Destruction of the Constitution – NOT!

11-17-18 Destruction of the Constitution – NOT!

My Grandchildren Tearing apart the Constitution

Understanding the reality of those wanting the Destruction of the Constitution, I am opening this weeks program with the Foundational truth that was the deep root of the establishment of this nation. That being the pulpits. I have taken on producing a video series of reading a book to my grandchildren that they will never hear otherwise. In fact you will never hear about it other than here. The book was published in 1864 during a very troubled time. Click on the title to follow the link to find out more about the book and the video series for “The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution”. Last week I gave you the link to the book. This week you need to go to the video information to find the link.

Destruction of the Constitution – No one Listening

The Title for today’s program is something that I have been talking about for forty plus years. I’m keeping this blog post of the program simple. The events of the past two weeks and the actions of the various states elections boards is not predictable, these are the results of not doing anything about what many other and myself have been warning about until we are blue in the face. Thankfully we live in a Constitutional Republic not a democracy or a democratic parliamentary form of government. If we did, then… The Kozak Plan would have us under 100% neo-marxist/socialist domination.

In this program, I take you through what has occurred and that we have action items that all the True Patriots must engage in. No excuses! No sitting on our butts! No throwing things at the TV!

NO —– It is past the time…. Yet Action is what is required of you!

With that said, We MUST understand our Foundational Truths to keep the Republic and Constitutionalism working according to Original Intent.

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel

1. Kozak Plan – “How Parliament Can Play a Revolutionary Part in the Transition to Socialism and the Role of the Popular Masses” By Jan Kozak, Member of the Secretariat of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia

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