8-25-18 Federalist #10 Part 3 – Virtuous Statesmen and Controlling Faction?

Ok folks. We are Living out the Anti-federalists perspective of Federalist #10 yet we are not even close to finishing our understanding or application of Madison’s words here. In this program I will be delving into more of the heart of the vanity to expect that there will be a continuum of ‘enlightened statesmen’ and the ‘Causes and Effects’ of Factions.

I bring you into a little clearing understanding of Madison’s thought process here by going back to Witherspoon’s Lectures on Moral Philosophy. We need the background info to understand the heart of this Framer of the Constitution.


Madison gets to the makeup of factions whether majority or minority. Then into how is this controlled in a Republic through a Constitution.

We are only about half way through Federalist #10. There is much more especially since in the program after next I will get into Madison’s definition of ‘democracy’ and why only federalism formed in republican principles wrapped in a functional Constitution can work in America.

Oh, Hold on to your sock for next week! I am going to get into all the technical, political and Liberty reasons of why I’m changing it up on social media as well as what is forthcoming with a new medial company that I have launched.

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel

1. Witherspoon: Lectures on Moral Philosophy (Society)

2. Federalist #10

3. Anti-federalist #10

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