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9-8-18 Anti-federalists #10 1788 – Antagonist and Instigator of Federalist #10

For several weeks we had been discussing Federalist #10. Madison has been focussed on ‘Factions’ and how to deal with them. His idea is that the ‘New Constitution’ is the best way to do so. He discusses the weaknesses and potential problems stemming from persons of various characters influencing groups of Citizens such that they could be easily manipulated.

Now, ‘The Anti-federalists’ take, as Madison, to the moral and virtuous make up of ‘classes of people’ and individuals. This week I focus on the 1788 article, which sets up the response from Madison yet in so many ways there is agreement to what I always call the sinful nature of man striving for power or manipulation over other. Not only that, there are those who prefer to be sheeple easily taken by those who can play to their wants or needs. Interestingly the author of this paper predicted that there would eventually be only two major political parties.

In this program I can only guarantee getting through the ‘first class’ or group of people that are most influential. The writer opens with “The first class comprehends all those men of fortune and reputation who stepped forward in the late revolution, from opposition to the administration, rather than the government of Great Britain. … All your people of fashion and pleasure who are corrupted by the dissipation of the French, English and American armies; and a love of European manners and luxury.”

I will leave you with this idea that there are those who are willing to support the national government when it meets their purposes as our Anti-federalist notes: “They are at present wavering. They are generally, though with very many exceptions, openly for the proposed, but secretly against any American government. A burnt child dreads the fire. But should they see any fair prospect of confusion arise, these gentry will be off at any moment for these five and twenty years to come. Ultimately, should the administration promise stability to the new government, they may be counted on as the Janizaries (a devoted follower or supporter) of power, ready to efface (make oneself appear insignificant or inconspicuous) all suspicion by the violence of their zeal.”

With that said: The mirrors of history come to reflective reality here on Samuel Adams Returns.

Oh… on a side note, check out the article on Local Levies that I’ve written at this Blog.

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1. Witherspoon: Lectures on Moral Philosophy (Society)

2. On The Preservation Of Parties, Public Liberty Depends Anti-federalists #10 1788

3. Federalist #10

4. Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republican No. 1 October 8, 1787

5. John Knox Appellation

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8-25-18 Federalist #10 Part 3 – Virtuous Statesmen and Controlling Faction?

Ok folks. We are Living out the Anti-federalists perspective of Federalist #10 yet we are not even close to finishing our understanding or application of Madison’s words here. In this program I will be delving into more of the heart of the vanity to expect that there will be a continuum of ‘enlightened statesmen’ and the ‘Causes and Effects’ of Factions.

I bring you into a little clearing understanding of Madison’s thought process here by going back to Witherspoon’s Lectures on Moral Philosophy. We need the background info to understand the heart of this Framer of the Constitution.

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8-18-18 Madison, Witherspoon and Federalist #10

The many turns of life did not facilitate the mid week discussion that I was intending regarding the relationship of Madison to John Witherspoon. Therefore, this week I bring in the interesting tidbits about Madison and a good deal about John Witherspoon.

What is striking about Witherspoon is detailed in the ‘Introduction’ of the reference containing his ‘Lecture on Moral Philosophy’ or as otherwise titled ‘Moral Society’. What caught me is the reality that many of the pastors in the US are even more now of the Moderatist perspective then like Witherspoon who was a Populist in the church debates in Scotland. So that you don’t have to look it up, which most of you would not do, here is the quote from the Intro for clarification:

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