Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution: Chapter 32 – Judah Champion

     Chapter 32:  Judah Champion.  Judah Champion

The quick picture of Judah Champion: — The Pastor of Litchfield. — His Prayers For His Country. — Extraordinary Scene In Church On The Arrival Of News From The Army. — Women Working On The Sabbath To Prepare Garments For The Soldiers. — The Pastor On The Field Of Battle.

Judah Champion was powerful in prayer to the extent that when someone called for a doctor they also sent for him. Many believed in “the efficacy (the ability to produce a desired result) of his fervent prayer.” Most of all he hated every form of oppression and put ‘the weight of his personal character and his eloquent tongue to the cause of the Colonies.”

He supported every effort of the American Revolution from the pulpit and by going to battle at Ticonderoga and Saratoga. He was highly regarded for his ministering to the sick and wounded regardless of American or British.

This Reflection of history is on a Pastor of deep belief and action!

The Book

The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution is the Historical Fact that Christianity (see the link at the end) is the root of our American Heritage and a key factor in the inspiration of the Revolution. God governance is God’s governance and the Citizenry understood this. Those that were Chaplains and Clergy were not just religious mouth pieces. NO, They were warrior Patriots that spoke first the Word of God and then the musket or sword.

I am reading this book as if to my Grandchildren. My great  hope is that parents and Grandparents would do the same. I hope and pray more that Pastors would be in these tumultuous times as the same that these Founding Clergy and Chaplains were.

Let us all learn and act according to the Blessing and examples they set for US in our Foundation.

Table of Contents:

You can find the other chapters of the book by following the highlighted link to the Table of Contents here.

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