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Episode 431: Church and State Theological Polity Muddle

Church and State Theological Polity Muddle

– Mayhew, Stiles and Schaeffer

See the link for the video of ‘Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ at Rumble or YouTube

How is the history of 1766, 1783 and 1976 tied to the ‘Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ of our present day? To get the perspective I delve into the 1766 Sermon by Johnathan Mayhew, the 1783 Sermon by Ezra Stiles and a 1976 book from Francis Schaeffer.

My marked and commented Mayhew sermon.

I want to be clear that I was researching this effort to educate on this topic longer than the present evangelical controversy that is playing out across the web-sphere. Although, the relevance of our present age is not new when it comes to how mankind addresses culture, government, politics and church polity; the root of how truth is treated is centered at how a culture, a nation or the church view the absolute sovereignty of God.

This week I introduce us to the ‘Repeal of the Stamp Act’ as delivered by Rev. Jonathan Mayhew. We will only get into the very first part of the historic colonial view as Mayhew relates it. In this, I interject the same inferences of injustice, influencers of government decisions and the responses of the Colonists. I also mention the intersection of Ezra Stiles and Francis Schaeffer as part of a trifecta that sets the stage for our present dilemmas.

Opening Comments

If you don’t understand what is happening in the United States Evangelical churches at present you can go to the references for what I believe is one of the best explanations and considerations of situation. This is a church theological polity muddle. Yet, there were similar jumbles, mishmash and confusion brought on by the Tory pastors during the whole of the Colonial Founding Era. Interestingly, Sam Adams addresses some of that confusion in a series of Articles.

In this podcast / vlog, I introduce quotes from Francis Schaeffer and Ezra Stiles that help set some of the tone for the connection between Mayhew’s sermon, the past and to the present lessened about fifty years. Continue reading

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Episode 398: Political Psychology of Rulers Vs the People

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Political psychology of rulers vs the people has been and is the war of centuries not only from colonial American times but since before Noah. At first I was going to say itPolitical Psychology is more prevalent in our present day but then I had to consider Genesis 6:5-12. Verse 5 sets the scene not only of mans early history but of our present, ‘And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.’

Tucker Carlson Note: not to distract – but:

This week, political psychology is in persist with high effect considering the Tucker Carlson fiasco. I have spoken of the collusion of corporatism on other programsA former US Army psychological warfare officer says that Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox News because of the regime’s agenda to maintain an “uninformed semi lobotomized quasi retarded population.”’ – and by removing a voice of reason, the political rulering oligarchs affect elections and legislation: Inside Story of Fox News Purge.

These nefarious activities are nothing new, here we are continuing to experience what Jonathan Edwards wrote with my opening modernization in bold italics,

‘MR. WILLIAMS (the colluding of government and corporatism) endeavors to support his own opinion, and to confute the book he pretends to answer, by the following methods.

1. By frequently misrepresenting what I say, and then disputing or exclaiming against what he wrongfully charges as mine.

2. By misrepresenting what others say in their writings, whose opinions he pretends to espouse.

3. By seeming to oppose and confute arguments, and yet only saying things which have no reference at all to them, but relate entirely to other matters, that are altogether foreign to the argument in hand.

4. By advancing new and extraordinary notions; which are both manifestly contrary to truths and also contrary to the common apprehensions of the Christian church in all ages.

5. By making use of peremptory and confident assertions, instead of arguments.

6. By using great exclamation, in the room of arguing; as though he would amuse and alarm his readers, and excite terror in them, instead of rational conviction.

7. By wholly overlooking arguments, and not answering at all; pretending, that there is no argument, nothing to answer when the case is manifestly far otherwise.

8 By frequently turning off an argument with this reflection, that it is begging the question; when there is not the least shew or pretext for it.

9. By very frequently begging the question himself, or doing that which is equivalent,

10. By often alleging and insisting on things in which he is inconsistent with himself.’

See Reference #9 for the full explanation of Edwards comments but, understand that all that is before us now is not new. And to prove what Tucker says in his recent Twitter comments, ‘Who will remember it five years from now.’ As proven here, that the works of Edwards have almost completely been forgotten except in Reformed Christian settings.

