Episode 417: Predicted Corruption

Predicted corruption was clearly identified by thePredicted Corruption Antifederalists. The essence of Ohio Issue 1 is evidence of this predicted corruption not only in the political system but also in the pulpits, seminteries1, academia and political parties. Worse in respect to the systematic corruption of these supposedly respected entities is that of the medical system. In particular the domestic enemies fly a rainbow flag which hold to not just an ideology but also a total allegiance to everything foreign to Foundational truth, culture and created nature. As with Hamas, the promotors of Ohio Issue 1 are revolutionaries fostering a rival nation.

I am not going to delve into all I intended to cover since I will be having the producers do a rerun for this week (July 30, 2022 show, titled “Pagan Humanism – The National Religion“.) Cath ended up needing to be in the hospital and I just didn’t have the time to record and post process a new program. Just so you know, Cath is fine.

This is giving me time to put together more information for you in answering questions I received regarding my statement regarding the promoters of Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas being cut from the same root ideology. As teaser, consider that both are purveyors of ‘magic’ in the sense as ‘masters of confusion,’ ‘deceit,’ ‘power with subjugation,’ and ultimately ‘subduing humanity to shape it into their own creation,’ being gods over everyone and all else.

On the next program, I will take you into the deeper journey of both ideologies having that deep hate of the living God of all creation and their mutual intent to be gods or subject to their god.

Devolving Any Constitutional Speaker of The House:

Yes, the denouncing of Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House was predicted corruption by Patrick Henry. Read what he said would happen with the Constitution of 1787 here. What has happened this week is the fulfillment of the Administrative State to ensure a Parliamentary Democracy stays in place as the Constitution is further removed from operation so that the parallel system is not disrupted. I have spoken of this in past programs. Now we are assured that a Constitutionally functioning Republic is not going to be allowed to regain its standing for the States and Citizenry on the whole.

We are seeing the willingness of the UniParty actors allowing for the devolving of our national governance to the evil elements of, let me run a diatribe, the administrative state tyrants, the active communist despots, the subversive socialist/corporatist slavers, the radical islamists terror deceivers and the perverse (morally depraved) gender-bending deviants. In an other word, Congress. Yes, there are the few exceptions as we have seen but we now know that the establishment has no intent to recognize We The People of their districts and instead continue giving power to corporatist and lobbyists rule.

Oh, just a quick note on lobbyists – did you really consider why so many of higher education and even down to high schools, revel in pro-palestinian/hamas glee? How about Qatar spending $1 billion-plus trying to influence U.S. education, politics? And do not forget the Chinese spending for the ‘confusion institute’ and more Chinese money is flooding into American higher education — with little transparency. And again with China, ‘Understanding Connections Between China and U.S. Academia, Where funding is involved, leaders in academia should pay close attention.’ Lastly, ‘January 2019, then-Deputy Secretary of Education Mick Zais testified, “Nearly 70 percent of colleges receiving Chinese-government funding for Confucius Institutes never reported those donations to the Department of Education . . . contra federal law.” If the U.S. government doesn’t even know the extent of funding, then how can it ensure that safeguards against malicious exploitation are sufficient?’2

In my opinion, NOT a single US taxpayer penny should ever go to higher education again. Foreign nations and corporatists fund the Frankenstein they want (see the first predicted corruption that follows.) With that, we are finally getting some corporatist to Ditch College Degree as Job Requirement.

Last note on education: i highly recommend reading the preface, introduction and chapter 1 of this 1911 civic textbook: elements of civil government by Alex. L. Peterman. A Quick teaser:

This text-book begins “at home.” The starting-point is the family, the first form of government with which the child comes in contact. As his acquaintance with rightful authority increases, the school, the civil district, the township, the county, the State, and the United States are taken up in their order.’

PURPOSE OF THE STUDY.–Every school should teach, and every child should study, the principles of our government, in order:

1. That by knowing his country better he may learn to love it more. The first duty of the school is to teach its pupils to love “God, home, and native land.”

2. That the child may learn that there is such a thing as just authority; that obedience to it is right and manly; that we must learn to govern by first learning to obey.

3. That he may know his rights as a citizen, and, “knowing, dare maintain;” that he may also know his duties as a citizen, and, knowing, may perform them intelligently and honestly.

4. That he may understand the sacredness of the right of suffrage, and aid in securing honest elections and honest discharge of official duties.

5. That he may better understand the history of his country, for the history of the United States is largely the history of our political institutions.’

Enough. This is enough for this week. I’m keeping other references and articles in hot standby for next week. I’ll have a fresh program for then.

