4-4-20 Political Theology – The Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?

Revolving History

In evangelical circles over the last 40ish years I have heard preachers say, “God is the Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!” Over these many years, I have always wondered if these were parrots chirping the words or if in fact they believed them. I’m results oriented. I believe that ‘words’ have meanings. As I discussed, when reacquainting with a O’l Navy shipmate now top theologian, I believe we live our eternity Now. And I absolutely believe that God is unequivocally the Same Today as well as Yesterday and Tomorrow.

What’s all that have to do with the present panic and political theology?

Political Theology

Developing a Civil Society is not only political, it is unquestionably theological. This is what caused me to question the evangelical parrots over these many years. I am more convinced of this as I continue to develop my next book “The Last Puritan.” Regardless of the debate: Is the US and the Constitution of Christian origin? The facts remain that a great number of Founding Fathers and Women were Reformation minded Bible believers that lived those truths in the light of God’s Sameness.

In taking that honest walk through history it is unmistakeable that the religion of the leadership sets the whole operation of society into motion. This is inclusive of the monetary, the legislative, the cultural, the moral, the industrial systems within that realm. When the leadership are against the Great “I Am,” then we see that a normal society for that realm is despotic, tyrannical, culturally depraved, economically enslaving others and slow to industrial innovation. The government becomes all encompassing and ultimately one of the pantheon party to each person or lobbying groups desires.

Clergy of the Revolutionary

In this present time of crisis, whether manufactured or real, the clergy must completely submit to the Sameness of the Great “I Am.” This was the position of the Clergy of the Revolution. These Patriotic Pastors clearly knew and lived out that God is The Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

I want to remind you of the analysis of Mr. Headley in the 1864 book “The Chaplains and Clergy of The Revolution,” he wrote in Chapter 32 during the expose of Judah Champion, “Is it wonderful that a cause which called forth such efforts and such prayers should succeed ? How superficially has the American historian studied the revolution, who leaves out of his narrative the pulpit and clergy, or fails to give them a prominent place ? The express-rider dashing through Litchfield was guilty of no such mistake. Driving the rowels in his panting steed, he dashed straight for the house of God and the pulpit. He knew that the clergy were a committee of one in every parish to whom all other committees, aye, and Provincial Congresses too, looked for sympathy and support.”

In our 20th and early 21st Centuries the citizenry and messengers of tidings “rush” to the politician, the stock market, the modeling statistician rather than the “house of God and the pulpit.” The “Intelligentsia” has become the high-priests of modern political theology.

Understanding the Times

It is no wonder to me that the majority of Americans, or in fact people around the world, are is a state of confusion with this Flue. Was it weaponized? Only a deep investigation will tell. The greater effect of the situation is that by the driving leadership of an “Un-holy Media” the call for government to solve all ills has become the effective lament of the people. This kind of reminds me of Israel crying out against God and Moses in the Book of Numbers.

There is a number of judgements in Numbers for, simply put, National sinning against God. In the references I want to share with you a sermon by Pastor Toby Sumpter titled, “A Message on Plagues.” I hope you listen to this sermon after my program tomorrow.

Summing this up, to understand our Times or any time in history, one has to look at political theology and recognize that some ‘god’ or pantheon is established religiously. My hope is that the Biblical Reformation Great “I Am” is your God and has His place in these times as He did at the settling and founding of this land and Nation.

That is an individual challenge but more so, a great challenge to pastors to live, act, teach and preach as if they unequivocally believe that “God Is the Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” Government is not God.

Sam’s Wisdom – August 1, 1776 speech regarding the Declaration of Independence

Sam invoke Biblical Reformation knowledge, understanding and application throughout the speech. This is just a few paragraphs into the speech:

Our forefathers threw off the yoke of popery in religion: for you is reserved the honor of levelling the popery of politics. They opened the Bible to all, and maintained the capacity of every man to judge for himself in religion. Are we sufficient for the comprehension of the sublimest spiritual truths, and unequal to material and temporal ones? Heaven hath trusted us with the management of things for eternity, and man denies us ability to judge of the present, or to know from our feelings the experience that will make us happy. “You can discern,” say they, “objects distant and remote, but cannot perceive those within your grasp. Let us have the distribution of present goods, and cut out and manage as you please the interests of futurity.” This day, I trust the reign of political protestantism will commence. We have explored the temple of royalty, and found that the idol we have bowed down to, has eyes which see not, ears that hear not our prayers, and a heart like the nether millstone. We have this day restored the Sovereign, to whom alone men ought to be obedient. He reigns in Heaven, and with a propitious eye beholds his subjects assuming that freedom of thought, and dignity of self-direction which He bestowed on them. From the rising to the setting sun, may His kingdom come.”

And because you keep asking!


For today’s program:

1. A Message on Plagues / Toby Sumpter

2. Sam Adams Article “VINDEX” January 21, 1776

3. One of my Favorite Studies on “Constitutional Law” – LONANG Institute

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