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6-10-17 From Rio to Paris, Constitution that Was and Is

From Rio to Paris, Constitution that Was and Is

This week has seen the sad testimony of a self-admittedly “weak man”, Mr. Comey. One of the sickest commentaries I’ve heard from someone who is suppose to be the epitome of the justice department. I have fired employees for less but deception and excuses as what Comey represented would be grounds for immediately being walked out the door. But, that is not what this weeks program is about.

Not only was I updating my lecture presentation for the coming Tuesday at the Geauga County TEA Party meeting but I became engaged in a Facebook conversation on the Liberty Radio Networks FB page. This conversation was related to a post about exiting the Paris Accord and that we have not really exited it. Well, the answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. I don’t get into the details of the exit but the larger conversation regarding the Constitutionality of the Accord in the first place. Continue reading

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6-3-17 Morals Ethics, Cabal in Education and Constitutionalism

Morals Ethics, Cabal in Education and Constitutionalism

This week the United States actually dodged the road to Venezuela. International agreements have been the bane for the United States for over 100 years. I discuss that in my presentation and book that is short titled ‘The Tale of Two Constitutions” which I will be presenting in Ohio on June 13. All of what ends up in ‘policy’ has to do with morality in ‘ethics’ stemming from an individual Worldview. The Anti-federalists were always looking at the possibilities of human quickly becoming tyrants based on their moral – ethical shift. Continue reading

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4-29-17 People Are Policy

People Are Policy

First I want to remind you that next week we will be interviewing Dan Johnson the Exec Director of Tax Revolution Institute. I’m really charged about this time with Dan especially with the release of the Trump Budget and Tax Revision Plan.

I am picking up where I left off with my friend from the past Alex De Tocqueville. Yupper, He’s the first one to talk about the ‘sheeple!” I get into the next aspect of what he discusses regarding how that once you are turned into the ‘sheeple’ that soft despotism seem tolerable. Gee, exactly what has been imposed on us since the Carter days, a brief break and then the full court press with the G.H.W.B. time until now. Continue reading

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4-1-17 It’s Not April Fools. It’s For Real

It’s Not April Fools. It’s For Real

Listen Every Saturday at 9 AM and 7 PM Eastern on www.lwrn.net

This week my intentions were to discuss “Judicial Tyranny” from the Anti-federalists and Thomas Jefferson’s’ point of view.

But some thing happened yesterday as I was putting all the material together. Earlier this week I began to re-read Alinsky “Rules for Radicals.” I wanted to refresh myself on this star student of Gramsci so that I could differentiate how our youth was so impacted in the demise of our educational system and the subsequent inundation of our halls of governance with progressives – All that reading of Alinsky, so as we continue to serve our Youth with SACPS.org we can continue to have a clear strategy on countering the Alinsky/Gramsci model with Founders Truths and Intent.

So, Today is Not going to have any April Fools as a part of it nor talk about “Judicial Tyranny” because we have been fooled for over 100 years. Now the Reality of our condition is in an “In Your Face” fight for the Republic. Can we Keep it?

With that – The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life!  Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

Join me on today’s program to value the Founders perspective of the mirrors of history and the reality of the present.

And because you keep asking!

References: Radio Program Archives

For today’s program:

  1. Alinsky “Rules for Radicals”   I also suggest you get a copy of “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen.
  2. Quick statement about SACPS:

Presentations: What will Samuel Adams Center for Political Science (SACPS) do? Watch the presentation link.

SACPS is structured to present an educational format of Mentoring to Student Peer leaders in the Caulker’s Club to use live presentations, video archives of presentations, text/written and audio materials that foster critical thinking and rhetoric, both written and oral debate, in the arenas of Founders Intent for governance (see definition of political science), Constitutional policy and 1st Amendment Rights including religious freedom especially expressed in junior high through graduate school.

All aspects of SACPS will primarily focus on the original writings of or about Samuel Adams, his peers and Patriot associates and especially the First Principles that initially established the Colonies and into forming the Constitutional Republic.

