Episode 299: Matt Trewhella Interview – Lesser Magistrates Rising

Matt Trewhella  Lesser Magistrates Rising

This week I have a great conversation with Pastor Matt Trewhella. Matt talks about how he became involved with the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate. He takes us from Interposition for the unborn to the present where elected and bureaucrats across the country are beginning to act according to their Oath of Office. This means Interposing tyrannical and despotic law, bureaucratic rules and court dispositions.

Before Matt Trewhella finding a person to translate the Magdeburg Confession, you could only read it in Latin or German. It is no wonder this doctrine was lost to the pulpits – the ‘semitaries’ stopped teaching Latin so the pulpits have become ignorant of many Foundational Reformation truths.

Let me further say that because we have dumbed down education, there is not the deep learning to find the historical and theological truths unless, unless by some movement of the Spirit a pastor will search on his own for these deeper divine and extensible facts of the Sovereignty of God in all of life. That includes the civil government and that civil rulers are accountable to God first and the people second. When all the truth is not taught from the pulpits then that which is not held under the sovereignty of God is given over to evil.

I highly recommend that in addition to listening to my interview with Matt on Saturday’s Program or at the Archives at SamuelAdamsReturns.net, that you watch or listen to the ‘Election Sermon: The Duty of Lower Magistrates in the Face of Tyranny’ given at the Montana State Capital.

As Referenced by Matt Trewhella, listen to the arrested Canadian Pastor James Coates: Pastor James Coates Gives Sermon on Romans 13 ARRESTED THE SAME WEEK

Mayhew before Matt Trewhella

Now I mentioned over the last few weeks that Jonathan Mayhew actually supported proper action against tyranny and despotism by the Citizenry with just cause. I want to introduce you to quotes that gave the Citizens of the Colonies the Biblical Basis to resist tyranny. For pastors that misrepresent Romans 13 let me say this, If the true understanding of the Biblical Reformation theology of resisting evil, tyranny and despotism, was not preached at the nations founding, you would not be teaching your false interpretation because you would all be Anglicans.

Quotes from Mayhew’s A Discourse Concerning Unlimited Submission and Non-Resistance to the Higher Power:

“It is blasphemy to call tyrants and oppressors, God’s ministers. They are more properly the messengers of satan to buffet us. No rulers are properly God’s ministers, but such as are just, ruling in the fear of God. When once magistrates act contrary to their office, and the end of their institution ; when they rob and ruin the public, instead of being guardians of its peace and welfare ; they immediately cease to be the ordinance and ministers of God ; and no more deserve that glorious character than common pirates and highwaymen. So that whenever that argument for submission, fails, which is grounded upon the usefulness of magistracy to civil society, (as it always does when magistrates do hurt to society instead of good) the other argument, which is taken from their being the ordinance of God, must necessarily fail also ; no person of a civil character being God’s minister, in the sense of the apostle, any farther than he performs God’s will, by exercising a just and reasonable authority ; and ruling for the good of the subject.”

I look at the next quote in particular as relevant to the ChicomFlu debacle and the forced muzzling/masking of Citizens when it is well documented that the government solution is not a solution but political tyranny.

‘For, please to observe, that if the end of all civil government, be the good of society ; if this be the thing that is aimed at in constituting civil rulers ; and if the motive and argument for submission to government, be taken from the apparent usefulness of civil authority ; it follows, that when no such good end can be answered by submission, there remains no argument or motive to enforce it ; and if instead of this good end’s being brought about by submission, a contrary end is brought about, and the ruin and misery of society effected by it, here is a plain and positive reason against submission in all such cases, should they ever happen. And therefore, in such cases, a regard to the public welfare, ought to make us withhold from our rulers, that obedience and subjection which it would, otherwise, be our duty to render to them. If it be our duty, for example, to obey our king, merely for this reason, that he rules for the public welfare, (which is the only argument the apostle makes use of) it follows, by a parity of reason, that when he turns tyrant, and makes his subjects his prey to devour and to destroy, instead of his charge to defend and cherish, we are bound to throw off our allegiance to him, and to resist ; and that according to the tenor of the apostle’s argument in this passage. Not to discontinue our allegiance, in this case, would be to join with the sovereign in promoting the slavery and misery of that society, the welfare of which, we ourselves, as well as our sovereign, are indispensably obliged to secure and promote, as far as in us lies. It is true the apostle puts no case of such a tyrannical prince ; but by his grounding his argument for submission wholly upon the good of civil society; it is plain he implicitly authorises, and even requires us to make resistance, whenever this shall be necessary to the public safety and happiness.”

