7-27-19 Constitutional Immigration

Constitutional Immigration in Debates:

The reality that most are ignorant of is that in fact: Constitutional Immigration is a strong consideration in Founder’s Original Intent! Signing the Constitution

There are those who argue that the doors of immigration was opened wide by the Founders of these United States. Well, that is a manipulation of fact and history. This Program brings to the forefront that immigration was a hot topic, not only during the Convention Debates of 1787 but also in the States Ratifying Conventions and in a number of the Anti-federalists Papers.

The concern regarding emigration from the eastern states to the west as well as their term of ‘foreigners’ meaning immigrants arriving, Not assimilating, and then becoming elected, which would then destroy our religion, morality and virtue. During the Convention Debates Pennsylvania was used as an example of this very destruction occurring.

Simply, several key members of the Convention of 1787 knew that if ‘foreigner immigrants’ did not assimilate that then their foreign ways would ultimately destroy not only our way of governing but our Foundational religion, that being Biblical Reformation Protestantism, morality, public virtue and yes, even ‘manliness’.

Also, I am going to go over what I wrote and spoke of in 2016 as a quick Constitutional review of The Trump 10 Point Plan on Immigration.

Mueller Report:

I really don’t have a lot to say on this but will comment during the program. The reality is that, as noted by the Anti-federalists regarding Constitutional Immigration, the play of emotionalism over reason and the lack of properly assimilated ‘foreign immigrants’ as well as what we discussed last week in the Kozak Plan; has led to the debacle seen in Congress on Wednesday.

I will just say to go back and reference the list of those House Leaders that are at the top of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Your answer to the Mueller Report and all the hub-bub is contained in those names and the fact that they are socialists/communists working the Kozak Plan.

Last Thought:

I was delighted to see some real hope in what many call the darkness of our time. I watched some of the events and the Presidents speech at the Turning Point USA Teen Conference. There are many youth who are getting their facts straight and standing up for Truth both Constitutional and more importantly, Biblical. Check out the event. I’m not giving you the links. On this one, take the time to go find the Conference archives at Turning Point USA’s web site.

And because you keep asking!

References: Radio Program Archives

For today’s program:

The primary references are embedded links in the body of the promo

1. Notes on the Debates of the Constitution: Madison’s Notes and Yates’ Notes

2. The Anti-federalists Papers in total with specific letters noted

3. My Personal Notes Used for the Program

4. Article: Political Vitriol: Progressive Caucus and the Kozak Plan

5. Analysis of Trumps 10 Point Plan

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