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11-7-20 Political Theology: Enemies In The Pulpits

Enemies Within  Enemies In The Pulpits

Enemies Within the Pulpits is not a new phenomena. The substance of this newsletter and radio program is not to focus on any type of exposé on schism or theological wack-a-doodle stuff. No, the Enemies Within the Pulpits have been discussed and warned about for over one hundred years. Thereby, I can conclude, that based on the preaching at the foundation of these United States from the First Great Awakening to our present time, that a great number of Pulpits are in fact NOW, in 2020, the cause of the confusion in this election and our American society on the whole.

Now there are a number of pastors in their respective congregations that understand that all of living for now and eternity is political. They get it and speak the truth of the extensible Gospel. Continue reading

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