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7-27-19 Constitutional Immigration

Constitutional Immigration in Debates:

The reality that most are ignorant of is that in fact: Constitutional Immigration is a strong consideration in Founder’s Original Intent! Signing the Constitution

There are those who argue that the doors of immigration was opened wide by the Founders of these United States. Well, that is a manipulation of fact and history. This Program brings to the forefront that immigration was a hot topic, not only during the Convention Debates of 1787 but also in the States Ratifying Conventions and in a number of the Anti-federalists Papers.

The concern regarding emigration from the eastern states to the west as well as their term of ‘foreigners’ meaning immigrants arriving, Not assimilating, and then becoming elected, which would then destroy our religion, morality and virtue. During the Convention Debates Pennsylvania was used as an example of this very destruction occurring. Continue reading

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