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Episode 437: Theology Matters – Sodom 2.0

See the link for the video of ‘Theology Matters – Sodom 2.0’ at Rumble or YouTube

It is without any doubt and obvious to any person with good reasoning that theology matters in all things, especially governance. Two weeks ago I posited

Theology Matters

What is the Oath taken to? Do they live by the Creed of their god(s)?

the concept of a Christian Nationalist Congress. With the fact that Congress is made up of so many Christians, they should be governing as principled moral persons in a Christian Republic. Well, based on analyzing their theologies, I should say the theologies and teachings of their pastors, Congress is governing according to their corrupt and heretical Sadducee like perverse theologies.

Contrasting the o’Biden Declaration of this past Easter with the Founding Presidents and early states governors, one can find, with simple search engine quarries, that previous Presidents from the foundation of the Republic, made declarations of prayer, fasting, thanksgiving and humiliation a respected and dutiful occasion. Yes, o’Biden’s theology prompted his March 31st 2024 declaration.

More Than Opening Comments

Now, As noted two weeks ago, expounded in this weeks programs first segment, I will give a more clear picture as to why Congress is all over the map in policy and law, not just in economics but in every other aspect of what it has assumed control over.

Let me begin with the foundational truth that the Federal government by acts of Congress have become what Hamilton and other deep rooted Federalists dreamed of, a Consolidated national government. To repeat, The Anti-federalists warned of this.

Why is this topic important? Simple, the media, liberal pastors, academics and political leaders have now become the spiritual leaders declaring what is scripturally correct. Just to get a quick perspective, see the opening to Bannons War Room Episode 3506: The Lefts Expunging Of Whiteness Out Of The Evangelical Movement. This is just the tip of the many icebergs colliding in the sea of confusion and demagoguery established by these decedents of self-aggrandized demigods. Hmmm, I guess the genetics of the Naphalim are those on main stream media and more. Continue reading

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3-20-21 Individual Rights Not Government COVID Mandates

Individual Rights  Individual Rights

Individual Rights are flippantly tossed around from water-cooler conversations to the roar of pundits and barking across social media. Worse, the political class uses ‘rights’ as a mechanism for manipulation of the population in general.

This week I dig into not only what Sam Adams had to say about Individual Rights but also the essence of meaning from Creation itself.

I have had it with both Republican and Democrat Parties yapping about ‘Individual Rights’ when they are not defining them from a Foundational perspective nor are they protecting them for what they actually are.

Take Ohio for example, the former head of the State Republican Party is now a candidate for the Ohio US Senate Continue reading

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