“Common tyrants, and public oppressors, are not intitled to obedience from their subjects, by virtue of any thing here laid down by the inspired apostle.”

“Not by a private junto;–not by a -small seditious party; –not by a few desparadoes, who, to mend their fortunes, would embroil the state; – but by the LORDS and COMMONS of England.”

“To say that subjects in general are not proper judges when their governors oppress them, and play the tyrant; and when they defend their rights, administer justice impartially, und promote the public welfare, is as great treason as ever man uttered …. they are the proper judges when they [princes] execute their trust as they ought to do it;–when their prince exercises an equitable and paternal authority over them; …when from a prince and common father, he exalts himself into a tyrant.”

Engaging with Lesser Magistrates

Let me simply summarizes all of this, It is the responsibility of each of us to resist tyrannical policies at every level of governance including bureaucracies. Look at what happened this week in Arizona: Arizona School Board Flees, Parents Elect New Board, Vote To End Mask Mandate BY THE WIZ ON APRIL 28, 2021•

It is critical that magistrates stop government and bureaucratic tyranny (PERIOD)!

Sadly, Now these political and bureaucratic tyrants have convinced businesses and the educational system to impose tyranny without even having to lift a pen to instantiate the will of the tyrant. Sin is being forced which is not only against God’s laws of nature but also the full Biblical Reformation truths that ultimately gave us Liberty in these United States.

How long will you fall into the lies of the majority of pastors regarding unlimited submission to tyrants?

Sam Adams Wisdom

Excerpt from: TO JOHN WILKES. [MS., British Museum; a draft is in the Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library; a text is in W. V. Wells, Life of Samuel Adams, vol. i., pp. 377, 378.] BOSTON Decr 28 1770

“…No Character appears with a stronger Luster in my Mind, than that of a Man, who nobly perseveres in the Cause of publick Liberty, and Virtue, through the Rage of Persecution: Of this, you have had a large Portion; but I dare say, you are made the better by it: At least I will venture to say, that the sharpest Persecution for the sake of ones Country, can never prove a real Injury to an honest Man.

In this little Part of the World – a Land, till of late happy in its Obscurity – the Asylum, to which Patriots were formerly wont to make their peaceful Retreat; even here the stern Tyrant has lifted up his iron Rod, and makes his incessant Claim as Lord of the Soil: But I have a firm Perswasion in my Mind, that in every Struggle, this Country will approve her self, as glorious in defending & maintaining her Freedom, as she has heretofore been happy in enjoying it.

Were I a Native and an Inhabitant of Britain, & capable of affording the least Advice, it should constantly be; to confirm the Colonies in the fullest Exercise of their Rights, and even to explore for them every possible Avenue of Trade, which should not interfere with her own Manufactures…”

And our Federal and States governments are again tyrants as noted by Sam –

TO ARTHUR LEE. [MS., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library; a text, with variations, is in R. H. Lee, Life of Arthur Lee, vol. ii., pp. 177-183.] BOSTON Sept 27, 1771