For more info email me: tom@samueladamsreturns.com

To follow what SACPS is doing and progressing like the page on FaceBook and watch the web site mature at SACPS.org    And please

  1. Yes, And even more important as you look at what happened in the Republican held House: At the Samuel Adams Returns web site: “Not All Conservatives Are Constitutionalists

Or on Amazon: Paperback or the eBook

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3-11-17 Truth, Montezuma on Aristocratizing the House of Rep. and UN Health Care Mandate

Almost everything that has been going on for the last century has been the ‘battle for truth.’ We have lost perspective our Founder’s Truth and Intent as well as where they sourced Truth. Samuel Adams had a primary source for Truth that I identify today. I also give you more insight to the Samuel Adams Center for Political Science. Here is my email to contact me about SACPS: tom@samueladamsreturns.com

Next I discuss Montezuma, not the Aztec emperor but the Anti-federalist. His satire on the establishment of the Constitution of 1787 is a clear descriptor of what has been and is happening in Congress today! Yes, the Anti-federalists Got It Right!

Then I tell you why we must have Ob’Ryan care. Yes, just in time for St. Patti’s Day. This is mandated not by what Tom Price or Newt Gingrich are saying about Congressional process. No, the deception is in what most refuse to learn, accept or the politicians talk about – the UN mandates for ‘universal health care.’ Continue reading

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3-4-17 Trump Rallies, Homo-Marxian and SACPS

First off, I am hoping that all of those that can will be attending the Trump Rallies today. I talk about those and the issues with one rally in Washington State.

I believe that the Presidents speech to the joint session of Congress was one of the best if not the best I’ve head or read given in that venue. The directional shift back to some semblance of a Constitutional Republic is refreshing. Although I predicted that as the demoncrats would show their evil so to would the ‘establishment swamp monster’ repudicans.

I bring you the refresher course on the entities causing havoc, the subversion of obama shadow government and the Deep State of Homo-Marxian as defined by W. Cleon Skousen.

Lastly I will introduce you to SACPS. The Samuel Adams Center for Political Science in being established to work with ages 12 through graduate school as well as parents support. Continue reading

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1-14-17 Obama at U. Chicago and the Kozak Plan

The Framers of the Constitution did two major things correct: first and foremost they established a structure that is explicit in the separation of powers. Second the established that the Constitution as originally written would be the rule of law. But!! Those that were labeled as Anti-federalists absolutely got it correct in regards to how this Constitution could and would become the document of despotism and tyranny. That is why Obama was at the University of Chicago. Listen today to my full explanation regarding this!

With that, Obama is a Gramsci-ite who, with the minions and dupes, has been effectively implementing the Kozak model and plan for taking down the Republic. This is not Conspiracy Theory; This is well documented.

Today begins the series of Why the Anti-federalist Got It Right and why the resistance to PEOTUS is so great.

Based on the claims of CPUSA regarding the infiltration of the Demoncrat Party and the actions of many Republicans as well as item 15 through 21 of the 45 goals of the communist in America – as read into the 1963 Congressional Record: It is clear that those in Congress, especially Republicans fall into this perspective that – “Not ALL Conservatives Are Constitutionalists.” I encourage you to get your copy. The links are in the references for the paperback or eBook. Continue reading

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11-19-16 Red Diaper Babies – Deficiency At The Pulpit

The Radio Show promotion description:

Buckle Up for today’s program! I’m not holding back since there is so much to get accomplished!

This week has been a continuation of the ‘safety pin’ crowd. I modify the phrase from Michael Savage for today’s program with the ‘Red Diaper Babies’ since I don’t know how many are would be ‘dopers.’ The core of the program today is about Founders Intent: Intent for a moral and virtuous people through the educational system. I take the bold step today to really bring out the corruption of the education system by reminding you of the 45 goals of the communist as read into the Congressional Record and….. That the primary denominations were corrupted as noted in the “The Unholy Alliance.” The Pulpit needs to understand Foundational History and bring it into context for today.

If you think that the Republic has to fall as part of ones eschatology….. Sam Adams and the Founders that clearly understood the whole Bible and Reformation did not.

