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Episode 432 – Civil War: Part 2 – Church and State Theological Polity Muddle

See the link for the video of ‘Civil War? Part 2 – Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ at Rumble or YouTube

With all that is happening at the border and more, I delve into the present rumblings of Civl War – Part 2 – Church and State Theological Polity Muddle. I finish with Mayhew, who discusses what civil warCivil War would do to the nation. Remember that the Colonies were part of the nation of Great Britain. The American Revolution was actually a Civil War. Consider Reference #1 by John Kudla below.Mayhew does delve into what it is to ultimately understand God given Rights and act accordingly to preserve them?

Our Citizenry, for the most part, have no realistic clue as to the fundamentals of God given Rights. Those bellowing and blowing in the wind are humanistic statists, on the ‘left’ and ‘right’. Therefore they view Rights relativistically, having no moral order from the existence of a Biblical God who is active in His creation. Therefore, unlike the Citizens during the founding era, indigenous (the Webster 1828 definition) US Citizens are not prepared for Civil War or even defending the Republic from political enemies and those now here from the border invasion (read This Weeks News Articles Resources #2.)

Mayhew establishes the ‘Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate’ in how the Stamp Act was addressed. What does that mean for us when the Citizenry and those serving in any level of government activities have zero to limited comprehension of how to apply this foundational truth?

Ezra Stiles opened his sermon, which we will discuss next week, with:

These events have been so ordered as to become a display of retribution and sovereignty; for, while the good and evil hitherto felt by this people have been dispensed in the way of exact national retribution, their ultimate glory and honor will be of the divine sovereignty, with a “Not for your sakes do I this, saith the Lord, be it known unto you, but for mine holy name’s sake.”

What Stiles preached is very true even for our present situations. Continue reading

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