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Who Are The Centinel(s)? Revisiting the Travesty of the Constitution

Who Are The Centinel(s)?  Hobgoblins

Who are the Centinels that should be keeping the factual and Constitutional perspective on governing both at the Federal and State level? Wait, you are worried about my spelling of Centinel? Well I gather that you have not read the Anti-federalists Papers have you? Centinel was one of the most prolific Anti-federalist writers and very predictive of our present.

I am re-broadcasting the program from October 15, 2016 because it is relevant to the present. Now, Centinel #1 is specific to the October 15th program yet, Centinel #11 brings home what is happening in respect to the States presently. Consider the topic of #11 – ‘The Hobgoblins of Anarchy and Dissentions Among the States.’


The Centinel(s) of our present in respect to the Federal Constitution were intended to be States and the Citizenry in the States. Unfortunately the opening of #11 speak to both the Federal and now, the States in particular. The hobgoblins of these modern times are those produced from academia and the lack of involvement of the churches in all aspects of society. Worse, the modern hobgoblins are the lords of the bureaucracies at every institutional system in all levels of government, business and education. Just to modernize Centinel #11 a tad, my substitutes are emphasized and original struck through – Continue reading

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