Related to Predicted Corruption:

We are seeing this in insanity of the Repudican elite coordinating with lobbyists and deamoncrats to stop the House functioning as a Constitutionally intended body. These elite want a ‘democracy’ functioning for their own ‘magical’ purposes. To the point of corruption, I am going to have the Anti-federalists remind you of their warnings and predictions. Here we go. From the letters according to their identified authors. All quotes are from the Anti-federalists Papers Special Edition from http://www.thefederalistpapers.org

1. Anti-Federalist No. 3, New Constitution Creates a National Government; Will Not Abate Foreign Influence; Dangers of Civil War and Despotism. March 7, 1788

By A Farmer

‘That a national government will prevent the influence or danger of foreign intrigue, or secure us from invasion, is in my judgment directly the reverse of the truth. The only foreign, or at least evil foreign influence, must be obtained through corruption. Where the government is lodged in the body of the people, as in Switzerland, they can never be corrupted; for no prince, or people, can have resources enough to corrupt the majority of a nation; and if they could, the play is not worth the candle. The facility of corruption is increased in proportion as power tends by representation or delegation, to a concentration in the hands of a few. . . .’


2. Anti-Federalist No. 9, A Consolidated Government is a Tyranny

17 October 1787

by Montezuma

‘We the Aristocratic party of the United States, lamenting the many inconveniences to which the late confederation subjected the well-born, the better kind of people, bringing them down to the level of the rabble—and holding in utter detestation that frontispiece to every bill of rights, that all men are born equal—beg leave (for the purpose of drawing a line between such as we think were ordained to govern, and such as were made to bear the weight of government without having any share in its administration) to submit to our Friends in the first class for their inspection, the following defense of our monarchical, aristocratical democracy.

Regarding the Senate:

2nd. They will from the perpetuality of office be under our eye, and in a short time will think and act like us, independently of popular whims and prejudices. For the assertion “that evil communications corrupt good manners,” is not more true than its reverse. We have allowed this house the power to impeach, but we have tenaciously reserved the right to try. We hope gentlemen, you will see the policy of this clause—for what matters it who accuses, if the accused is tried by his friends. In fine, this plebian house will have little power, and that little be rightly shaped by our house of gentlemen, who will have a very extensive influence—from their being chosen out of the genteeler class …’


3. Antifederalist No. 10, On the Preservation of Parties, Public Liberty Depends. 1788

By John Francis Mercer, A [Maryland] Farmer

‘The opposite qualities of the first confederation were rather caused by than the cause of two parties, which from its first existence began and have continued their operations, I believe, unknown to their country and almost unknown to themselves-as really but few men have the capacity or resolution to develop the secret causes which influence their daily conduct. The old Congress was a national government and an union of States, both brought into one political body, as these opposite powers-I do not mean parties were so exactly blended and very nearly balanced, like every artificial, operative machine where action is equal to reaction. It stood perfectly still. It would not move at all….

…[First]. The first class comprehends all those men of fortune and reputation who stepped forward in the late revolution, from opposition to the administration, rather than the government of Great Britain. All those aristocrats whose pride disdains equal law. Many men of very large fortune, who entertain real or imaginary fears for the security of property. Those young men, who have sacrificed their time and their talents to public service, without any prospect of an adequate pecuniary or honorary reward. All your people of fashion and pleasure who are corrupted by the dissipation of the French, English and American armies; and a love of European manners and luxury. The public creditors of the continent, whose interest has been heretofore sacrificed by their friends, in order to retain their services on this occasion. A large majority of the mercantile people, which is at present a very unformed and consequently dangerous interest. Our old native merchants have been almost universally ruined by the receipt of their debts in paper during the war, and the payment in hard money of what they owed their British correspondents since peace. Those who are not bankrupts, have generally retired and given place to a set of young men, who conducting themselves as rashly as ignorantly, have embarrassed their affairs and lay the blame on the government, and who are really unacquainted with the true mercantile interest of the country-which is perplexed from circumstances rather temporary than permanent. The foreign merchants are generally not to be trusted with influence in our government– they are most of them birds of passage. Some, perhaps British emissaries increasing and rejoicing in our political mistakes, and even those who have settled among us with an intention to fix themselves and their posterity in our soil, have brought with them more foreign prejudices than wealth. Time must elapse before the mercantile interest will be so organized as to govern themselves, much less others, with propriety. And lastly, to this class I suppose we may ultimately add the tory interest, with the exception of very many respectable characters, who reflect with a gratification mixed with disdain, that those principles are now become fashionable for which they have been persecuted and hunted down-which, although by no means so formidable as is generally imagined, is still considerable….’


4. The Expense of the New Government

An unsigned essay from The Connecticut Journal, October 17, 1787.

‘. . A large representation has ever been esteemed by the best whigs in Great Britain the best barrier against bribery and corruption. And yet we find a British king, having the disposition of all places, civil and military, and an immense revenue SQUEEZED out of the very mouths of his wretched subjects, is able to corrupt the parliament, to vote him any supplies he demands, to support armies, to defend the prerogatives of his crown, and carry fire and sword by his fleets and armies; to desolate whole provinces in the eastern world, to aggrandize himself, and satisfy the avarice of his tyrannical subjects.’


