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Episode 388: Revival Substance, Edwards, Stiles and Liberty

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The Spirit of God is the giver of revival substance. We know from variousRevival Substance Old Testament Scripture that the Spirit of the Lord is manifested purposefully. In 1 Samuel there is a plethora of instances of the giving and removal of God’s Spirit. More so, we know that the Holy Spirit is present for those in Christ since the day of Pentecost. With that reality, many, including myself, have been praying for decades, that the living God of the whole Bible would regenerate and reform His Church as well as reach those who have not recognized complete salvation is Jesus the Christ.

We have seen over the course of this last week that there is a ‘declared’ revival at Asbury University in Kentucky. Thousands of Students and others are descending on Ashbury to see and even participate in what God is doing. It is being reported that many who have participated are returning to their campuses and beginning prayer and worship meetings similar to Ashbury. Make a note that there is a History of Revival at Ashbury as noted on their web site.

What is most significant, as reported by the Ashbury Student Body President, there is a hunger for God in this generation. (see Tucker Carlson reports on Asbury University) This is a wonder that is remarkable in that it is extending beyond the Asbury campus.

My prayer is that this brings reformation to the pulpits and historical, Biblical Reformation to the church such that the full extensibility of the Living God will affect every aspect of lives as was seen during ‘The First Great Awakening.’

Revival Substance – Edwards

Not withstanding that God will do as He pleases and directs, my prayer is that there will be revival substance that follows up from the great spiritual, mindful, physical and emotionalism of the event. I discuss this from the view of Jonathan Edwards. Continue reading

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Episode 345: Demise of US: Christians Vs. Foundational Biblical Christianity, Whose Morality is it?

The demise of US are the mess of Christians Vs Foundational Biblical Christianity thereby asking, Whose Morality is it anyway? Christians Vs Biblical Christianity

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This week I have you look into the mirrors of history with a focus on 1782. At this time we can see the parallels of economic turmoil, increased luxuries for the wealthy, control by large corporations by using foreign imports over local manufacturing. We also see the envy of the general population looking at the elite. Worse, we see the demise of morality, Foundational Christian principles, common courtesy as well as the harm of Constitutionalism by the suffrage (the votes) of the people.

Compounding this is the generational shift after the war to the influence unitarian/universalist theology or, the lack of Reformation theology and the slow rot beginning of the progressive equity gospel.

Our present began in 1782.

Now as an obscure historian, I will reveal a new nugget. The deep rooted reason the Anti-federalists argued against the Constitution of 1787.

Program outline:

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