A snippet On Education:

Sam Adams theory on education included: “His theory was, that the people should be elevated and educated, that a manly development of character should be encouraged by perfect political equality, and that then they would never require rulers to be selected from among the privileged classes. Upon the virtue and intelligence of the masses, guided by liberal popular education, he was willing to stake the republican experiment. No brave, hardy people, brought up under a good common-school system, and taught to revere the ordinary rules of frugality and morality, could, in his opinion, ever be enslaved. They might be led astray, as in all times and countries, but they would be quick to see and return to their best interests under a government of their own making.”

Sam Adams had this to say in regards to education:

(January 16, 1795) “If we continue to be a happy people, that happiness must be assured by the enacting and executing of reasonable and wise laws, expressed in the plainest language, and by establishing such modes of education as tend to inculcate in the minds of youth, the feelings and habits of “piety, religion and morality,” and to lead them to the knowledge and love of those truly Republican principles upon which our civil institutions are founded. We have solemnly engaged ourselves, fellow citizens, to support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of this Commonwealth. This must be reconcileable in the mind of any man, who judiciously considers the sovereign rights of the one as limited to federal purposes, and the sovereign rights of the other, as acting upon and directing the internal concerns of our own Republic. “

Additionally he wrote: (Independent Chronicle, January 30, 1797”

“As Piety, Religion and Morality have a happy influence on the minds of men, in their public as well as private transactions, you will not think it unseasonable, although I have frequently done it, to bring to your remembrance the great importance of encouraging our University, town schools, and other seminaries of education, that our children and youth while they are engaged in the pursuit of useful science, may have their minds impressed with a strong sense of the duties they owe to their God, their instructors and each other, so that when they arrive to a state of manhood, and take a part in any public transactions, their hearts having been deeply impressed in the course of their education with the moral feelings—such feelings may continue and have their due weight through the whole of their future lives.”

Sam Adams said this about religion in 1772:

“In regard to religion, mutual toleration in the different professions thereof is what all good and candid minds in all ages have ever practised, and, both by precept and example, inculcated on mankind.”

And regarding the First Amendment and religion in government, From – AN ADDRESS OF THE CONVENTION FOR FRAMING A NEW CONSTITUTION OF GOVERNMENT FOR THE STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS BAY TO THEIR CONSTITUENTS. in 1780, as noted from The Declaration of Rights in 1772:

“In the third article of the Declaration of Rights we have, with as much precision as we were capable of, provided for the free exercise of the rights of conscience. We are very sensible that our constituents hold those rights infinitely more valuable than all others; and we flatter ourselves that, while we have considered morality and the public worship of GOD as important to the happiness of society, we have sufficiently guarded the rights of conscience from every possible infringement. This article underwent long debates, and took time in proportion to its importance; and we feel ourselves peculiarly happy in being able to inform you that, though the debates were managed by persons of various denominations, it was finally agreed upon with much more unanimity than usually takes place in disquisitions of this nature. We wish you to consider the subject with candor and attention. Sorely it would be an affront to the people of Massachusetts Bay to labor to convince them that the honor and happiness of a people de pend upon morality, and that the public worship of GOD has a ten dency to inculcate the principles thereof, as well as to preserve a people from forsaking civilization, and falling into a state of savage barbarity.”

Again in 1778 regarding the new Congress:

“Mr Sherman was so obliging as to give me the perusal of your Letter to him, and I am happy that Congress as a Body concurs with you in the Sentiment therein containd; having passd a Resolution by a great Majority expressing their Sense that true Religion & good Morals are the only solid Foundations of publick Liberty and Happiness. “

OK, enough….. I can go on and on – So, Buckle UP to get challenged to day and then get active in you community and churches for true Liberty.

All Three radio Segments into one podcast feeds.

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4-18-15 Program: Dumbed by Dewey

This is almost self explanatory as we follow up what happened to the educational system from our Founders time. The reality is that John Dewey and his humanist collaborators did nothing but establish the social deviance that we have in our present day.

This program looks at our Founders education in comparison to the destruction that has occurred in modern education to the enslavement of the citizenry.

Segment 1: 

Segment 2: 

Segment 3: 

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