5. Anti-Federalist No. 21, Why the Articles Failed (Centinel essay No. IV)

This essay is composed of excerpts from “CENTINEL” letters appearing in the (Philadelphia) Independent Gazetteer, October 5 and November 30, 1787.

by Samuel Bryan, Centinel

‘…I would ask: How was the proposed Constitution to have showered down those treasures upon every class of citizens, as has been so industriously inculcated and so fondly believed by some? Would it have been by the addition of numerous and expensive establishments? By doubling our judiciaries, instituting federal courts in every county of every state? By a superb presidential court? By a large standing army? In short, by putting it in the power of the future government to levy money at pleasure, and placing this government so independent of the people as to enable the administration to gratify every corrupt passion of the mind, to riot on your spoils, without check or control?’


6. From Patrick Henry:

‘A comparison of the authority under which the convention acted, and their form of government, will show that they have despised their delegated power, and assumed sovereignty; that they have entirely annihilated the old confederation, and the particular governments of the several States, and instead thereof have established one general government that is to pervade the union; constituted on the most unequal principles, destitute of accountability to its constituents, and as despotic in its nature, as the Venetian aristocracy; a government that will give full scope to the magnificent designs of the well- horn, a government where tyranny may glut its vengeance on the low-born, unchecked by an odious bill of rights. . . ; and yet as a blind upon the understandings of the people, they have continued the forms of the particular governments, and termed the whole a confederation of the United States, pursuant to the sentiments of that profound, but corrupt politician Machiavel, who advises any one who would change the constitution of a state to keep as much as possible to the old forms; for then the people seeing the same officers, the same formalities, courts of justice and other outward appearances, are insensible of the alteration, and believe themselves in possession of their old government. Thus Caesar, when he seized the Roman liberties, caused himself to be chosen dictator (which was an ancient office), continued the senate, the consuls, the tribunes, the censors, and all other offices and forms of the commonwealth; and yet changed Rome from the most free, to the most tyrannical government in the world. . . .’


7. Regarding the comments of the US Capital

Anti-Federalist No. 41-43 (Part II), The Quantity of Power the Union Must Possess Is One Thing; The Mode of Exercising the Powers Given Is Quite A Different Consideration (Federal Farmer essay No. XVIII). 25 January 1788

By Richard Henry Lee (Federal Farmer)

‘Such a city, or town, containing a hundred square miles, must soon be the great, the visible, and dazzling centre, the mistress of fashions, and the fountain of politics. There may be a free or shackled press in this city, and the streams which may issue from it may overflow the country, and they will be poisonous or pure, as the fountain may be corrupt or not. But not to dwell on a subject that must give pain to the virtuous friends of freedom, I will only add, can a free and enlightened people create a common head so extensive, so prone to corruption and slavery, as this city probably will be, when they have it in their power to form one pure and chaste, frugal and republican.’


8. Anti-Federalist No. 52, On the Guarantee of Congressional Biennial Elections by Consider Arms, Malichi Maynard, and Samuel Field – The following essay was signed by Consider Arms, Malichi Maynard, and Samuel Field. It was taken from The Hampshire Gazette of April 9, 1788.

A slight portion of the essay: ‘But it appeared to us a piece of superlative incongruity indeed, that the people, whilst in the full and indefeasible possession of their liberties and privileges, should be so very profuse, so very liberal in the disposal of them, as consequently to place themselves in a predicament miserable to an extreme. So wretched indeed, that they may at once be reduced to the sad alternative of yielding themselves vassals into the hands of a venal and corrupt administration, whose only wish may be to aggrandize themselves and families— to wallow in luxury and every species of dissipation, and riot upon the spoils of the community; or take up the sword and involve their country in all the horrors of a civil war—the consequences of which, we think, we may venture to augur will more firmly rivet their shackles and end in the entailment of vassalage to their posterity. We think this by no means can fall within the description of government before mentioned. Neither can we think these suggestions merely chimerical, or that they proceed from an overheated enthusiasm in favor of republicanism; neither yet from an illplaced detestation of aristocracy; but from the apparent danger the people are in by establishing this constitution. When we take a forward view of the proposed congress—seated in the federal city, ten miles square, fortified and replenished with all kinds of military stores and every implement; with a navy at command on one side, and a land army on the other—we say, when we view them thus possessed of the sword in one hand and the purse strings of the people in the other, we can see no security left for them in the enjoyment of their liberties, but what may proceed from the bare possibility that this supreme authority of the nation may be possessed of virtue and integrity sufficient to influence them in the administration of equal justice and equity among those whom they shall govern. But why should we voluntarily choose to trust our all upon so precarious a tenure as this? We confess it gives us pain to anticipate the future scene: a scene presenting to view miseries so complicated and extreme, that it may be part of the charms of eloquence to extenuate, or the power of art to remove.’

Sam Adams Wisdom

Deferring to the Anti-federalists on Predicted Corruption.

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