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Episode 368: Christian Nationalism 7.0

Video for Christian Nationalism 7.0 at Rumble and YouTube 

Many articles and references have been showing up in my email regarding Christian Nationalism. IChristian Nationalism7.0 thought the article by John D. Wilsey titled ‘The Many Faces of Christian Nationalism’ is a nice walk through history on this area of Political Theology.

I titled this program Christian Nationalism 7.0 in consideration of the seven distinct sections that are time stamps in the American story of Christianity being the influencer in governing the nation as well as the source of Patriotism – love of country.

I do a quick analysis of the paper by Wilsey. I have two areas where I have some disagreement with him. Those being his analysis of Lincolnian Unionism and Wilsonian Idealism. I do not consider either of these to be representative of positive eras of Christian Nationalism but more of the sort that used Christian references to justify their progressivism. This is especially true with Woodrow Wilson and his side kick John Foster Dulles.

Italy – A Return to Christian Nationalism?

Just a side note, If you want to hear Christian Nationalism bubbling, go and read the speeches of the new Italian Prime Minister. She nails it. See the analysis by Doug Wilson and Tucker Carlson.

1800’s observer on Christian Nationalism

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1-4-20 2019 Review, Deeper Look Into 2020

2019 Review

I would ask you to take a look at the previous NewsLetter regarding the “2019 Review” that I sent out on New Year Eve. In this program I will detail the statistics and bring home the value of the key areas that listeners were interested in.

As a quick point of interest, the topic of ‘moral governance’ is a most compelling area that the general citizenry does not comprehend. With the philosophy of ‘post-modernism’ flooding everything including the churches, who would expect comprehension of the basic let alone complex ideas like ‘governing’?

Deeper Look Into 2020

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