything new in regard to sustaining ‘Liberty’ as assumed in the uniqueness of American Constitutionalism? Did the challenges of controversial Theological positions foster the ‘call to arms’ by the Revolutionary Founders of the United States? Did Sam Adams have a say in this Controversy? What is the simple definition of ‘religion’ and associated ‘theology?’

The simple answers are right out of Ecclesiastes 1:9 – there is nothing new under the sun and The First Commandment. Continue reading

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6-29-19 Theology Education and Digital Liberty

This program drives through the pain of Theology Education and Digital Liberty


The pain is that the diversity in Theology or should I say questionable Theology of many predominant pastors is the cause of church, social, cultural and political confusion. I’ll start with this, for those that promote the need for the church in the US to go through persecution, you are the cause of any and all persecutions in our modern American times.

I have to make a simple correction for tomorrow, the notes I used for the program call out an incident regarding Franklin Graham but the fact is that what made my hair stand on end for this weeks program is a story in the Hill regarding Jerry Falwell Jr.

The simple point is that the education in the seminaries and public systems is so limited and deceitful that I can see why there is so much ugliness in social justice nonsense, the support for lawlessness regarding illegals crossing the boarders and the decline in education, culture and yes the fundamentals of Biblical Reformation Truth. Continue reading

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2018 Summary and Theological Governance

2018 SummaryJehu takes out Ahab's relations

Another year has passed with many Blessings and travails. Today’s program is a quick 2018 Summary. I have been teasing you over the last year regarding my perspective of Theological Governance. Obviously I don’t have sufficient time to cover the depth of Theological Governance in any academic manner. There in lies the problem, in the last 100 years: Academics have babbled and blundered the Foundational Theology of Governance.

I make a very heartfelt attempt at the KISS principle regarding this topic. There are others that I prefer to reference regarding Theological Governance / Theonomy – who can be found in a number of the other programs. So you can either go search the archives or just take today for what it is. Continue reading

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