Continue from the beginning:

Political psychology of rulers vs the people, with the ‘imagination of the thoughts of his (mankind’s) heart was only evil continually,’ I was compelled to further delve into political psychology through evaluating mankind’s present nature visa via a look at the shifting of language and thinking, even in the relationship of political rulers verses the people.

First and foremost we need to understand the major shift in the definition, the meaning, of psychology. I can speak to this topic because I do have a degree and background in behavioral science as well as studies in the Biblical understanding of humanity. With that established, Websters 1828 dictionary defines psychology as:

PSYCHOL’OGY, noun [Gr. soul, and discourse.] A discourse or treatise on the human soul; or the doctrine of the nature and properties of the soul.

Now we have to define the human soul. Again from Websters 1828 dictionary:

SOUL, noun

1. The spiritual, rational and immortal substance in man, which distinguishes him from brutes; that part of man which enables him to think and reason, and which renders him a subject of moral government. The immortality of the soul is a fundamental article of the christian system. Such is the nature of the human soul that it must have a God, an object of supreme affection.

Let me contrast the Foundational definition of psychology with its modern understanding from the New Oxford American Dictionary: Continue reading

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Episode 388: Revival Substance, Edwards, Stiles and Liberty

Video of Revival Substance, Edwards, Stiles and Liberty atRumble Or Brighteon  or YouTube 

The Spirit of God is the giver of revival substance. We know from variousRevival Substance Old Testament Scripture that the Spirit of the Lord is manifested purposefully. In 1 Samuel there is a plethora of instances of the giving and removal of God’s Spirit. More so, we know that the Holy Spirit is present for those in Christ since the day of Pentecost. With that reality, many, including myself, have been praying for decades, that the living God of the whole Bible would regenerate and reform His Church as well as reach those who have not recognized complete salvation is Jesus the Christ.

We have seen over the course of this last week that there is a ‘declared’ revival at Asbury University in Kentucky. Thousands of Students and others are descending on Ashbury to see and even participate in what God is doing. It is being reported that many who have participated are returning to their campuses and beginning prayer and worship meetings similar to Ashbury. Make a note that there is a History of Revival at Ashbury as noted on their web site.

What is most significant, as reported by the Ashbury Student Body President, there is a hunger for God in this generation. (see Tucker Carlson reports on Asbury University) This is a wonder that is remarkable in that it is extending beyond the Asbury campus.

My prayer is that this brings reformation to the pulpits and historical, Biblical Reformation to the church such that the full extensibility of the Living God will affect every aspect of lives as was seen during ‘The First Great Awakening.’

Revival Substance – Edwards

Not withstanding that God will do as He pleases and directs, my prayer is that there will be revival substance that follows up from the great spiritual, mindful, physical and emotionalism of the event. I discuss this from the view of Jonathan Edwards. Continue reading

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Episode 345: Demise of US: Christians Vs. Foundational Biblical Christianity, Whose Morality is it?

The demise of US are the mess of Christians Vs Foundational Biblical Christianity thereby asking, Whose Morality is it anyway? Christians Vs Biblical Christianity

Video Blog seen at Rumble or Brighteon 

This week I have you look into the mirrors of history with a focus on 1782. At this time we can see the parallels of economic turmoil, increased luxuries for the wealthy, control by large corporations by using foreign imports over local manufacturing. We also see the envy of the general population looking at the elite. Worse, we see the demise of morality, Foundational Christian principles, common courtesy as well as the harm of Constitutionalism by the suffrage (the votes) of the people.

Compounding this is the generational shift after the war to the influence unitarian/universalist theology or, the lack of Reformation theology and the slow rot beginning of the progressive equity gospel.

Our present began in 1782.

Now as an obscure historian, I will reveal a new nugget. The deep rooted reason the Anti-federalists argued against the Constitution of 1787.

Program outline:

Continue reading

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