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1-14-17 Obama at U. Chicago and the Kozak Plan

The Framers of the Constitution did two major things correct: first and foremost they established a structure that is explicit in the separation of powers. Second the established that the Constitution as originally written would be the rule of law. But!! Those that were labeled as Anti-federalists absolutely got it correct in regards to how this Constitution could and would become the document of despotism and tyranny. That is why Obama was at the University of Chicago. Listen today to my full explanation regarding this!

With that, Obama is a Gramsci-ite who, with the minions and dupes, has been effectively implementing the Kozak model and plan for taking down the Republic. This is not Conspiracy Theory; This is well documented.

Today begins the series of Why the Anti-federalist Got It Right and why the resistance to PEOTUS is so great.

Based on the claims of CPUSA regarding the infiltration of the Demoncrat Party and the actions of many Republicans as well as item 15 through 21 of the 45 goals of the communist in America – as read into the 1963 Congressional Record: It is clear that those in Congress, especially Republicans fall into this perspective that – “Not ALL Conservatives Are Constitutionalists.” I encourage you to get your copy. The links are in the references for the paperback or eBook. Continue reading

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