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Welcome To The United States of Venezuela

Entering the era of Logan’s Run

Welcome To The United States of Venezuela will be in two postings. This one for blogging with the intent of keeping it win that 800 word count (ha- No such luck) and the second in a full article to be published extensively. In the full article I’ll show the parallel of Logan’s Run to the present Chicom Flu.

For the Blog

It’s a gorgeous bright morning. You leave the hotel and meet the car waiting for you at the bottom of the steps. You are heading out to a meeting a few miles away. Your driver is a trusted individual and you have worked with him before. The route you take through the city is bustling with morning traffic and shops are opening along the streets. A strange sight is the men standing by the doors of many shops. What catches your eye is that these men have a revolver tucked into the belt of their pants. Yes, you are trained to observe these things. Continue reading

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