“…I was pleasd with the petition & remonstrance of the City of London – but are not the Ministry lost to all Sensibility to the peoples Complaints, & like the Egyptian Tyrant, do they not harden their Hearts against their repeated Demands for a redress of Grievances. Does it not fully appear not only that they neither fear God nor regard Man, but that they are not even to be wearied, as one of their ancient predecessors was, by frequent Applications. What do you conceive to be the Step next to be taken by an abused people? For another must be taken either by the ministry or the people or in my opinion the nation will fall into that ruin of which they seem to me to be now at the very precipice. May God afford them that Prudence, Strength & fortitude by which they may be animated to maintain their own Liberties at all Events. By your last letter you appear to resolve well; if ever the Spirit of impeaching should rise in Britain. But how is it possible such a Spirit should rise. In all former Struggles the House of Commons has naturally taken Sides with the people against oppressing Ministers & Favorites. But whether that is the Case at present or not, is no secret to the World. We have indeed heard little of the Business of impeaching since the Revolution. A corrupt ministerial Influence has been gradually & too insensibly increasing from that Era, & is at length become so powerful (for which I think the Nation is particularly beholden to Sir R. Walpole) as to render it impracticable to have even one capital Object of the peoples just Vengeance impeachd. The proposals you were so kind as [to] favor me with, I cannot but highly approve of. I communicated them to two or three intimate & judicious friends who equally approvd of them. But they cannot be carried into Execution till the present parliamt is at an End. And if it is not to be dissolvd before the End of its septennial Duration, is it not to be feard that before its Expiration there will be an End of Liberty. If I mistake not there is an Act of parliamt whereby the Seats of placemen and pensioners in the House of Commons (who were not such at the time of their Election) shall be vacated, & their Electors have a right to the Choice of another if they see proper. Perhaps there never was a time when the Advantages of this Law were more apparent. Would it not then be doing the most important Service to the Cause of Liberty if the Gentlemen of the Bill of Rights, who I pray God may be united in their Councils, would exert their utmost Influence to prevail upon the Constituents of such rotten Members to claim that privilege & make a good Use of it? If there is any Virtue among the people, I should think this might easily be done. If it be impracticable, I fear another general Election wd only serve to convince all of what many are apprehensive, that there is a total Depravation of principles & manners in the Nation, or in other Words that it is already irrecoverably undone.

We are in a State of perfect Despotism. Our Governmt is essentially alterd. Instead of having a Gov exercising Authority within the Rules & Circumscription of the Charter which is the Compact between the King & the People, & dependent upon the people for his Support, we have a Man with the Name of a Governor only. He is indeed commissiond by the King, but under the Controul of the Minister, to whose Instrucctions he yields an unlimitted Obedience, while he is subsisted with the Money of that very people who are thus governd, by virtue of an Assumd Authority of the British Parliament to oblige them to grant him such an annual Stipend as the King shall order. Can you tell me who is Governor of this province? Surely not Hutchinson, for I cannot conceive that he exercises the power of judging vested in him by the Constitution, in one Act of Govt which appears to him to be important. The Govt is shifted into the Hands of the Earl of Hillsborough whose sole Councellor is the Nettleham Baronet. Upon this Governor aided by the Advice of this Councellor depends the time & place of the Sitting of the legislative Assembly or whether it shall sit at all. If they are allowd to sit, they are to be dictated by this duumvirate, thro the Instrumentality of a third, & may be thrown out of Existence for failing in one point to conform to their sovereign pleasure, a Legislative to be sure worthy to be boasted of by a free people. If our nominal Governor by all the Arts of perswasion, can prevail upon us to be easy under such a Mode of Government, he will do a singular piece of Service to his Lordship, as it will save him the trouble of geting our Charter vacated by the formal Decision of parliamt & the tedious process of Law.”

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel

1. The Snare Broken (1766) – Jonathan Mayhew

2. A Discourse Concerning Unlimited Submission and Non-Resistance to the Higher Powers by

Jonathan Mayhew (1750)

3. Rights, Resistance, and Revolution in the Western Tradition: Early Protestant Foundations by Jonas Robitscher Professor of Law and Director of the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University

4. On the Rights of Magistrates Over their Subjects, 1574, Concerning the Rights of Rulers Over Their Subjects and the Duty Of Subjects Towards Their Rulers. A brief and clear treatise particularly indispensable to either class in these troubled times. By Theodore Beza


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